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  1. I got a email from a social media site asking about: High in the Nursing Home The question was: Dear Dr. Jeff: Our state is considering legalizing marijuana. Clearly, we will be admitting residents who are already using marijuana and some others for whom it might be recommended. I know that the details vary from state to state, but do you have any general or specific recommendations for our nursing home? This got to me to wondering if any of you have ran up against this yet? If so how do you & your facility handle this? Very intersting question I think. Share with us your thoug
  2. Hi Stephanie Depending on the type of facility you work for will depend on how much paperwork will be involved. A Long Term Care Facility that is funded by CMS will require lots of paperwork & meetings. Usually a Adult Day Care or Assisted Living requires less paperwork so you could have the balance of what your wanting. Hope this helps you. Good Luck
  3. Sounds like you wil lmake a winderful AD. We need folks like you in the field. You can not be a good AD if your just in it for a pay check. I mean resally we don't get paid very well anyway so it has to be a passion for all of us lol. Merry Christmas.
  4. Hi Teresa Did you sign up with us, ADN, to take the course? If yes please email Kathy Hughes the Instructor. She will be more that happy to answer your question. Her email address is found in the enrollment packet. Thank you Merry Christmas
  5. This brings a intersting topic: What 50 &/or 60 songs would be good for sing alongs? Songs like: Walk The Line, Let it Be, 3 Times A Lady, Artist: The Monkey's, Donny Osmond, Conway Twitty?? What songs would make a good DVD & Sing a long list for your facility. Vendors in our store should take notice of this new requirement needed by AD's. AD's post what you would like to see in a sing along book. Great topic Joyce
  6. Activity Director Needed Family Health West - West Colorado Family Health West is looking for a Dynamic Activity Department Director for our Long Term Care Facility. Excellent Health & Dental Benefits ~ Matching Retirement Plan ~ New PTO Availability, to name just a few of the great benefits offered to our employees at Family Health West located in beautiful Western Colorado. Full-time position oversees the activity department to include staff management. This position will be responsible for assessment and implementation of group and individual activities based on each elder’
  7. ActivityDirectorJobs.com Featured Jobs Full-Time 11 Sep 2014 Life Enrichment Wellness Director Needed – San Angelo, Texas Senior Care Centers – San Angelo Texas, United States Full-Time 11 Sep 2014 Wellness / Activity Director Needed – Rowlett, Texas Senior Care Centers – Rowlett Texas, United States Full-Time 5 Sep 2014 Activity Director/Life Enrichment Coordinator – Navasota Texas Lifetime Wellness – Navasota Texas, United States Full-Time 5 Sep 2014
  8. Hi Dani Many years ago I developed the system using calendars. I use to use something like you are speaking about but it was so time consuming & we would catch our self’s getting behind on the paper work etc. What I did was take the month calendar, make a copy of it. Then using the copy move the date to the left side. On the right side make spaces for Residents Name & CP Goals. Then make a copy for each resident in the facility plus a few extra for any new residents that may come in. Place each residents name on the calendar & write the CP Goal on it. (This will help your
  9. CMS (Center for Medicare and Medicaid) requires a qualified activity director in all facilities that accept Medicaid. (FTag 249). If a facility does accept Medicaid then it is inspected by the state and or federal regulators. This regulation was developed in 1976 for all skilled nursing facilities. Each state, at that time, decided other regulations for the activities department. For example, in NY it is required that a calendar for the month be posted in an area accessible to all of the residents. There are many states that did not accept that particular part of the regulation. So in a Skille
  10. New CE Workshop is available at ActivityDirector.org online classroom, Creativity! Activities that Inspire Pre-Approved by NCCAP for 5 Credit Hours Activities inherently taps into the “potential and creativity” of the participants. This Online study program will encourage you as the activity professional to explore various ways to awaken the potential and creativity in your residents. This will assist you in developing programs that can be used to unlock the creativity in your residents.
  11. You can place several items in a bag & residents reach in & try guess what it is they are feeling You can have several things in bottles & have residents smell them guess what it is they are smelling IE use spices from kitchen, oils, wax candles etc Get a activity apron (google this & will see several kinds) There are several games you can play for sensory Do a search for sensory items for adults to see a wide range of things that you can purchase or make yourself. We have lots of activities for Sensory at http://activitydirector.com
  12. In LTC there is a lot more paperwork! The best thing I can advise is that you use your monthly calendar as your attendance sheets for the activities. Make a copy of each month calendar, one for every resident. Place these in a binder. Using a hi-light system to keep track of who did what. IE yellow active (participated in it), Green passive (came & watched) Orange refused (refused to attend) blue not OOB, OOP etc. Pink read notes (these are notes you write on the resident’s calendar for whatever reason) When you hold the activity jot down on a piece paper or whatever way you find works
  13. Hi Nita One thing you need to do when you are having a fundraiser is to tell everyone why your raising the money! Some of the things I have success with are: Purchase some Bingo Sheets Like these (check Ebay) & sell them for a $1 for 4 Bingo Cards to staff, residents & family members. Every day Mon - Fri in the am call out 1 number. Post this number on your bulletin board for everyone to see. Keep these numbers up until someone bingos. The money you collect will be divided between activity department & winner. If you have 2 winners then split it 3 ways. Be sure to post
  14. Hi ladies. Welcome to th wonderful world of activities. As far as Easter Egg Hunt get as many volunteers as you can to help. I had a hugh volunteer program when I ran activities & it made my job much easier but most improtantly the residents enjoy having other people to interact with.
  15. If you haven't checked out Alzheimer's Reading Room The Alzheimer's Reading Room is the number one source of life news for the entire Alzheimer's Community. http://www.alzheimersreadingroom.com/ You should. It has such great stories & suggestions.
  16. Dana post this in the forum in the classroom area. If you can it is good ideal to email all of them & set up a specif date, time to do this. Good luck
  17. Dana I use to also use the same type cart for movie night. If a resident was bedfast for whatever reason. I would get a movie & fix snacks with drinks & then invite a couple of resdients to join the bedfast resident in their room to watch the movie. This was usually done prior to me leaving for the day. I enlisted the help of the CNA to check on them & help out as needed. It bacame a very popular things & the residents formed a great friendship during the process.
  18. Blood Clots/Stroke - They Now Have a Fourth Indicator, the Tongue STROKE:Remember the 1st Three Letters..... S. T. R. STROKE IDENTIFICATION: During a BBQ, a woman stumbled and took a little fall - she assured everyone that she was fine (they offered to call paramedics) ...she said she had just tripped over a brick because of her new shoes. They got her cleaned up and got her a new plate of food. While she appeared a bit shaken up, Jane went about enjoying herself the rest of the evening. Jane's husband called later telling everyone that his wife had been taken to the hospital - (at 6
  19. Hydration is the activity! People are always asking us about "How to get our residents to attend hydration related activities. So 1 of the things that I thought would be fun & get residents out, would be something along the lines of a "Mixology" type activity. I like this name, it would bring me out to see what's going on. Imagine the benefits of a activity that not only provides hydration, to keep your residents alert but also provides beneficial vitiams from the juices you choose. This would be a activity that residents would attend. They would create a signature drink to compete f
  20. "MEPAP 1 & 2" come in 2 formats, either in a weekly format structured so that the entire class can move and share through the course as a team ~OR~ MEPAP 1 & 2 "At Your Own Pace" .. where you work when you want, with the ability to join the weekly discussions in the chat room with the instructor and her consultants. **We also have New for this Year the NCCAP HCC Certification (Home Care Certification) The regulations are stiffening up as the Affordable Healthcare Act moves through each branch of the system enforcing the changes.
  21. Happy National Activity Professional Week From ADN January 19-24, 2014 This years theme is: “Gateway to Activities”.
  22. There is great confusion about the difference between dementia and Alzheimer's. The confusion is felt on the part of patients, family members, the media, and even healthcare providers. This article provides information to reduce the confusion by defining and describing these two common and often poorly understood terms. I would even print it out or parts of it & have it on hand for family members. http://www.alzheimersreadingroom.com/2010/06/whats-difference-between-alzheimers-and.html
  23. I subscribe to Mary Jane Farms Magazine. This was a article in it. I have never heard of the hazards of wearing a bra. My grandmother was a firm believer in that you wear you bra 24/7 to prevent drooping. I am a 70's child & hated wearing bras. My mother would catch me without one & give me the riot act & make me put it back on. Today at my age I wouldn't go out in public without it. But it is the first thing I take off when I get home. So after reading this article it made me think this would be a great topic to share with your female residents. Share your thoughts on this with
  24. Become an NCCAP qualified Activity Director Visit http://www.ActivityDirector.org View this email in your browser If you're seeking an Activity Director course that fits your busy schedule. .. A course that you can finish in as little as 13 weeks or stretch it out for 1 year. .. then the MEPAP "At Your Own Pace" State Approved training may be the class for you! Get the most from our "Open Resource" concept. Choose the MEPAP to ensure that you and your staff are qualified under the CMS State Surveyor Guidelines for Skilled Nursing Facilities and choose the "At Your Own Pace" to sta
  25. This is a good article on bring preschool kids all they way to high school kids into the facility. http://www.amda.com/publications/caring/august2002/intergenerational.cfm
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