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  1. I was in Activities for 5 years (5 years ago) and a lot of things have changed since I was in the game. I started back in December, and I'm looking for new Activity Participation Forms to encorporate. I'm not a fan of the forms my building is using. They were created by a former director. I've looked at Med Pass forms and like them.. but feel like there should be a space to write in specific items. What you are you all using? Are you creating your own? Are you using a standardized form? We currently put a copy of our calendar in the chart and highlight the resident's participation, as
  2. My social worker and I are trying to work up a Group Meditation type activity for our residents. From my research, weekly meditation is more beneficial for dementia patients, but we will see how it goes. There was an article in this month's creative forecasting in regards to meditation and nursing home residents. Our vision is a spa type environment. Dimmed lights, soft music, meditation, hand massages, scent therapies, chair yoga.... Has anyone tried anything similar to this? The benefits of meditation and mindfulness techniques in seniors are incredible. However, most all of the "techniq
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