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  2. Hi Everyone, I am a professional entertainer based in Michigan. While we all weather this time of crisis you may be interested in flexibility with how you entertain. I offer you a video that is ready to play and can be easily tested without having to set up a bunch of technical equipment. It plays just like a Youtube video (it's on YouTube, in fact). It features get songs that I have hand picked from my list to be a fun mix for your community. I realize that many communities are refraining from group activities. This video can be played for individuals and groups. Anywhere that there is internet and the ability to play online videos. I'm aware that everyone's budget is slightly different, so I am offering this as a pay what you can. You can contact me at robcrozier123@gmail.com with interest. The link will be live for one month before I rotate in a new video. Also, let me know your thoughts about how I can directly serve your community. I'm happy to set up appointments to live stream to whomever has that technology figured out. I look forward to hearing from some of you! Be well and take care. Free Gift for All of You! Here is my St. Patrick's Day Video! All the best, Rob at Rob Crozier Music and Eventjazz 734-271-5980 call/text robcrozier123@gmail.com Website
  3. Here is an industrious undertaking.. UnityPoint Healthcare has provide a website with details for making a new modular mask, The Olson, named after 1930's legendary maker nurse Lyla Mae Olson. The Mask was quickly developed by clinicians from UnityPoint Health and is being shared across the globe in the fight against COVID19 St Lukes Hospitals are in short supply of masks. UnityPoint Health has provided downloadable patterns, YouTube Videos, and complete instructions on how to Sew, Package and Send completed Masks to the St. Lukes Hospitals. ---------------- https://www.unitypoint.org/cedarrapids/sewing-surgical-masks.aspx -------------- Completed Masks Enclose completed masks in a closed plastic bag or closed plastic box. We will launder them prior to use so no need to wash before delivering. Please deliver to the St. Luke's Foundation, 855 A Ave. NE, 1st floor, Cedar Rapids. Phone (319) 369-7716.
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  5. Thanks, Pennie! I've been at work in the industry for 9 years in Southeastern Michigan. I'm happy to discuss options with directors and go over any special requests. I am in the event music business as Eventjazz, so I know about hospitality and meeting my customers needs. "Rob has performed at my senior community numerous times over the past several year and the elders love him. He is great in interacting with the elders. Rob has also performed with members of his trio for special events at our community and they are always AMAZING! Rob always aims to please." Trinity Health
  6. Article reprinted with permission: QUARANTINE ACTIVITY GUIDE Posted on March 19, 2020 by ElderSong The COVID-19 coronavirus, which is sweeping across our nation, has certainly caused many of our usual activities and routines to cease. Our government is asking Americans to keep their distance and stay home in order to contain this devastating virus. For many of you, this means that your facility is on lock down. Family members may not be allowed to visit their loved ones. Your usual group activities may have had to halt for a time. Your members may be feeling anxious, worried, and unsure. In this time of uncertainty, we want to support you, the activity people. That's why we created this special edition activity guide to help support you and your group as our nation and world faces this pandemic. Below you'll find a list of one-on-one activities, as well as a few other non-traditional group activities to help you raise morale. Please adapt as needed. Let the other departments in your facility know your activity plans, and then follow your company's policies and procedures during this emergency. DAILY BOOST – There are so many good stories happening as a result of the COVID-19 global pandemic. Look for a positive story to share with members as you visit room to room. Share a video you find on social media, an inspiring quote, or a heart-warming story. Speaking of boosts, be sure to share (with permission) positive stories that are happening in your community. With many people turning to social media, it's a great time to flood newsfeeds with positive stories and reassure family members that their loved ones are doing well. GO LIVE – Many institutes, celebrities, and programs are taking their talents live on social media in order to boost morale all over the world. Join the going-live movement and interview members of your community. The senior population has lived through WWII and has a lot of wisdom to offer the younger population. With permission, invite members to go live with you. Advertise ahead of time so that your audience knows when to tune in. Then, select members to discuss various topics, such as how they survived WWII, parenting suggestions for multiple children, tried-and-true recipes that use common ingredients, or other advice to help Americans through this crisis. REMINISCING – Now is a great time to reminisce with members about WWII or the Korean War. Questions to prompt discussion include: Where were you during most of the war? Did you or any family members serve? Where were they stationed? What was everyday life like? How did you stay updated regarding war efforts? What do you remember eating? What was rationing like and how did your family handle rations? How did you guide your young children through the wartime? How did you hear that the war was over? Do you remember where you were, or what you were doing or wearing? How long did it take for life to get back to normal after the war? IN-ROOM BINGO – Keep the fun going by offering in-room Bingo, especially if your members can't gather for usual activities. Copy your regular Bingo cards so that participants can use a pen to mark their individual cards, reducing the risk of spreading germs. Ask members to sit near their doors while you walk down the hallway, calling out the numbers. Play with just one wing at a time, and schedule other Bingo games for other hallways, so that everyone has a chance to play. If your facility has an in-house TV channel, put the numbers on the screen and ask participants to tune in to the appropriate channel. HALLWAY SING-ALONGS – Boost morale with a hallway sing-along. Gather participants to their doors and play their favorite sing-along music. Encourage members to sing-along or just enjoy listening to the voices of their neighbors. ZIPLOCK CRAFTS – Sort through your craft supplies and create individual crafts that members can do in their rooms, or that you can do one-on-one with them. Include all the supplies needed, such as glue sticks, stickers, markers, etc. Be mindful of your participants and only give the kits to those who can follow instructions. Work one-on-one with those who need assistance. If you don't have a lot of supplies right now, copy adult coloring pages and encourage members to color in their room. CREATE A STAINED GLASS PANEL – Work one-on-one with members to create individual stained glass panels, then display them as a collective piece of artwork on your community's front windows to boost morale. You'll need contact paper, colored tissue paper in all sorts of colors, and black construction paper. Start by cutting a rectangular frame out of the construction paper, about 1/2 inch thick, as large as you want. Cut two pieces of contact paper the same size as your frame, but leave them whole (do not remove the center). With your participant, peel off one of the backings to the contact paper, laying it sticky side up on a table. Place the black frame on top of the sticky side. Then, tear small sections of the tissue paper and ask the participant to arrange it how they desire. Fill the entire panel. Peel the backing off the second piece of contact paper and carefully place it on top, sealing the panel together. Make two panels with each participant. Secure one panel in the window of the participant so they can enjoy it. Use the second panel to create your community stained glass window. TAKE A VIRTUAL RIDE – Walt Disney World may be closed, but that doesn't mean that participants can't enjoy a virtual ride. Head over to Romper.com for links to rides. Then, share one-on-one and take the time to reminisce about thrill rides, amusement parks, Disney World, fairs, and more. Ask about their first roller coaster or theme park: What was the name of the ride or park? Where was it? Do you prefer rides that spin or rides that offer bigger thrills? How much did a ticket to their the park cost? Is it still open? TRAVEL TO A MUSEUM – In addition to virtual rides, many museums across the world are offering virtual tours. During one-on-ones, ask participants about their favorite museum and visit, virtually, with them. Use a laptop or tablet to share images. Reminisce about their travels to the museum: Who did you go with? What did you like most about it? What memories does this virtual tour evoke? TUNE IN LIVE – As mentioned above, many celebrities, artists, institutes and more are sharing free, live programs that you can share one-on-one with participants. Search on social media for art classes, book clubs, concerts and more. Then, schedule one-on-one visits according to individual participant preferences. For example, if you have someone who loves art, bring a drawing pad and pencil with you and follow along to a live drawing class. Someone who prefers reading might appreciate being a part of a virtual book club. It might take a little effort on your part to coordinate schedules, but it will be worth the great boost to morale. IN-HOUSE FITNESS – Keep participants active by offering in-house fitness classes. If you have an in-house TV channel, record a fitness video that can be shared over the TV. If you don't, invite participants to join in from their doorways, in smaller groups. Sit in the center so they can hear and see you, and lead them in a condensed version of your usual fitness classes. Then, move down the hallway and repeat with the next group. Be mindful of blocking the hallway; stand if necessary, so that you can quickly move out of the way if there is an emergency. ADVERTISE WAYS OTHERS CAN HELP – Turn to social media to share ways the community can support and encourage your group. If your facility permits, accept handmade cards or pictures from children. Distribute to participants, or display them throughout the hallways. If members have access to a balcony, perhaps a musical family could give a private concert while keeping a safe distance. If your facility is near a neighborhood, encourage families to walk by and wave to your participants. A little note or gesture could go a long way to boost morale during this pandemic. UTILIZE VIDEO CALLS – If you aren't already doing this, be sure to offer video calls so that participants can stay connected with their families. Provide members' families with information on how to request a video chat with their loved one. If participants have a smart phone, teach them how to make a video call during your one-on-one visits. SET UP A WINDOW VISIT BOOTH – For families who live locally, set up a window visit booth so that members can visit in person. Designate a certain window on the first floor where families can drop by to visit. Ask members to use their cell phones, or use a regular phone, being sure to follow proper disinfection protocol between users. MINDFUL MEDITATIONS – Help participants combat anxiety and fear by leading them through mindful meditations during your one-on-one visits. Start by instructing the participant to find a comfortable position in a chair or bed and close his or her eyes. Then read a guided meditation from your favorite resource. Use a Bluetooth speaker to play soft, calming music in the background. Properly disinfect the speaker after each room visit. (Some people with hearing loss may hear the meditation better without the background music.) BRING THE OUTSIDE IN – If members cannot get outside due to strict quarantine guidelines, bring the outside in for them to enjoy. Here are a few ideas you can do during one-on-one visits. Plant a window sill herb garden. Grow grass in a plastic basket for Easter. Give each member a small houseplant to take care of during the quarantine. Place bird feeders near windows to attract wildlife. Watch nature DVDs with participants or take a virtual hike through a national park. As spring arrives, take pictures and share with members. GRATITUDE JOURNALS – Give participants a small journal and encourage them to take a moment each day to write one thing they are grateful for. Encourage them to think of different, unique experiences or moments from that particular day, instead of writing the same thing each day. AFTER-THE-QUARANTINE BUCKET LIST – Start a running list of what participants are most looking forward to once life returns to normal. Display the list in your activity room or common space and update it whenever someone has a new idea. Once the pandemic subsides, be sure to cross off items as participants engage in the activity. Use the list to guide your future activity planning. SUPPORTING THOSE WITH MEMORY LOSS – Individuals with memory loss may be most susceptible to feeling anxious and afraid during this global pandemic. They might not understand why their loved ones aren't visiting, or may not comprehend the scope and severity of the coronavirus. The best way to support those with memory loss is to try to maintain some sense of routine and normalcy with them. Lead smaller groups if permitted. Take them for short walks in a safe area. Keep them busy by asking them to fold towels, sort items, or organize cabinets. Limit their access to the daily news. Read short stories with them and ease their anxiety through humor. Sit down and enjoy a cup of tea or decaf coffee with them. Encourage them to rest in the afternoon. Be mindful of your own feelings and conversations with other employees. Members with memory loss may not understand the global pandemic, but they will pick up on anxiety in conversations. Ask employees working with memory loss members to be present and to save certain conversations for the break room. A QUOTE TO INSPIRE YOU "Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does." ~ William James "Quarantine Activity Guide" was written by Erin McCart. Copyright 2020 ElderSong Publications, Inc. All rights reserved. Reprint Policy: To reprint or republish all or portions of this entry, you must acquire written permission and agree to link back to the original source. Please contact us at newsletter@eldersong.com to obtain permission. Visit ElderSong Disposable BINGO cards to help keep your facility safe. FREE BINGO Packs For the time being, we think it is best if you have all the help you can get free of charge. Please peruse our Member's Activity Database and take any inspiration you can from it to help you plan your days. Activity Database Activity Directors Network was founded in 1996 on the idea that we could help create elderly care that dramatically improved the lives of those we all serve. Activity Directors are the key to creating environments that we ourselves would be excited to live in. We envision facilities that feel like homes, not institutions. Facilities that celebrate our resident's individuality and allows them to live with dignity, purpose and joy. We believe providing the best education available, with the most talented teachers we can find, is the way to make an impact. Each and every single one of you are the revolution that is changing everything. Thanks for being a part of The Network. Copyright © 2020 Activity Directors Network, LLC All rights reserved. Our mailing address is: 2010 US HWY 190 W Ste 120 Livingston, Texas 77351 Want to change how you receive these emails? You can update your preferences or unsubscribe from this list.
  7. Hi Kavita NY would anyone like to join me for a discussion /chat for upcoming events . Saturday March 28th at 1.00 pm. Thanks you
  8. This sounds fantastic! I am also offering online concerts throughout this phase...I am a versatile professional singer, have performed with the likes of Jimmy Osmond, and for more than 2500 events, including my own show on Celebrity Cruises and for multiple care homes. My passion is to uplift and bring people to life with music. Here is a demo video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Du8i1fM6BTY Any questions, send me an email, I will be delighted to perform for you gemmalouisedoyle3@gmail.com
  9. The 4th of July out door parade watch the activities department is planning for is having our residents start from now making a list and discussing with us what they would like to make for the parade route. This is something we do every year. Our community center and surrounding neighborhood walk up and down the streets with floats etc. our residents will have the projects they made for this parade sitting in their wheel chair on the sidewalk grassy area
  10. The 4th of July out door parade watch the activities department is planning for is having our residents start from now making a list and discussing with us what they would like to make for the parade route. This is something we do every year. Our community center and surrounding neighborhood walk up and down the streets with floats etc. our residents will have the projects they made for this parade sitting in their wheel chair on the sidewalk grassy area
  11. I think your Men's Breakfast club is really unique! I love it! I am a Memory Care Specialist and I love the idea of coming up with activities for the guys its quite a challenge sometimes. I would love to create a Memory Care Guys club for the men in my Memory Care. I think its a challenge that hasn't quit have been meet yet. I think things like this and little jobs or tasks they had would be great for them. I haven't tried it yet but i would like to create busy boards with a wrench and nuts and bolts, and a game where they can hammer the "nails" using a rubber mallet and golf tees.
  12. Hey All.. here is a unique way to get a scheduled Sing-A-Long activity on the calendar. Rob Crozier from Michigan, is a Sing-a-long entertainer in Senior care. He has put a demo of his program up on youtube. Schedule a Hallway Sing-A-Long for each afternoon at 3: I love it, Let me know what you think and contact Rob for more info on his program. We need a few days of song.. He seems like a hard working creative guy, Activity Director material... thanks Pennie ROB CROZIER ( ROBCROZIER123@GMAIL.COM ) Website - Youtube Channel Hello, I am an Ann Arbor, MI music professional with a specialty in sing a longs and senior entertainment. As you may know, musician gigs are all cancelled in Michigan. I was wondering if it would be possible to share the work that I'm doing with your community? I'm offering a full sing a long program for one month with unlimited use for $100 per facility. The video is ready as a Youtube link that can easily be played back like this demo: https://youtu.be/ZC4TiSqzxYg As you may know all "Outside Entertainers" have been cancelled and as Senior Home Musicians we are trying to get creative. I’m worked out a new platform of "Online Entertainers" a Sing-A-Long YouTube Presentation video for a month’s use, perfect for scheduled activities several times throughout the month , great way to economize). You get to use it for a full month for $100. Are you interested in my Sing a Long youtube link? Let me know if you can put this to use. These videos take about 8 hours to record, edit, mix and upload. Just so you know that I’ve put some thought and hard work into this product. Feel free to send any feedback, or if you are running into hardship, you can pay whatever is affordable. Here is a demo: https://youtu.be/ZC4TiSqzxYg All the best, Rob Website - Youtube Channel
  13. Hi there! I'll meet you in the Chatbox Nicholed. Sonya
  14. Good evening y'all! I am an Activity Director at a 60 bed SNF in SC. Our special activity that we are planning, and will I hope our quarantine will have ended by then, is a Senior Citizen Prom for National Nursing Home Week.
  15. Hi Nicoled, I live in Texas, which is in the Central time zone. I don't know which time zone Spankylee99 lives in, but I can meet with both of you either way. Thank you! Thank you! See you in the Chatbox Monday @6:30pm EST Sonya 😁
  16. That sounds great spankylee99! Thank you! I'll meet you in the Chatbox at 6:30pm tomorrow! I'm a volunteer at an assisted living community. I work in another field right now. I'm not sure when I'll be able to go back to my assisted living community. I can't wait until I'm able to become an Activity Director, and I appreciate you being a part of my journey. Sonya
  17. Hey Sonya and Spankylee99, I would like to join you both for this assignment. Monday at 6:30pm EST works for me. :) Thanks, Nichole
  18. Hello Sanyasul, I am joining you on this assignment . I am available for chat Monday March 23rd 6:30pm is this a convenient time for you? I am planning a July 4th Parade with the staff for our residents to enjoy. One of my many jobs at work is planning, organizing, implementing activities for our staff
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  20. Fabric Glue.. is amazing.. back in the day, the craft shows were dominated by redesigned sweatshirts, flipped-over blue jean vest and flip-flops with every imaginable trinket glued to it. Fabric Glue would take the beating of washing and wearing.. Aleenes Fabric Glue , I used Gorilla Glue on several things and I think it would work good also.
  21. When I saw this, I started thinking about possible ways the residents could make them. Ever since I started this course my mind seems to see things in terms of activities for seniors. (I work in another field right now.) Last night I happened to be up late watching TV, and I saw one of those "as seen on TV, only $19.99" commercials. It was for a product called, No Stitch. It comes with a heat wand and a bottle of adhesive powder. They sell it at Wal-Mart. What are your thoughts on that?
  22. Would anyone be interested in setting up a time to chat about planned special events? Sonya 🙂
  23. Here is a great Do It Yourself project. https://www.instructables.com/id/DIY-Cloth-Face-Mask/
  24. Here is one written by me Life Enrichment Mission Statement: “Our mission is to plan and implement activities based on residents’ unique interests, background, and skills, to consistently evaluate and improve activities, and to ensure each person’s leisure pursuits, big or small, are attended to.”
  25. Enriching the lives of those we serve with compassion, respect, excellence and integrity. Every day is an opportunity for Brookdale associates to deeply connect with people in a profound and personal way. (I volunteer in the activity department there once a week. I love it!)
  26. What are some of your favorite websites for activity professionals? I don't work in the industry yet. I'm a volunteer at an assisted living community, and I'm taking the MEPAP-1 course. These are some of the professional resources that I've used for my coursework. The top five sites have inspired me the most. activityconnection.com Pinterest.com Dollartree.com/department/seasons-occasions Activitydirectorsoffice.com Goldencarers.com Michaels.com Creativeforecasting.com Notjustbingo.com Thesprucecrafts.com Nccap.org Raonline.org Coolcreativity.com I just discovered a public group on Facebook called, The Activity Directors Desk. I've already gotten a couple of great ideas from this page. Because of a Final Practicum assignment, I found the www.activitydirector.net site. I think that this will be a fun and informative website. Sonya Sullivan MEPAP-1 Own Pace
  27. Hi there! My name is Sonya Sullivan. I volunteer once a week at an assisted living community in Houston. I work in another field right now. I'm taking the MEPAP-1 OwnPace course. I can't wait to actually work in this field! This course and my weekly volunteer opportunity are giving me invaluable hands-on experience. (However, I couldn't go there to volunteer this week due to the community 's Covid-19 precautions. It looks like I won't be able to go in next week either for the same reason.)
  28. I like all the options listed here. I volunteer at an assisted living community in Houston. Luckily, I was able to do a St. Patrick's Day arts and crafts project with the residents last week. We made rag wreaths.
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