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  2. Hello, I'm Dick Healey (retired) email address - dickhealey5463@gmail.com Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdZtE1zeyQtx37D8RJV5e0A I have two Free hour-long entertainment DVDs (musical videos) suitable for entertaining Nursing Home residents. which can be helpful when no live entertainer is available or Nursing Home entertainment funds are in short supply.These two DVDs (musical videos) of 25 singalong songs and 20 "crooner"songs are based on my 25 years of Nursing Home entertaining in the Greater Boston area.from 1991 thru 2016 - including Cla
  3. Internal Validation to Prevent Job Burnout Many of us, admittedly most of us, look for some level of external feedback in the form of recognition to measure the importance of what we do. Feedback from our family, friends, business associates or coworkers helps us to develop a sense of personal and professional contribution. But all too frequently we give away our power to others to rate how successful we are while working to achieve our goals.
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  5. Celebrate Capture the Sunset Week Third Full Week in July The third full week in July is Capture the Sunset Week. We all love a great sunset and July is the perfect month to honor them. Invite your residents and co-workers to participate by capturi
  6. Yes, SocialServices, CertifiedOccupationalTherapistAssistans an Occupational Therapist are all acceptable Certifications for Activity Directors in F680 States, most States. Contact APNCC.org at office@apncc.org for details
  7. Suggestions- begin with the enhancing the general environment, focusing on accessing long term memory and thinking about all 5 senses: *famous art, plants/flowers, nature images, change the light levels with lamps/opening and closing blinds at different times, go outside for 'nature walk' *aromatherapy oil ( out of reach on a paper towel is fine ) baking smells, herbs, fresh air, decaf coffee *musicals, entertainment program, sing-alongs, periods of quiet/calm, eliminate 'confusing noise' such as background radio/tv, water fountain ( or sound machine ) *fabrics, hand massag
  8. Hope everyone is doing well as we return to a post-pandemic life... I discovered the internet, the smartphone and patio gardening during my lockdown, all still 'works in progress'! Good to be back out and about... 🙋‍♀️
  9. Our residents no longer have their fathers to celebrate this day with, however they are always together in spirit. Have residents create a special rock with their father's name on it and a picture or drawing that speaks to them. Place the rocks around in a garden to create a Father's Day Garden. A beautiful reminder that will help the residents to feel more connected.
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    from Redondo Beach, CA!   Executive Producer Bonnie Barchichat  announces completion of their DVD that took an Pandemic to Produce!  

    "The Best of Senior Comedy Afternoons"

    It's a 65 minute romp thru 10 years of shows with 6 comedians, musicians, dancers, even a sing-a-long too! The shows were created as an answer to a daughter's dilemma to make her mother happy👩‍🦳 with a "clean and clever" show in the afternoon!  

    • The DVD is the perfect "afternoon activity"  to enjoy with One on Ones or Groups.... have some laughs with Bonnie and the Crew. Even comes shrink wrapped and packaged with our trademark button. "I Live to Laugh".

    Many of Senior Comedy Afternoons comedians have appeared on stages in Las Vegas, late night T.V. and comedy showrooms across the country, including the biggest, America's Got Talent!  Senior Comedy Afternoons has also appeared on CNN, AARP, CNN, Ch 7 News and in many newspapers and websites around the globe.



  11. Why not create a COMEDY CLUB setting for your Seniors.. ? Put out cafe tables, cocktails with tiny umbrellas.. and screen the "Best of Senior Comedy Afternoons" DVD. The DVD takes just 65 minutes of time and will have them laughing in no time.. Maybe you'll want to have them submit their best jokes on paper and either have them deliver them, or read them prior to seeing the show... Everyone wants to be a stand-up right? Well, here's their chance... before they see the professionals on the screen! Or another idea is to pop it in the TV screens on your own channel and have them liste
  12. Drag files here to attach, or choose files... Other Media Uploaded Images image001-1.jpg 138 kb · Done image002.jpg 117 kb · Done
  13. Hi There! My name is Bonnie Barchichat, it's now 10 years I've been doing live shows primarily in Southern California, prior to that I was a medical publisher for 27 years until my 89 year old mom at the time stopped laughing at the Improv! I've just completed my 1st DVD on account of we have not been doing any live shows since last March.. It's called "The Best of Senior Comedy Afternoons".. It stars 6 of our senior comics and dancers, and a musician, and contains a sing a long too! It's a fun time that lasts 65 minutes and could be a wonderful activity show for broadcast at your fa
  14. Anyone having info on any Activity Groups send them to the Contact Form or Post them here.. thanks "I'm looking for who to contact (Name, Phone Number, & E-mail Address) for this group in the Estero/Bonita Springs area."
  15. Independence for Alzheimer’s Residents When someone has Alzheimer’s with presenting dementia, their cognitive function continues to decline but they still posses’ abilities. In fact, skilled healthcare professionals know that continuing to do as much as they can do at their current ability
  16. Celebrate Great Outdoor Month and National Trails Day on June 5th (the first Saturday in June)! Gather your residents that are able and willing and get them involved in a light hike. There are trails absolutely everywhere that you may not even know about! Check out the app All Trails and pu
  17. Celebrate Mother's Day on May 9th! Mother's Day is coming up quick! Pass this fun Mother's Day Quiz out to your residents to test their Mother's Day knowledge. Answer sheet included. Click Below for a FREE Mother's Day
  18. Celebrate Cartoonist Day on May 5th! There just may be a hidden cartoonist in us all! To celebrate Cartoonist Day we have created a FREE set of 4 blank cartoon pages for your residents to utilize. Invite your residents to create a comic or graphic shorts of any kind. It doesn't have to be s
  19. This recognition will take place May 9-15 and will honor the collaborative commitment of skilled nursing care facilities and their staff in providing compassionate care to their residents during these unprecedented times. Over the past year, despite the challenges of the current pandemic, skilled care centers and their staff have shown an incredible and steadfast commitment to providing quality care and ensuring the safety of their residents. This recognition does not come as a surprise given the daunting challenges that our front line “essential workers” h
  20. Hi Fireflight, Have you tried engaging the screaming lady? Maybe giving her something useful to do, such as folding newsletters or other papers, filing random papers in manilla folders, something so she feels like you need her help. Have you talked to her or her family to get an idea of her interests? For example if she was passionate about gardening, give her dirt and pots, seeds, etc. As far as the other people in the group, maybe some activities that don't take a lot of explanation: puzzles, coloring, sorting playing cards, folding towels. Hope these ideas help! Tr
  21. Birch Hill Health Services and Evergreen Health Services both in Shawano, WI are looking for Certified Activity Directors. These are Long Term care and Rehab facilities. Please go to North Shore Healthcare's website or indeed to apply. The two facilities are part of North Shore Healthcare. We are looking to fill these two full time positions ASAP.
  22. Hi everyone I’m new here I do not have a certificate but I’m currently working as an activities person for an assisted living. I am in the Memory Care Unit and we have a lady in the commons who is constantly screaming belligerent sayings at the top of her lungs to the staff and other residents. It’s impossible to talk over her and I’m trying to find things I can do with the other residents majority of them are late end stage dementia or Alzheimer’s who really don’t want to do anything. I have 2-4 people that will actually do something depending on the activity and I’m in sore need of some i
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