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  3. Unlike the Calendar method, on this type of participation record just records the participation using the 17 choices of activities available each. 31 days across the top, 17 activity types down the side. You will not know what activity was attended without have a Activity Calendar to reference. So for example you have a sheet for resident Tom Jones Bed Bound Cognitively Impaired, you would use the RV-Sensory Stim "S" rows to record his sensory activities, massage, aroma, music record the Response using the "S" responses in the S Stim row on the correct day. Nov 2020 1st Sunday RV
  4. This is a different style. Try this one... The downloads are under the Community heading on the menu.
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  6. I am looking for updated activity participation log sheets. I am wanting to do away with using a calendar to highlight what the resident attends. I need something more detailed.
  7. Try to match all stores and brands together by seeing who is given you the best discounts in Town, to search for your favorite store try! wayfair promo code 10 off
  8. (Digital Download) The Famous Couple Activity Packet

    Celebrate love with this printable PDF activity pack. Features connect the couple, trivia and discussion questions worksheets, centered around 13 famous couples from the 1930’s-70’s. Your residents will immediately recognize these famous couples and enjoy working through these activity sheets. Create an activity around the entire pack or split it up into 3 activities that all tie in together! You can’t go wrong with this beautiful, love themed packet.

    •     Download once and use again and again!
    •     Environmentally friendly
    •     Prints on letter sized paper
    •     Simplifies activity planning and prep
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  10. Hi all, I started about 3 months ago here in my facility and I was going through past resident council minutes/documents and it goes all the way back about 10 years ago. My question is what is the policy of how long I should keep the resident council minutes? If it helps, I am in a skilled nursing facility. Thank you all!
  11. (Digital Download) The Activity Professionals Week Signage, Forms and Fun

    Celebrate Activity Professional's Week January 24th-30th, 2021 with this printable pack of six beautiful, decorative signs highlighting the importance of the Activity Professional and the work they do. Each sign features a floral watercolor frame with a brief explanation of the Activity Professional's responsibilities. The message is concluded with a sweet sentiment meant to capture the beauty of the Activity Profession.

    • Download once and use again and again!
    • Environmentally friendly
    • Prints on letter sized paper
    • Perfect for year round display


  12. We have a facility wide quarantine so I'm kind of at a stand still with ideas. I am new to this facility but not the job and it is hard because I know nothing about the residents here and the staff are already worn out. Somebody help me please!
  13. My facility has issued a facility wide quarantine for all residents. I am not allowed to go into any rooms and that is making it hard for me to document anything for the residents. How do you all document for those residents that are quarantined? What exactly can I do for activities? The staff is already stretched thin.
  14. Hello I am an Activity Director in Oklahoma of an Assisted living facility with about 42 residents. I of course do Resident council once a month and every month i have to come up with a new topic to discuss and I am drawing a blank for December. I did a Covid 19 handout in November.
  15. Great ideas! I like using virtual jeopardy and word competitions to engage seniors, residents and students in isolation/quarantine. For example, you can give everyone a word and have them write down as many words as they can find/make with the letters in the word. Whoever finds the most words gets a token or star, for example. Choose a new word for the activity each day and then, at the end of the week, the person with the most token wins some sort of reward or prize. I like this activity because it's a great way to exercise the brain and (re-)recognize common letter combos such
  16. Send your cards to Village at Sugar Land 140 Eldridge Suite H Sugar land Texas 77478 They will make sure they get passed out and distributed to the community.
  17. What's the difference between the Activity Director course and the at your own pace activity director course? Are they the exact same course, or is there a difference other then doing it at your own pace? I am wanting to sign up for the course and then go on to be nationally certified. I have been working as an AD for about 9 years, and have already had a 36 hour course, but I thought it would be a nice refresher for me.
  18. Hello, I am not sure about Ohio but in Texas if the resident has diabetes only the nurses or professional can trim residents nails. We use to do nails twice a week but we never cut them. If they are to long etc. the nurse was told about this & she/he would take of it.
  19. Hi there can you trim nails in Ohio? As an activities director?
  20. Celebrate Christmas Card Day December 9th This is the day to get all those Christmas cards sent off into the world to spread good cheer! You may need to host an activity prior to this to make sure each resident has Christmas cards to send or help them get their cards ordered or purchased. Spend December 9th helping residents fill out, address and mail off their cards. Play Christmas carols, serve a warm festive beverage and Christmas treats, and make a day of it!
  21. where did you find the penny ante cards?
  22. Greetings, I'm an Activity Director/Memory Care Specialist, is anyone having difficulty with staff? I have literally been hiring for the last couple of months no luck, any recommendations?
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