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  2. This recognition will take place May 9-15 and will honor the collaborative commitment of skilled nursing care facilities and their staff in providing compassionate care to their residents during these unprecedented times. Over the past year, despite the challenges of the current pandemic, skilled care centers and their staff have shown an incredible and steadfast commitment to providing quality care and ensuring the safety of their residents. This recognition does not come as a surprise given the daunting challenges that our front line “essential workers” h
  3. Hi Fireflight, Have you tried engaging the screaming lady? Maybe giving her something useful to do, such as folding newsletters or other papers, filing random papers in manilla folders, something so she feels like you need her help. Have you talked to her or her family to get an idea of her interests? For example if she was passionate about gardening, give her dirt and pots, seeds, etc. As far as the other people in the group, maybe some activities that don't take a lot of explanation: puzzles, coloring, sorting playing cards, folding towels. Hope these ideas help! Tr
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  5. Birch Hill Health Services and Evergreen Health Services both in Shawano, WI are looking for Certified Activity Directors. These are Long Term care and Rehab facilities. Please go to North Shore Healthcare's website or indeed to apply. The two facilities are part of North Shore Healthcare. We are looking to fill these two full time positions ASAP.
  6. Hi everyone I’m new here I do not have a certificate but I’m currently working as an activities person for an assisted living. I am in the Memory Care Unit and we have a lady in the commons who is constantly screaming belligerent sayings at the top of her lungs to the staff and other residents. It’s impossible to talk over her and I’m trying to find things I can do with the other residents majority of them are late end stage dementia or Alzheimer’s who really don’t want to do anything. I have 2-4 people that will actually do something depending on the activity and I’m in sore need of some i
  7. CMS Updates Nursing Home Guidance with Revised Visitation Recommendations The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), in collaboration with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), issued updated guidance today (March 10, 2021) for nursing homes to safely expand vi
  8. A very good idea to interact with all neighbors and become more close to each other. Everybody is tired of the monotony they get at work, school, or university and that's why this kind of occupation is very great. I see you have a lot of interesting games that you play there and some of them are new for me so will try them with my family. But I recommend you to try https://www.holleyweb.com/c/zorb-ball/ it is so much fun you cant imagine, you can make some fights with each other if you have at least 2 of them.
  9. How ok it is to divide activities by gender? I truly think that you will never find a work, an occupation that cannot be done both by a man and a woman. Sure, there are things where women are better, there are things where it’s all about men, but you have no moral right to say that it’s impossible to be able to have a job only because of the thing dangling between your legs. I am a man and I play clubvip777. Do you really think that my girlfriend isn’t playing? Oh, she is making some cash right now actually. That’s why I’m saying that dividing people by gender is just not ok, not ok at all!
  10. mens activities are very hard to come up with i did have a super bowl activity but in most cases getting the men involved is very difficult sometimes men do get involved in bingo but that is mostly all i try to come up with more ideas geared for men but have a difficult time
  11. i have also learned that some residents my have some memory issues and i try to find an activity that is easy but not childish for the resident to do like maybe a cross word puzzle or word search puzzle something that they have to use their mind to find the words i have found out this does help them keep their mind sharp
  12. i am writing on this topic because where i work we have done a lot of on hall activities because of the covid virus we have done activities like playing on hall bingo and exercises have done games on the wii like wheel of fortune price is right and deal or no deal residents like all the new ideas and have given many different things they would like to do and we try to put all their ideas on the calendar each month. Jamie McSkulin
  13. Not only is it the month of LOVE, but it is also Heart Health Month! Today we will focus on some of the ways you can promote heart health in your facility. Below is a great article from Total Wellness Health that incorporates some action steps that you can take within your facility to celebrate. Who knows, one of these action steps just might save someone's life.
  14. Recognizing you... National Activity Professionals Week is January 24-30, 2021 National Activity Professionals Day was first celebrated on January 27th, 1984 to recognize all the activity professionals who care and develop interest and needs based programming for active
  15. Celebrate Feed the Birds Day on February 3rd Our residents are spending a great deal of time in their rooms due to COVID restrictions and loneliness is likely. Bird watching out one's window is a natural result from this heightened alone time. Residents have long loved the interaction betwe
  16. Memory, Forgetfulness, and Aging: What's Normal and What's Not? In general as we age, we begin to notice and worry about memory and how aging may or may not change our cognitive abilities. For example, we might forget to pay the bills or find ourselves unintentionally l
  17. Unlike the Calendar method, on this type of participation record just records the participation using the 17 choices of activities available each. 31 days across the top, 17 activity types down the side. You will not know what activity was attended without have a Activity Calendar to reference. So for example you have a sheet for resident Tom Jones Bed Bound Cognitively Impaired, you would use the RV-Sensory Stim "S" rows to record his sensory activities, massage, aroma, music record the Response using the "S" responses in the S Stim row on the correct day. Nov 2020 1st Sunday RV
  18. This is a different style. Try this one... The downloads are under the Community heading on the menu.
  19. I am looking for updated activity participation log sheets. I am wanting to do away with using a calendar to highlight what the resident attends. I need something more detailed.
  20. (Digital Download) The Famous Couple Activity Packet

    Celebrate love with this printable PDF activity pack. Features connect the couple, trivia and discussion questions worksheets, centered around 13 famous couples from the 1930’s-70’s. Your residents will immediately recognize these famous couples and enjoy working through these activity sheets. Create an activity around the entire pack or split it up into 3 activities that all tie in together! You can’t go wrong with this beautiful, love themed packet.

    •     Download once and use again and again!
    •     Environmentally friendly
    •     Prints on letter sized paper
    •     Simplifies activity planning and prep
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