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  1. Our facility plays bingo 5 times a week, and they are asking for more. They really love bingo.
  2. GEt Staff to donate the supplies, sell breakfast foods, everyone loves to eat, done this once to help a employee out and done so well the facility started selling breakfast.
  3. our DON wants us to sensory stimulation daily, anybody have any ideas on new activities that we can use in stimulating the low cognitive residents.
  4. like the idea of a movie cart also, never thought of taking movies room to room.
  5. Hello: My name is Linda Young, I have been an activity assistant for almost 3 years and Love my job. It is very rewarding, the residents are always asking about my family, and about me , very interested in what we do when we are not at work. I enjoy doing for others and now I get to do for other and have fun while I am doing it, plus get paid for it.
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