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  1. Just found out we're getting a giant projection screen donated for movie nights! This is going to be fantastic!
  2. Yes thanks Pennie, Elizabeth and I met last night! I just posted everywhere just incase!! And Elizabeth, the pig roast still scares me haha!!
  3. Pennie thanks for the tip! I will definitely try having other residents join. We have movie socials, huge tvs in our dayrooms but giving the in-room resident the social connection is a great idea!
  4. We have a movie cart with a large tv, vcr and dvd player that we take to the residents room so they can watch any movie they choose on a larger screen, without any interruptions.
  5. Hi my name is Dana C. from PA. I was wondering if any of my classmates are on this website and want to join me in a chat room to discuss special activity events. Please let me know. Thank you!
  6. Hello. In the facility where I work, we had to stop having our penny auction because it causes confusion and arguments among our residents. Do you have any suggestions in how to explain it better or make it "fair" as they would put it? Thank you for your help. DanaC
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