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Found 14 results

  1. Top 5 Stress Relief Games in 2020 Posted by Yana Yelina | Apr 15, 2020 Source: Mental Health Matters You certainly feel stressed from time to time: negative emotions and fatigue quite often come while you’re at work, and it seems really difficult to get rid of them, distract, and relax a little bit. To provide some examples, 80% of workers are stressed while managing their daily activities (especially those in the USA and China), and almost half admits they need ai
  2. Why ADLs and IADLs Matter These terms stand for Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) and Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADLs). They represent key life tasks that people need to manage, in order to live at home and be fully independent. Accurate assessment of the individuals “ADLs or IADLs” functionality are in great part essential information to planning facility programs that meet the needs of the resident population served. Difficulties with ADLs an
  3. Activity Directors Network Online Classroom Visit ActivityDirector.org or call us at 1.888.238.0444 Our Online MEPAP Classes start Next Tuesday March 3rd 2020 We are now enrolling! Activity Directors Network is the premiere online provider of the MEPAP classes with almost all of our students passing the NCCAP national exam. We have taught students from all 50 states, Canada and England. Activity Directors in Long Term Care, Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Facilities, Adult Daycare, Swing-Bed Hosp
  4. I attended College and received 72 hours of Activity Coordinator Training and was awarded a certification of completion. I went for an interview on Monday, and Wed. During both of these interviews I was asked if I had completed the 24 hours of required training. After leaving the second interview, I wondered.... Does my certificate cover the "required by law/state agency/ 24 hours course" they are talking about? Is there some higher power (State Agency) that I was so post to forward my certificate to or take additional test, training hours, etc? Who is it that is the ent
  5. Hi fellow AP/BC's .. I found these CEUs on NAAPCC.net If you live in Washington, Ohio or Wisconsin here are some face to face CEUs for your Board Certification. They are also offering Live Webinars on NAAP.info each month. Need continuing Education? The following educational opportunities are pre-approved by the Credentialing Center. We are happy to list any pre-approved education. Learn how to gain pre-approval for your event on our Pre-Approval tab. September 19th-21st Wisconsin Representatives of Activity Professionals Annual Conference Marshfield WI
  6. Our Online MEPAP Classes start next Tuesday May 1st Activity Directors in Long Term Care, Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Facilities, Adult Daycare , Our MEPAP 1 is a State Approved Training course. Approved thru Federal Regulation F679 that governs the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare (cms.gov) during their State Survey of Senior Care Facilities with regard to the Activity Director. Download a Enrollment Packet to pass along to your employer Click HERE for the MEPAP1 Enrollment Packet Taking a course online is a very interactive way to learn. Not only do you benefit from a profes
  7. Dawn Worsley (NCCAP) and Caregiving 101 are leading the way to standardization for Home Care Training and Regulations NCCAP.org . Home Care, Aging in Place are becoming more the norm these days as Home Care grows, and the availability of local caregivers increase. Its rare that you can drive any place in any city without seeing a Home Care Representative on his or her way to care for an elderly resident. Home care assistants serve a vital role in providing much-needed assistance to the elderly, disabled, and chronically ill populations within our communities. They care for patients who i
  8. Hello, I was wondering if anyone knows when or how soon the federal laws will change for activity staff to be mandatory to be certified? Also I have college credits from years ago (30 years) from Miami University Oxford, Ohio and was wondering if those college credits are still valid or I need to re-take my college courses. Thank you.
  9. The National Certification Council has a New Website Design... NCCAP.org Dont forget the NCCAP Symposium in June, 4th through the 6th Cary NC read all about it on the NCCAP blog Need extra CEs Join the NCCAP Chat .. earn CEs for participation. Schedule Dates and Times.. on the NCCAP Website......
  10. New CE Workshop is available at ActivityDirector.org online classroom, Creativity! Activities that Inspire Pre-Approved by NCCAP for 5 Credit Hours Activities inherently taps into the “potential and creativity” of the participants. This Online study program will encourage you as the activity professional to explore various ways to awaken the potential and creativity in your residents. This will assist you in developing programs that can be used to unlock the creativity in your residents.
  11. Activity Directors Network Online Classroom http://www.activitydirector.org MEPAP classes start the first Tuesday of each month, next class is Tuesday!! Make sure your staff is State Survey safe. Nursing Homes, Assisted Living, Adult Day Health and SNF/SwingBed LOOK for our New NCCAP Home Health Certification Program coming in February. ActivityDirector.org has consultants from each industry assisting with every class. So no matter what type of facility you manage or work at, we have a consultant to help you navigate the coursework. Download the Enrollment Packet below to begin. Payme
  12. Become an NCCAP qualified Activity Director Visit http://www.ActivityDirector.org View this email in your browser If you're seeking an Activity Director course that fits your busy schedule. .. A course that you can finish in as little as 13 weeks or stretch it out for 1 year. .. then the MEPAP "At Your Own Pace" State Approved training may be the class for you! Get the most from our "Open Resource" concept. Choose the MEPAP to ensure that you and your staff are qualified under the CMS State Surveyor Guidelines for Skilled Nursing Facilities and choose the "At Your Own Pace" to sta
  13. ADN now offers a Pre-MEPAP Course that is NCCAP pre-approved for 30 clock hours. This course along with the MEPAP1 and MEPAP2 allows individuals who are interested in becoming a Certified Activity Professional to become "Provisionally" certified through NCCAP. If you are thinking of changing careers and always wanted to serve the elderly this path created by ADN is the ticket. For additional information go to: http://www.activitydirector.org/classroom/ for additional information. Your activities career can start right here!
  14. Our Online MEPAP Classes start next Tuesday Dec. 4th. Activity Directors either in Long Term Care, Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Facilities, Adult Daycare our MEPAP 1 is a State Approved Training course. "The State Survey Safe! Class Taking a course online is a very interactive way to learn. Not only do you benefit from a professional Activity Director Instructor, you also share the knowledge and networking with your entire class. Our Classroom Staff , Kathy Hughes - Lead Instructor, Ruth Martanis - Swing-Bed Consultant, Celeste Chase - Adult-Day Health Consultant, The
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