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  1. Hi Tracy.. how do we get in touch with you and your program .. timing is great!
  2. International Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners www.iccdp.net iccdpcorporate@iccdp.net ICCDP contest Announcement to Activity Professionals and Recreation Therapist Deadline July 31st 2020 updated July 15th 2020.docx Announcement: Contest for Activity Professionals and Recreation Therapists July15th 2020 For the past several months, we have been following your blogs, twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn groups, and reading the inspiring ways that Activity Professionals and Recreation Therapist have found creative ways to provide room visits and activities for social distancing. We have witnessed the amazing and often times emotional messages and photos you have posted to each other and we are all forever changed. One activity that has caught our eye are the unique carts. They are often colorful, themed, seasonal, powerful, uplifting, joyful and often times funny. We want to capture your ideas and award your commitment to continuously provide fulfilling days for your residents and customers. You will be judged on originality and success-oriented cart. We don’t especially like the word Cart, so feel free to use another word to describe your room visit mobile activity. You do not need to be a member of ICCDP to participate. Contest is now open!!! SEE ATTACHED- ENTRY FORM! ICCDP contest Announcement to Activity Professionals and Recreation Therapist Deadline July 31st 2020 updated July 15th 2020.docx Deadline to submit your entry is July 31stt, 2020. ONE ENTRY PER COMMUNITY. Award: $1,000.00. Payable to the person submitting the entry form. Winner will be announced: August 3rd 2020. Must use the entry form and e-mailed ONLY to iccdpcorporate@iccdp.net. All entries become the property of the ICCDP and will not be returned. ICCDP may use the entries in articles, post to the NCCDP / ICCDP web site, social media, publications, press release or e publication and future books. All entries must be your own original idea. You must provide permission to photograph form if a resident is shown in the photo and your administrator must sign that document. All employees in the pictures must provide permission to print. All entries must be emailed in with the name of the cart, names of the people shown in the photo, name of your organization with directions on how to create the cart. A photo of the cart must accompany the entry. The cart be any category or theme such as; horticulture, religions, holidays, intergenerational, animals, crafts, building, country, music, food, etc. Any medium can be used and include music if you like. Totally up to you. Can be a previous idea.Let your imagination soar! Lynn Biot Gordon LCSW CADDCT CDP CDCM CDSGF CCPDT Chief Operations Officer Sandra Stimson ADC CALA CDP CMDCP CADDCT COTP CDCM CFRDT CDSGF CCPDT Chief Executive Officer We are happy to answer any questions about the CMDCP Certified Montessori Dementia Care Professional Certification and online six hour course. 6 CEUs approved for Administrators, Activity Professionals, Recreation Therapist, OT, Social Workers, Nurses and more. ICCDP offers a corporate group rate and discounts for associations. ICCDP contest Announcement to Activity Professionals and Recreation Therapist Deadline July 31st 2020 updated July 15th 2020.docx
  3. Here is another great Face Mask Pattern .. https://gizmodo.com/how-to-make-a-face-mask-from-a-t-shirt-or-coffee-filter-1842712376
  4. Here is a good example of a mission statement. Ours was in our company brochure. https://www.heatherfieldnursinghome.com/mission-statement/
  5. Hi fellow AP/BC's .. I found these CEUs on APNCC.org If you live in Washington, Ohio or Wisconsin here are some face to face CEUs for your Board Certification. Need continuing Education? The following educational opportunities are pre-approved by the Credentialing Center. We are happy to list any pre-approved education. Learn how to gain pre-approval for your event on our Pre-Approval tab. September 19th-21st Wisconsin Representatives of Activity Professionals Annual Conference Marshfield WI 13.5 Credit Hours www.wrap-wi.org September 26th-28th Washington State Association of Activity Professionals Annual Conference Bellingham WA 17 Credit Hours www.wsaaptoday.org October 24th-26th RAP Ohio Annual Confernce Columbus Ohio 22 Credit Hours www.rapohio.org
  6. Hi. There is a free one you can download on this site. https://www.activitydirector.net/index.php?categoryid=28&p13_sectionid=5
  7. I need to know what the salary range is for an Activity Director? I was wanting to move further south , Texas to Florida, does anyone have any estimates of the wages being paid in these states?
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