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  1. Suggestions- begin with the enhancing the general environment, focusing on accessing long term memory and thinking about all 5 senses: *famous art, plants/flowers, nature images, change the light levels with lamps/opening and closing blinds at different times, go outside for 'nature walk' *aromatherapy oil ( out of reach on a paper towel is fine ) baking smells, herbs, fresh air, decaf coffee *musicals, entertainment program, sing-alongs, periods of quiet/calm, eliminate 'confusing noise' such as background radio/tv, water fountain ( or sound machine ) *fabrics, hand massage, painting, finger-knitting *food/beverage themed days, 'fizzy water', recipes from the 40s and 50s and 60s 'Activity stations' can be useful and a 'fresh eyes' look around. There's a 'dollar king' store here where all kinds of 'potentially interesting' things can be purchased for $1.39: knee blankets, crafts, helium balloon with theme, hats etc Look for free magazines at the grocery store entrance and library. There's one here called 'Pet Talk' has great pictures and articles. As things open up post-pandemic invite volunteers to come in and do their activities alongside providing companionship and reminiscence. Actual pets and babies/small children are 'the best therapy'! Look for small signs of engagement- eye contact, toe tapping, smiles, singing, conversation, mirroring behaviors. Keep talking and smiling even if there is little response. Good luck!
  2. Hope everyone is doing well as we return to a post-pandemic life... I discovered the internet, the smartphone and patio gardening during my lockdown, all still 'works in progress'! Good to be back out and about... 🙋‍♀️
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