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  1. Suggestions- begin with the enhancing the general environment, focusing on accessing long term memory and thinking about all 5 senses: *famous art, plants/flowers, nature images, change the light levels with lamps/opening and closing blinds at different times, go outside for 'nature walk' *aromatherapy oil ( out of reach on a paper towel is fine ) baking smells, herbs, fresh air, decaf coffee *musicals, entertainment program, sing-alongs, periods of quiet/calm, eliminate 'confusing noise' such as background radio/tv, water fountain ( or sound machine ) *fabrics, hand massag
  2. Hope everyone is doing well as we return to a post-pandemic life... I discovered the internet, the smartphone and patio gardening during my lockdown, all still 'works in progress'! Good to be back out and about... 🙋‍♀️
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