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  1. Hi Everyone~ Can you beleive the holidays are coming so quick? I am AD at senior social daycenter, and I have put together a large tree from constuction paper and pasted it to poster board. I have cut out fall colored leaves and participants wrote something they are thankful for and we pasted them to the tree,and on paper looking like leaves are falling. Everyone LOVED this craft.. Happy Holidays RuthAnn
  2. Hi~ I get my borders for board, from Teacher store nearby. Hope this helps
  3. Hello Everyone~ I don't know if any of you get the monthly booklet called Creative Forecasting. It is for the activity professional, and filled with lots of goodies. Like important dates, craft ideas,great columns. Anyway in this months book there is an article about a new book called Mothballs in My Attic, and it sounds so interesting I just ordered it! A sample question is: My friends and I went sleigh riding and ice skating at _________________. or= My mother bundled me up during cold weather by making me wear_______________. or= We welcomed in the new year by_______________. Book asks questions and participants fill in the blanks. Go to www.mothballsinmyattic.com if interested, cost is only $14.95.. Any one who doesn't get CF book I highly reccomend it. You can call 1-800-373-0115 or go to www.creativeforecasting.com to see what it's all about.. Books come in about month and half early, so you have lots of time to plan activities for each month! Let me know if you like any of these book ideas,or you have any others for me. Sorry if you already get the CF book.. Happy New Year all RuthAnn :-D
  4. StacieO Why don't you email me at countrychic1228@aol.com we can "talk" I have info your looking for!
  5. Pennie, Wow that was real helpful. Thanks alot.
  6. Hello everyone. I will soon be Activity director of an Adult daycare. I am looking for a sample care plan. I have looked at few sites,and can't seem to find anything. Can anyone help?? Thank you
  7. Thanks for the many exellent ideas! Who would of thought an apple can be so much fun! Ruthann
  8. Wow Gina what a great site for idea's. I am keeping a book with ideas for mine and friends new business. It will be an adult day care. After new year we will be open. So wanted to thank you for great ideas. Ruthann
  9. Barbara, I hope all goes well and you don't get Ivan to! Seems like Fl can't get a break. Can you tell me how long you have been in this feild? Are you certified? Thanks for replying. :-) Ruthann
  10. Hi everyone, Can anyone tell me what the salary might be for an Activity Director for an adult day care? Thanks Ruthann :-)
  11. Can't wait to try it! :-D
  12. :-) I am going to be working in a Adult day care as a Activity director. I am not certified,yet! Does anyone know where to go to get a certificate and class? I live in south NJ. Thank you
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