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  1. hey all I have downloaded some pictures of my room visit cart on my Yahoo Group @ http://groups.yahoo.com/group/CaliforniaAc...yProfessionals/ stop by and check them out. -Miguel Sarasa, AD
  2. Greetings all.. Does anyone else have a policy and procedures manual for there activity department. I am updating the outdated one that we currently have but it has not been updated since 1993 (how sad) was curious if anyone else has one I can get a copy of for some ideas. -Miguel Thank You msarasa@thevillagehemet.com
  3. Hey All, I have an easy participation log and room visit log, if anyone is interested feel free to e mail me at msarasa@thevillagehemt.com and I would not mind e mailing you a copy. Both allow you to have 3 months on one page. and I created it myself -Miguel
  4. Hey All I tried a drink that was published in this months Creative Forecasting and felt that if you are working in skilled nursing this is kinda difficult, It required residents to scoop out the insides of an orange to be placed in a blender and then would be blended with yogurt to be served in the oranges. I had my residents decorate the oranges while I did all the scooping. They enjoyed doing it but after the 1 or 2nd one they got tired of it. So for you Assisted Living or Independant Living you might want to try it. -Miguel
  5. Hey Gang, I have been off this sight for a while (home computer virus) I am so proud of the success this web site has had. I have been presenting this web site to all my workshops on Computer networking here in California and will be presenting at our State Convention next week.. Oooooh How Excited I am. Activity Professionals are the un-sung heros, I am proud to be part of an awesome profession. Although we have to put up with more than others, ultimaltey we are the best. 8-) Keep it up. -Miguel SCAAP Secretary, Nominations Chair, By-Laws Co-Chair.. and An Activity Director
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