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  1. Hi my name is Kathy Gates I am an AD at Horizons Care Center in Eckert Colorado. I have written my activities department mission statement so many times, it is really difficult to pinpoint exactly what you want to say in a brief statement, anyone have any ideas?
  2. Hi Welcome to the Activities Director world, I am Kathy Gates and I have been an activities director at an assisted living for 1.5 years and then at a LTC 70 bed facility for a little over 4 years. I'v worked as a dietary manager for 5 years and have about 10 years experience in working with the elderly. But being in activities is my favorite. Because you actually get to bring quality of life to the elderly people in your care. Imagine what it would be like to just have ADL cares and nothing else. We bring hope, joy and social life to an otherwise hard place to be. It gives me joy to do so.
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