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  1. Hi Barbara, Exciting isn't it. I love working in Activities too! Hope to talk to you more, Happy New Year. Dawn
  2. Hi Connie, My answer would be its all about the approach. Think about this...You have talked, and know Mrs. J loves to have her nails painted. Its Tuesday morning and you know nail painting is going to go on after lunch. My thought would be, go visit Mrs.J in the morning. Excitement in your voice, say something like... "I was looking at a fashion magazine yesterday and I noticed all of the new spring nail polish have come out" "Do you prefer pastels or vibrant colors?"....... "I'm not sure if you had a chance to look at todays activities" We're going to be doing polish changes l
  3. Hi Stephanie, My name is Dawn Livesay. I am new to this site. Congratulations on nearing the end of your course. I understand your concern in pushing paperwork and not having enough hands on time with your residents. This is the reason I am returning to Activities. As an LVN, I'll come in a residents room to pass meds, and ask, "how are you today?" I barely get a chance to hear what they have to say before I need to move on to the next person in order to get all of my daily tasks done. I have decided to return to Activities, so that I can have "time with my residents". You
  4. I attended College and received 72 hours of Activity Coordinator Training and was awarded a certification of completion. I went for an interview on Monday, and Wed. During both of these interviews I was asked if I had completed the 24 hours of required training. After leaving the second interview, I wondered.... Does my certificate cover the "required by law/state agency/ 24 hours course" they are talking about? Is there some higher power (State Agency) that I was so post to forward my certificate to or take additional test, training hours, etc? Who is it that is the ent
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