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Found 1 result

  1. Celebrate National Teddy Bear Day on September 9th! Celebrate by sewing teddy bears with your residents as gifts for the upcoming holiday season, for needy children in your community, or as comfort for residents with Alzheimer's or Dementia. Some basic sewing knowledge is necessary for reading patterns and the sewing process, however it is a fairly accessible project. Other suggested ideas are to create a Memory Bear by using clothes of a passed loved one or to use clothes outgrown by a child. Discuss with your residents which direction they would like to go in before you gather up the materials. This is a fun project with a great sense of accomplishment at the end! Materials: One yard of fabric for the body (I used cream color fleece, you can use normal hairy fur fabric too, I used fleece because these are for a little boy and a little girl, so I wanted the bears to be as soft as possible) 1/2 yard of fabric for the color details (I used light brown) One set of animal eyes 18mm a small piece of felt for the nose (you can use felt for the eyes too if gifting it to a baby- for safety reasons) Stuffing material (I used polyester filling) Sewing machine or thread and needle for hand-stitching Full Tutorial + Pattern The World's Most Expensive Teddy Bears Source: https://www.expensive-world.com/most-expensive-teddy-bear/ #11 Steiff Hot Water Bottle Teddy Bear – $ 40,358 This was the childhood bear of Mary Vernon Pegge born 24 September 1903 at the Elms, Briton Ferry, Wales. This teddy bear having been with her all her life. As the name suggests, this teddy bear can actually hold a tiny hot water bottle in the opening on the front of this teddy. Steiff produced these bears around 1907, but they never really caught on halting further production. Their rarity is has bumped up their worth, with one selling for 31,200 pounds or $40,358. #10 Happy Steiff Bear – $ 55,000 Even $ 55,000 is a huge sum, at least as far as teddy bears are concerned. Steiff’s merry mohair bear was produced as far back as 1926. In 1989, it was bought by Paul Volpp and given to his wife Rosemary for the 42nd wedding anniversary and a sign of endless love. #9 Harlequin Bear – $ 60,610 The teddy bear, made by Steiff in 1925, is the 8th most expensive teddy bear in the world. Because of the differently colored halves of his face, he was named Harlequin. This colorful critter may look playful, but his price is no joke. The rare bear was sold at Christie’s in 2010 for 46,850 pounds or $60,610. #8 Blue Elliot Bear – $ 64,200 It is assumed that Elliot was produced as a sample for the British department store, Harold’s. He would have been one of six different colored bears in the sample production. Unfortunately, Elliot never went on to full production, making any surviving examples extremely rare. In early December 1993, Elliot sold at an all-teddy-bear auction for £49,500 or $ 64,200. Accounting for inflation, that’s more than £95,000 today — or more than $160,000 at current conversion rates. #7 Diamond Eyes Bear – $ 84,000 Another prestigiously expensive teddy bear produced by the German toy house Steiff . Gold muzzle, sapphires and diamonds in place of eyes, fur interwoven with gold threads. This is what a teddy bear made by Steiff on the 125th anniversary of its successful operation looks like. There are only 125 collector pieces in the world. #6 Steiff’s Oldest Teddy Bear – $ 105,000 The bear, made in 1904, is the world’s oldest teddy bear. Like many bears on this list, it was made by Steiff. According to Reuters, it was sold in Germany in 2000 for an estimated $105,000. #5 Supreme Louis Vuitton Teddy Bear – $ 106,016 This Supreme x Louis Vuitton teddy bear is the pinnacle of fashion royalty branding and it went via auction overnight for a cool $106,016.08. As it stands, full proceeds from its final price will be used to benefit the BBC Children in Need — an organization aiming to ensure every child in the UK has a safe, happy and secure environment in which to grow. The doll is 100% authentic and certified from BBC Children in Need. #4 Steiff Titanic Mourning Bear – $ 136,000 In 1912, the first black fur Steiff teddies were manufactured to be given as mourning gifts after the sinking of the Titanic. They were made in five different sizes and only 665 bears were produced. In 2000, one of the mourning bears sold for $136,000 to the Puppenhaus Museum in Switzerland, according to The Telegraph. #3 Steiff Teddy Girl Bear – $ 143,000 When Colonel Bob Henderson was born in 1905, he was gifted with the Teddy Girl bear. During his successful career as Colonel in the British Army, he was sure to keep his favorite bear alongside himself. After Henderson had passed away in 1990, his Teddy Girl was sold at auction for over $143,000 in 1994, which is a record, according to Reuters. #2 Bear with Louis Vuitton monograms – $ 182,000 The second most expensive teddy bear in the world was made independently by fashion mogul Louis Vuitton. This teddy bear was created to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the LV brand. There are only 500 specimens of bears with the cute name DouDou. It was for sale in Monaco, the city of the rich. #1 Steiff Louis Vuitton Teddy Bear – $ 2.1 million The teddy bear, which was created by the moguls Louis Vuitton and Steiff, is the most expensive teddy bear in the world, as we have not yet recorded the existence of another teddy bear that would sell so well at auctions. The world-renowned fashion brand and toy manufacturer have worked together to create a teddy bear that exudes elegance and prestige. In 2000, the bear was sold at auction in Monaco, where it was bought by Korean Jessie Kim. It can currently be viewed at the Teddy Bear Museum in the Korean city of Jeju. Get Full Recipe HERE Ugly Ted, World's Ugliest Teddy Bear Over 300 ADN Nationally Certified Activity Directors so far this year! Are you ready for a Great Career! The Job Market is HOT! APNCC Your Affordable Choice! Activity Directors Network was founded in 1996 on the idea that we could help create elderly care that dramatically improved the lives of those we all serve. We envision facilities that feel like homes and that celebrate our resident’s individuality and allows them to live with dignity, purpose and joy. We believe the exchange of education and wisdom between the most talented teachers and passionate students is the way to make an impact. Each and every single one of you are the revolution that is changing everything. Thanks for being a part of The Network. Copyright © 2021 Activity Directors Network, LLC All rights reserved. Our mailing address is: 2810 US HWY 190 W #100-A9 Livingston, Texas 77351
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