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  1. National Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped can provide books and audio, along with adaptive equipment. I don't know about the TB shot, never had that one told to me. Contact churches seem if they have a members or know of someone. Google this you be surprised what comes up that you may find useful. There are lots ways to communicate, use flash cards, pencil & papers, laptop etc. Best of luck
  2. Hello Everyone. Just wanted to take a min. to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you.
  3. Who's job is it to mark the clothes for residents? How do they get marked at your facility? With Christmas this week there will be lots of new items coming in for residents.
  4. Something I learned from giving out monopoly money was that the residents would save it up and then would try to spend it all at once. This would wipe me out on supplies and the budget would take a big hit. To help stop this I started putting expration dates on the money. This helped so much! Some of may also want to check into this. You usually have a seperate budget with Dietary. I was surpried to learn of this. This can be used for parties, one-on-one visits, etc but I also started using it to purchase bingo prizes.I made up a bingo cart that we take to bing everytime we play. At the end
  5. Hi everyone. Hope you all had nice weekend and that this week will be a great one!
  6. Happy National Assisted Living Week Sept 13 - 19 The theme is Nourishing Life: Mind, Body, Spirit How does your home plan to celebrate this week? Need some ideals? Check out NAL.org for some also get some free print outs etc.
  7. I was reading NCCAP message board. A AD was asking how her resiednts could help other seniors out during the holiday season. When someone told her about this place. "Be A Santa To A Senior" What a great way for residents to sponsor other seniors. Check out the website: http://www.beasantatoasenior.com/
  8. I understand the importance of making the residents life at a nursing facility as comfortable as possible but sometimes it is hard for all departments to get on board about this. Nursing has the most to do with this and I am finding it difficult sometimes to have the residents up to participate in those chosen activities of interest. I have talked to the DON the ADON and the floor nurses and also the GNA's. This has to do with the long time problem of staffing issues, myself and my staff can not get residents out of bed but can put shoes on them and sweaters and comb hair and things of that na
  9. Just a FYI be sure that when activies are held and your not there that someone writes down the names of those who attened it. If it's not written/charted then it didn't happen. Maybe you have a resident that you know who attends these evening/weekend activies and they are able of take down names of eveyone who comes. Make them a resident volunteer. Then you can collec the names from him/her or they could put them in your box etc.
  10. Welcome to the world of AD's.
  11. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has published its proposed revisions to the current regulations for nursing homes participating in the Medicare and/or Medicaid programs. This proposed rule is available to view at the Federal Register website. Activity professionals, state/local activity associations along with other healthcare professional, will be able to submit formal comments on the rule from now until September 14, 2015 through the Federal Register site. You can submit electronic comments on this regulation to http://www.regulations.gov please refer to file code CMS
  12. Shonna be sure to read the section under "Shared Activities" There ia a men sections that been going on for few years and several pages of replies/suggestions.
  13. Men like to garden. Also if you have alert men and enough of them maybe a small repair shop where they can fix things for other residents. You could also have broken bikes, trickes etc donated to facility men can fix these up and at Xmas donate them to a place that will give them kids that maynot otherwise get gifts.
  14. teresat18 -- Thank you so much. I wish every facility had CNA's like you to work with. CNA's and Activities can make one great team when they work together and the benefits our residents get are Amazing!
  15. Salita Dean is one of our students and she gave us this very insightful info. I think it might help some of the AD's who struggle with getting some residents to attend activites. To encourage or motivate residents in activities participation it is important that you identify any barriers. Try to engage a family member to attend a couple of sessions. Try to bargain with the resident; invite him/her to 'watch' the program and later encourage them to give it a go for 10 minutes. Pair up the resident with another who attends activities regularly and invite both to attend the next sess
  16. You could also have a resident that is very reliable do a couple of the activites, example Bingo, take names of resident that attend any activis. Ask them to set up for the Church Services etc. I would also place this in the newsletter (as well as the bulletin boards) the month prior to your vacation that you need volunteers, ie family members, chuchr groups etc. to come in and do activies. Find out what they can do and when. Then if supplies are needed you can make a cart/basket or something with the suplies in it. Place it in your office for them so all they need to do is grab it and go. (
  17. Would love to see replies to this question also. What are you AD's seeing in your State Surveys? What about the Care Plans?
  18. No but please let us know how it goes. Would love the details and residents reactions.
  19. Conflict is always going to be part of any job. What kind of conflict do you face at your place of employment? How do you handle it? Are you able to speak to other department heads abou this?
  20. Here are some links that may help you when trying to do fundraisers for your department. These are provided by some of our MEPAP students: http://www.dojiggy.com------ they have lot's of ideas on how to http://eldercaresolve.com------ great ideas for the seniors http://www.giveforward.com/p/q/fundraising-site? http://www.gofundme.com/ http://www.youcaring.com/ http://www.razoo.com/start-fundraiser? https://www.yankeecandlefundraising.com/profitcalc.htm? http://www.forbes.com/sites/chancebarnett/2013/05/08/top-10-crowdfunding-sites-for-fundraising/ https://www.indiegogo.com
  21. Pennie


    Best of the Boomers --- Movies have been an important part of American culture for as long as you can remember. As part of the Baby Boomers generation, you grew up with movies. You may have even been the part of the first generation to have movies come into your home. The evolution of the film industry has been nothing short of spectacular and you've been apart of a generation that has witnesses that first hand - from rapid growth and development in the 50's and 60's to where it is today. Looking back, you might recall some of the movies you would consider popular or influential for the Boome
  22. Activity Professionals – Where are we going? – NCCAP Activity Professionals – Where are we going? – NCCAP . Recently, a car company used a famous actor to sell cars. The commercials were interesting, to say the least and became the butt of jokes and parodies. However, the actor said something in one of the commercials that was rather profound. He said “Sometimes you got to go back to move forward. Need to go back to see where you came from; where you’ve been, how you got here; to see where you’re going.” The activity professional’s look back period is a sho
  23. Saw this on pinterest & liked it: Training and consulting in behavior management & dementia care. Life Story Questionnaire By Kim Warchol, OTR/L | July 27, 2012 Professional Care Partners: Use this questionnaire to learn about the clients you work with. Complete one questionnaire with each client and/or the client’s loved ones. This great resource will provide you with helpful information as you get to know your clients and encourage their interests and abilities. Family Care Partners: Use this questionnaire to help others learn about your loved one. Complete this questi
  24. Final Chat schedule posted. National Activity Professionals Week 1/18…Kathy Hughes: - Sensory Programs 1/19…Cindy Bradshaw:- Streamlining NCCAP applications/processes 1/20…Debbie Hommel: - The ABC's of Understanding the Cause of Dementia Driven Behaviors 1/21…Mury Delpino: - Activity Supplies on a Dime - Resources that can help stretch your Department budget Dollars ! 1/22...Sulekha Zaug: - Personality Conflicts-Tips for Managing Behaviors During Activities 1/23…Sherry Barzak: - Strategies for Dealing with Mental Illness as a 1:1 1/24…Ruth Roach Martanis: - Keeping Your Patien
  25. Happy New Year!!!!! Jan. 18th-25th is National Activity Professionals Week! Celebrate in Style! NCCAP is offering FREE Continuing Education Chats 8:00PM EST (7:00M CST) In the NCCAP Chat room hosted by the Activity Directors Network! http://www.nccap./chat/ Register and copy off this form NCCAP Application for CE_Form Fill it in once you have attended the entire chat and then send it to NCCAP for your free continuing education. Each chat is for one clock hour. You can attend one or all of them. Here is the schedule: Here is the NCCAP schedule for next week all at 8pm EST-in
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