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  1. Sarah Kershaw Me040516 Skershaw1970@gmail.com Professional development BIG CARD BINGO Supplies: One large deck of playing cards. One deck of extra-large playing cards. Each resident gets 6-8 of the extra- large playing cards laid in front of them, face up. As the see or hear that card called they will then flip the card over, face down. The first one to get all flipped down yells bingo. The “caller†uses the large deck of cards. They hold up one at a time from the deck and calls it out for the residents to both hear and see. Staff will need to watch and assist some of the residents to be make sure all are keeping up. This game can be done at any speed. So residents are able to keep up. We give out mini candies as a winning prize or sometimes other prizes such as necklaces or decks of cards. Sometimes small cans of pop and other goodies. This games helps promote recall/memory, motor skills and a sense of independence for some. This can also be done with a smaller group and helps with those that do not like the large group settings. Residents seem to enjoy the smaller groups that give them more time to be social and have staff attention. Staff can also help residents with any issues they may have brought up and were not comfortable in a large group to do so. This also can be run with a large group as this puts a neat twist on bingo and residents seem to enjoy the game because it’s easy to understand. We have also had residents that may not was to participate in the game but would observe. There are also opportunities for some to by the “caller†which promotes self-esteem. So with Big Card Bingo we are able to do small or large groups, also let others that do not enjoy playing the opportunity to be with others. This is a fun and easy game for everyone and everyone is a winner!
  2. hello everyone, i am from linden Michigan. (cold right now with 17 inches of snow) we have a 60 bed nursing home. i have been an activity aid for over 5 years and now taking the roll of the director. currently in MEPAP 1. They keep me very busy! Being the director makes me really miss all the time I got to spend with the residents before. I have found I don't get as much time to be with them. My family keeps me busy too, with 4 girls under the age of 20. I also like to do horseback riding in my free time. we do a lot of camping in the summers. Happy to meet everyone here and love all the ideas and that I'm not the only one with any certain problems or concerns.
  3. thank you... trying everything I can.
  4. we play "21" which is basically black jack. they love it. we also have some beer and snacks with thier choice of music playing. its a great time for everyone....
  5. does anyone have any ideas how to get a "volunteer" to come communicate with a deaf resident. I have tried the colleges but they say they need a tb shot and background check to come??? I'm in Michigan.... Help!
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