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  1. What is the current 1:1 requirement for an assisted living facility in NYS? I try to get to non-participating residnets at least a half hour a week over the course of several 1:1's. I usually get more time, but wasnt sure if there is a standard.
  2. I just began a poetry program for my memory care unit. I was quite suprised how much they liked it! I used mainly older poetry that they were familiar with during thier school days. Many of them commented on remembering them and told stories of school regarding them. It was such a good program, I include it frequently...and I will change up the poems from time to time to include only the most popular poems that were recieved the best.
  3. I know it has been a few years since you wrote this, but in the Buffalo, NY area, activities aides can expect to earn minimum wage or a little higher if they are just starting out. I am not sure about AD, but maybe 40K at a large bed facility?
  4. Hi! I'm Lisa. I'm from the Buffalo, NY area. I am currently finishing up the MEPAP 1 with Kathy Hughes...exam is Tuesday already! I currently work in an assisted living facility. I work exclusively in the memory care unit as the Memory Care Program Coordinator. So, I basically plan and implement the activities on the unit. I am a one man show in there, but the residnet aides continue the scheduled activities when I am not there. I plan on attaining my ad certification with a specialization in memory care. I actually would like to continue my certification afterwards to earn a dementia care trainer certification. Years ago, I owned my own business while my children were in school...it enabled me to be with them as they needed me and earn money at the same time. Well, the entreprenual spirit still exists in me and I would ultimately love to be a consultant specializing in memory care units/facilities. But, for now, I will keep working towards my AD and we will see where I go from there. I previously worked at a long term care facility as an activities aid, but I had all the duites of a memory care program coordinator. It worked out perfect in that phase of the MEPAP as I was working on care plans and CAA's there, so the learning material made complete sence to me. I left that facility for an opportunity to work in one of the highest rated facilities in my area. Things run much slower at an assisted living facility which I do welcome, but I have to admit that I do miss care plans, care conferences ad even working on the CAA's! Anyway, if your interests are in memory care, let's share ideas!
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