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  1. My most troubled area is getting the nursing staff to keep up with the daily participation activity logs when they are conducting the activities!
  2. Hello Everyone! Was curious if anyone has had a survey yet with the new survey process? Wondering if any problems or trends that we are seeing with activities?
  3. Hello! I am like you, in my facility I am the only Social Worker, Discharge Planner & Activity Director. When I go on vacation, the nursing staff and CNA's are responsible for carrying out the daily activities, However, when I know that I will be out a head of time, I do make sure I meet with the Director of Nursing to go over what activities the nursing staff can do while I am gone and make sure I put that on the Monthly Activity Calendar for those days that I am off. I also make sure that I do as much of my paperwork as possible for the MDS assessments and progress notes ahead of time. Usually the Assistant Director of nursing while complete any MDS assessments for my when I am gone and the Billing Specialist takes care of any Medicare Denial Letters that need to be issued while I am away! Hope this helps!
  4. We have done Alice In Wonderland - Mad Hatter Tea Party, Vintage Tea Party, Mother's Day Fashion Show Tea Party & A Christmas Poinsettia Tea Party! Other themes that you could do are: 1940's Hollywood Lights, Camera Action With Academy Awards Banquet & The Oscar Goes To.... Party; 1950's Sock Hop Rock-N-Roll Party; Casino Night; Red Hatter's Party; Carnival -State & World Fairs With Midway Games & local 4H Groups that will bring their animals; January Winter Wonderland; Chinese New Year and 1940's World War II Theme with popular war music from that time era; Jazz & Blues Night; Big Band & Swing Music Party! Hope this helps with your brainstorming!
  5. When I am writing an admission progress note, I make sure that I write that she was oriented to the activity calendar located in their room, there activity preferences, interests that I collected from the activity assessment & social history interviews, whether or not they like to take a nap during the days and if they "mostly prefer" individual, group or both activities. Hope this helps!
  6. Hi Everyone! My name is Stacy and I live in Myrtle Beach, SC. I currently am the Social Worker, Discharge Planner & Activity Director for a 30 Bed Skilled Nursing Facility. I am working on my Activity Director Certification and just about finish the first online course MEPAP 1 towards my certification. The course has been interesting and I have learned a lot.
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