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  1. Senior Comedy Afternoon is an excellent Activity for any Senior Group.. Plan to attend and make a day of it.. 3 Course Meal, a Show .. all presented by Bonnie and her bunch of Misfits.. if you haven't experienced one of these "Afternoons" you're missing Out. the Event is in LA... near LAX ..the recently refurbished The Proud Bird Restaurant and Event Center (Tuskegee Room) Starts at Noon, Lunch at noon-thirty and the show is at 1:30.. and a guided tour of the Air Park can be enjoyed after the show. 3:15 July 14th, plenty of time to plan and reserve your buses.. dontmissthi
  2. The Consultants Help Desk is delivered to your Inbox every month. The Newsletter covers a variety of topics all designed for Today's busy Activity Director. SignUp Creating Effective Flyers Why should you invest your time and attention to creating flyers? Consider a flyer as a blank canvas where you can explore your creative abilities while getting the word out about your upcoming event. What could be better? Oh yes, flyers are read, passed along, reproduced, posted up on bulletin boards , mailed or sent electronically to reach the intended audience. Thus, multiplying the success rate
  3. An important topic of conversation amongst Activity Directors is the hesitancy of other departments within our facilities to help out with activities. At Activity Directors Network we are constantly getting inquiries about the rules regarding this sensitive and unique subject. For this reason, I thought it would be helpful to introduce you to the CMS Critical Pathways form which is designed to help you determine compliance. Critical Path Methodology has been around awhile. It has been used in every industry to help build processes and procedures using measurable statistics to determine t
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    Hi Alexisl Welcome to the site
  5. One year I had purchased several gold coins (chocolate ones) & hide them one at a time around the facility. Then we had a treasure hunt. Clues were written & provided to the residents. Every hour 1 clue was given out & read over the PA System. As they were found the person would bring it to activities & get a prize. Then the coin was hidden again. Let everyone know that one was found and a new set up clues are now being given out. Resident enjoyed the fun & you will notice how they start to interact with each other during this activity.
  6. Hi Vanna For Easter one of the things that I always did was invite the staff & local community to come in & do a Easter Egg Hunt. I would have a bunny for pictures. There would be a few carnival type games set up. Food & drinks were made available -- for sale. Use as many residents as you can to man the booths & help with the sale of the food & drinks. You could also sell tickets for the games. Just be sure to let everyone know that the monies raised would be going towards a big ticket item that residents want. Like maybe a popcorn machine etc.
  7. I was always told that this week is to let the community know about the facility, invite them in. So with that being said this is planned by the entire facility. Each department head plans a event for 1 day. This is paid for by the facility. Not sure what budget pays for this but it is not activities. The events vary from day to day. One might be a garage sale hosted by facility and everyone is invited to set up a table to sell at including the community. The facility (or dept head doing this activity will be responsible for putting it in newspaper, posting signs & flyers, setting up table
  8. MEPAP 1 & 2 Starts the 1st Tuesday of the Month --------------------------------------------------------------------- Subject: Great news from Lisa Drew (ME1&2 alumna) Date: Sat, 26 Jan 2019 15:41:27 +0000 (UTC) Dear Kathy-- I finished my MEPAP2 this past November and I'm moved to write and tell you that before I've even had a chance to take my NCCAP exam, I've been offered an amazing job! I will be opening and running the Life Enrichment Department at a new AL & Memory Care facility opening in the Spring here in the Nashville, TN area. It was absolutely a direct result
  9. The value of what you do …. by M. Celeste Chase, ACC, CDP Activity Directors Network Not everyone is cut out for a career in the healthcare field. Those that pursue this career path come to the educational table with innate characteristics some of which can’t be learned or earned but rather are an intrinsic natural properties within their chemical makeup. Such are the qualities of today’s activity professional. Today’s activity professionals is tasked with undertaking the ability of building a program framework that offers emotional support and cognitive stimulation to an elderly popula
  10. Our Online MEPAP Classes start next Tuesday Aug 7th 2018 We are now enrolling! ActivityDirector.org 1.888.238.0444 Activity Directors in Long Term Care, Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Facilities, Adult Daycare , Our MEPAP 1 is the most widely accepted Activity Director Training course in the US. Make sure you Activity Staff is qualified before your next Survey, Centers for Medicaid and Medicare (cms.gov) State Survey of Senior Care Facilities, Federal Regulation F680-F679, Surveyors Guidelines. Be sure and use our "Military Family Discount" $100 off any Military family
  11. Resident Caregiver HCR ManorCare Inc.- Monroeville, PA 15146 HCR ManorCare provides a range of services, including skilled nursing care, assisted living, post-acute medical and rehabilitation care, hospice care, home health care and rehabilitation therapy. The Resident Caregiver assist residents in all aspects of their daily life as indicated in the resident service plan, including: personal care, food service, housekeeping, laundry, behavior management, socialization, activities, orientation and information needs. This position requires tact, sensitivity, and professionalism due to the
  12. Hi. Just an FYI.. One of Members just went through their Survey, he was tagged for not making his careplans more individualize, in particular he did not list the activities, and materials he used for his 1 on 1 visit. Documentation is a picture painted with words. The Assessment should provide a clear representation of who your resident is, by the time you finish anyone finishes reading the Assessment they should know just about everything about the person, and have a good understanding of the person from deduction of the facts. Your careplans and your progress notes should paint the same ty
  13. Look at these guys, from the Facility Entertainers Listing for GA One More Time .. a comedy review Their Schedule looks like they will be in your area in May http://www.omtmusic.com/homepage.html Here are some of their comments... "I've been in the business over ten years and this is THE most entertaining show I've seen." Carla Molina, Activities, Commonwealth Senior Living at the West End, Richmond, VA "Your show today was GREAT! So many memories raced through my head -- thank you so much. Y'all come!" Ronnie Beasley, Resident, Veterans Victory House, Walterboro, SC "You
  14. Continuing Education Unit Workshop Why We Do What We Do as an Activity Professional! Saturday June 2, 2018 9:00am – 4:00pm at: Presenter: Victoria Salter M.A., TRS-TXC Cost: 60.00 with lunch provided. RSVP TO: Vicky Salter at vsalter44@gmail.com or call 361-510-1633. For Location please call Christina Petruska at the number listed above. Please RSVP no latter than Wednesday May 30, 2018 Avanti Senior Living at Towne Lake 17808 Lakecrest View Drive Cypress, TX 77433 Main: 832-653-4260
  15. Our Online MEPAP Classes start next Tuesday May 1st Activity Directors in Long Term Care, Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Facilities, Adult Daycare , Our MEPAP 1 is a State Approved Training course. Approved thru Federal Regulation F679 that governs the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare (cms.gov) during their State Survey of Senior Care Facilities with regard to the Activity Director. Download a Enrollment Packet to pass along to your employer Click HERE for the MEPAP1 Enrollment Packet Taking a course online is a very interactive way to learn. Not only do you benefit from a profes
  16. The Museum of Juggling History Main menu Home About David Cain – Juggling Shows For Seniors David Cain is a world champion and Guinness World Record holding juggler who has been performing professionally all over the world for over 35 years. He has appeared on television numerous times, including performing on NBC’s Today Show and on ABC’s The Gong Show. He now specializes in performing for senior adults. David presents a very entertaining show that includes juggling, indoor boomerangs, ball spinning, lasso spinning, balancing, Chinese yo-yo, plate spinning, comedy, and
  17. California here they come... it's the craziness from SeniorComedyAfternoons.com Bonnie and her bunch have put together a Mothers Day Event like no other.. Mark your Calendars for May 13th 2018 . Get the Bus reserved and make your way to the Palos Verdes Golf Course Vista Ballroom for an afternoon of Funny! Here's a little Sample https://youtu.be/qz0W1HVWU18 Download this Flyer for the Details. Download this Flyer for a Pass Around Flyer to Share.
  18. One of the most frustrating things about growing older and being blind or having low vision is the loss of access to newspapers. Now there is a free service that provides access to newspapers for the blind and print-disabled. It’s called NFB-NEWSLINE and its very easy to use. All that’s needed to use NFB-NEWSLINE is the ability to dial a telephone! To learn more about NFB-NEWSLINE and how to sign up, visit www.nfbnewsline.org, or call (866)504-7300. Or you can email Scott White, Director of NFB-NEWSLINE, at swhite@nfb.org. NFB-NEWSLINE is a free service available to anyone who
  19. One thing I always tried to do was include the staff in all the activities functions.. Craft shows, Halloween contests, secret word, intercom bingo, find the groundhogs contest, employee of the month contest (as per the residents, I tried to get paid time off for the winner, admin went bananas, he gave in a little, it worked out) I would include the staff and families in all food and family get together, We kept forms that allowed the staff to log after hour activities among the residents so they were familiar friends, reminders in the room that helped visiting staff find common topics of d
  20. From Facebook.. Cindy Dahn-Liukkoneny posted on NCCAP.org If you have anything to add to the conversation please chime in. We all would like to hear how the the New Survey Process is impacting everyone... thanks pennie
  21. Jan 22-27, 2018 -- How will you & your staff celebrate this event?
  22. That depends on you. Are you ready to carry on with more work or feel you need a break. Varies from person to person. Do what makes you comfortable. As for me I would take them back to back because I am already in the mind frame of working from the part 1 and if I put it off it would make it hard for me to start up again.
  23. Hello & welcome to the world of activities. You are asking about transportation do you mean to & from activities or actual driving residents to doctor appointments etc.? The first one is everyone's job to get residents to & from activities. The second trans usually the family responsible or Social Worker. But you need to check the policy manual for your facility on this. There is a great book all about policy & procedure for a activity department. Lots of forms, information and training in it. The Activity Directors Bible: A Policy & Procedure Manual http://www.a
  24. Hello All Best luck on your test, if you haven't already taken & passed them.
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