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  1. Our Online MEPAP Classes start next Tuesday Aug 7th 2018 We are now enrolling! ActivityDirector.org 1.888.238.0444 Activity Directors in Long Term Care, Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Facilities, Adult Daycare , Our MEPAP 1 is the most widely accepted Activity Director Training course in the US. Make sure you Activity Staff is qualified before your next Survey, Centers for Medicaid and Medicare (cms.gov) State Survey of Senior Care Facilities, Federal Regulation F680-F679, Surveyors Guidelines. Be sure and use our "Military Family Discount" $100 off any Military family Download a Enrollment Packet, fill out the forms, fax it to us. 855-405-5724 Pass it along to your employer for all the details about the class, the topics covered and to assure them they are making the Right Choice. NCCAP Certification . Click HERE for the MEPAP1 Enrollment Packet or Click HERE to have the Enrollment Packet emailed to you. Be sure and use our "Military Family Discount" $100 off any Military family Payment Plans Available Taking a course online is a very interactive way to learn. Not only do you benefit from a professional Activity Director Instructor, you also share the knowledge and networking with your entire class. Our Classroom Lead Instructor Kathy Hughes ADC has over 25yrs of NCCAP Certification experience, as one of the original MEPAP Certification Training Course Authors, Kathy has the know how, the experience and resources to train you and your staff to have a Deficiency Free Career! Class Consultants, Consulting our Students since 2011 - Swing-Bed Consultant, Ruth Martanis - Adult-Day Health Consultant, Celeste Chase ACC CDP - Assisted Living Consultant, Karyn Brinkley ADC CDP CADDCT Once you experience the Online Classroom setting you'll wonder why you didnt try this sooner. The 24/7 Chatroom and the Class Forum are just two of the ways each and every Student can reach out to the entire class to either ask for help, offer some advice or share their particular journey with the class. Our online class lasts 4 months, a 180hr course, 90hrs Class Study/90hrs of Practicum (Fieldwork). Cost is $600- a payment plan is available and if your facility is paying, simply sign our Purchase Order Agreement and begin immediately. Ask about our "Self Paced Course" to help accommodate a busy life..... To Get Started . visit ActivityDirector.org and download the MEPAP 1 Enrollment Packet . fill out the enrollment forms, fax them in and you're ready to go. As A Bonus, Choose any 2 CEU Courses located on the homepage, ActivityDirector.Org , to jumpstart your journey towards "yourname, ADC" Call Activity Directors Network at 1.888.238.0444 for more details. ActivityDirector.org Application Click HERE for the MEPAP1 Enrollment Packet or Click HERE to have the Enrollment Packet emailed to you. Be sure and use our "Military Family Discount" $100 off any Military family Payment plans available
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