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  1. Hi Kyle, I like the software proactivityreports.com but I am having trouble telling if they are really still in business, so I am in search of a similar program. They handle all the documentation a surveyor might ask for, and the calendar and attendance. If you come up with something like that I am in. However, I REALLY WISH that there was something similar to that written in excel or word or access. Here's why... my company frowns on outside software being used. So what I would really really love is to purchase a completed "template" with the drag and drop from my list of activities and m
  2. Just wanted to chime in and add my 2 cents. We are very blessed to have great teamwork between the caregivers and activities. Generally speaking the caregivers bring the residents in, and we take them back. However, I have found that if I get in a little earlier and go around to each section (or floor if that's what you have) and announce to everyone what's going on in 30 min. and do it with excitement and encouragement usually the residents will respond to me and I am able to spread my enthusiasm to them rather than expecting a caregiver to have the same enthusiasm I have for it. Also, I
  3. Also Sing-A-Longs they LOVE them.....
  4. Well here is what I am learning. Most of our residents are now low functioning so current activities seem to be upsetting in a group enviroment because some of them may think at that moment they are a youngster, and then they get confused and start to get everyone around them upset. I Love to do Tai-Chi with them. They love it. I don't know why but even on those days when you just can't seem to get them going, I will go into Tai-Chi and the majority of them will participate. Don't get me wrong they love to be active. In fact, kickball is the most popular program at our facility, but it d
  5. I sure did Pennie. Thank you, I will give Kathy a try.
  6. Hello - I am starting class in January with Activity Directors Network and am trying to find an Advisor. I have read the requirements for someone to be considered your advisor, but it doesn't say anything about what is expected of them. I'm not sure if they are expected to work in a facility with me, or if it is more for the purpose of them answering my questions, or if they are grading me on certain things I was to accomplish that week. Any Information would be very appreciated. I want to have plenty of time to find someone and I am afraid it will take more than the alloted week. Thanks.
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