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  1. Thank you for the great songs.....we have sung them off and on, but never as a sing a long...I am going to add them to my list and hopefully I can get someone to record them for me as a sing a long. Thanks, Joyce
  2. I am the activity director of an adult day service in the Memphis area and we are serving much younger participants, early/ middle 50's and our sing a longs just are not working any more....eldersong is just too dated and before their time. does anyone have any suggestions? Thank you for your help
  3. Thank you all....pass the hat and sing sounds like a great game and much better that "sin"....we have all had misspelled words on our calendar as hard as we try not to. Thanks!
  4. My PD came in yesterday and asked me if I had ever heard of a game "pass the hat and sin". She saw this on a sample calendar. I have not....so i was wondering if anyone out there knew of this game and could help me out. Joyce
  5. I am the activity coordinator at Page Robbins Adult Day Care in Collierville TN, which is right outside of Memphis. We have around 25 to 35 participants a day. We have a fair amount of men each day......5 to 11. i would love new ideas for them! jump4joyce
  6. We too have preschoolers come early in the week in costumes. We dress up on the 31st but in "happy" costumes, no scary costumes. We did have a 90 year old pirate last year, who talked about until his death in the spring. It sometimes amazes me what is important and special to our participants and it motivates me to "go the extra mile" in planning activities.
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