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  1. Our Online MEPAP Classes start next Tuesday April 3rd Activity Directors in Long Term Care, Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Facilities, Adult Daycare , Our MEPAP 1 is a State Approved Training course. Approved thru Federal Regulation F679 that governs the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare (cms.gov) during their State Survey of Senior Care Facilities with regard to the Activity Director. Download a Enrollment Packet to pass along to your employer Click HERE for the MEPAP1 Enrollment Packet Taking a course online is a very interactive way to learn. Not only do you benefit from a professional Activity Director Instructor, you also share the knowledge and networking with your entire class. Our Classroom Staff , Lead Instructor, Kathy Hughes - Swing-Bed Consultant, Ruth Martanis - Adult-Day Health Consultant, Celeste Chase Once you experience the Online Classroom setting you'll wonder why you didnt try this sooner. The 24/7 Chatroom and the Class Forum are just two of the ways each and every Student can reach out to the entire class to either ask for help, offer some advice or share their particular journey with the class. Our online class lasts 4 months, a 180hr course, 90hrs Class Study/90hrs of Practicum (Fieldwork). Cost is $600- a payment plan is available and if your facility is paying, simply sign our Purchase Order Agreement and begin immediately. To Get Started . visit ActivityDirector.org and download the MEPAP 1 Enrollment Packet . fill out the enrollment forms, fax them in and you're ready to go. Call Activity Directors Network at 1.888.238.0444 for more details. Click HERE for the MEPAP1 Enrollment Packet
  2. Wanna make a hit with your residents? Invite George Burns, Gracie Allen, Bob Hope, Jack Benny, Red Skelton and Jimmy Durante over and let the show begin! Meet Peter Salzer, Lynn Roberts and Betsy Wickard as they bring the greats to your residents. Some of the best comedy of your residents lives brought to life at your facility. Performing mostly in Florida. Browse the videos below to see George and Friends come to life. As a George Burns Tribute Artist Peter was awarded the SUNBURST CELEBRITY SUNNY AWARD, AGENTS BEST IMPRESSIONIST 2016. He performs up to an hour of a Tribute to George Burns. A video clip of this show is at “George Burns and Gracie Allen Together Again,”, is the latest Burns and Allen Tribute that Peter performs with Betsy Wickard as Gracie. A video clip is at Lynn Roberts and Peter teamed up to do “George Burns and Friends”, a show consisting of two 45 minute acts with Lynn portraying Bob Hope, Jack Benny, Red Skelton, and Jimmy Durante. A video clip of this show is at Do you need a great show for your facility.. give a call. Peter Salzer 610-666-5755 Cell 610-329-8306 www.peter-salzer.com
  3. Version rev.11/22/17 effective 1


    Federal Regulation numbering switched in 2017, the New Ftag for Qualified Activity Directors is F680 Listed in the Surveyors Guidelines from CMS.gov - Skilled Nursing Facilities.
  4. This $800 belt has airbags to protect your hips http://www.hip-air.com/en/ Unfortunately, people are unlikely to use it By Angela Chen@chengela Jan 7, 2018, 10:34pm EST Falls are an enormous problem for the elderly — and one company believes the solution is an $800 belt with airbags. Hip’Air from Helite looks like an overstuffed belt, only with sensors inside that can tell when you’re about to fall, allegedly within 0.2 seconds. Then, two airbags inflate right above your hips to absorb the impact. It’s not surprising that a company that makes motorcycle airbag vests would believe that their technology will also work for other types of falls. Uninflated, the HipAir is surprisingly light and has a plastic buckle on the front; inside is an inflator and a sensor. Arrows tell you which way to wear the belt, and it beeps if you put it on the wrong way. It’s not uncomfortable, but it’s not invisible either, and it would be obvious under or above almost all clothing. A Verge reporter tried the device and, as promised, the airbags did inflate in time. Once it inflates, the airbags are huge, like wearing a life preserver. Hip’Air claims it absorbs 90 percent of the impact from a regular fall, whereas a regular hip protector (which is more like padded underwear than a belt) supposedly only absorbs 10 percent of the impact. Of course, this 90 percent claim is theoretical because you can’t order elderly people to wear your device and then fall, and the technology is too new for a clinical trial anyway. The Hip’Air is trying to a solve a very serious problem. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, falls are the number one cause of injuries and deaths from injury for older Americans. In 2014, according to a CDC report, older Americans had 29 million falls, costing over $30 billion in Medicare costs. And the Baby Boomers, are aging quickly: the number of Americans over 65 will double by 2060, according to a 2016 report by the Population Research Bureau. But that doesn’t mean that it’s the best solution. The biggest problems are not technological, but social. First, the elderly do not want to wear hip protectors. One Cochrane review of the hip protectors — the gold standard when it comes to evaluating health studies — concludes that hip protectors can reduce the risk of fractures. They don’t make people fall more often, though they may slightly increase the risk of pelvic fractures. But people won’t use them, and that’s a problem that Hip’Air hasn’t solved. The founders acknowledge that this is the biggest obstacle, and they say that people in retirement homes or caregivers could essentially force someone to use them. That’s easier said than done. Second, Hip’Air costs about $800, and the company isn’t working with insurance companies. (For comparison, standard hip protectors are about $50.) The vast majority of people simply will not be able to afford the belt. Hip’Air will be available for pre-orders in March, starting in France, but don’t count on this to be the most practical or accessible solution to this widespread problem.
  5. A Gift from : Paul Tedesco <htlk@comcast.net> There’s No Place Like (Nursing) Home – Stories of Dementia, Dying, and Peeing on the Christmas Tree Paul publishes non-fiction memoir to inspire caregivers. The book is free between January 23-25 on www.amazon.com , Kindle Store, if the link doesnt work, goto the Kindle Store and search for the title. (https://www.amazon.com/Theres-Place-Like-Nursing-Home-ebook/dp/B07899SL4F/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1516736109&sr=8-1&keywords=paul+tedesco). Paul Tedesco is a former pastor, counselor, and administrator at a human services organization, holding a Master of Divinity degree. He has been a trainer locally and nationally, a weekly columnist for The Catholic Spirit, a contributor to The National Catholic Reporter, and an invited headline guest on ABC 20/20 and the Canadian Broadcast Corporation radio network. There’s No Place Like (Nursing) Home – Stories of Dementia, Dying, and Peeing on the Christmas Tree: I have an Nh.D. Doctorate in Nursing Homes. I got it at the University of Experience. One day my mother moved into a nursing home. On another she died there. What happened in between changed my life. This is a book for my friends, almost all of whom I haven’t met. They, like me, are getting older. So are their parents. Many are or will end up in nursing homes. Most who do will die there. Whether my friends learn to smile in between can change their lives too. The book is a short folksy memoir, a compendium of stories about what I saw, learned, and felt, and how I learned to smile again, then and now. Three-part dementia-inspired operas will do that. So will listening to a saintly mom call a white nurse a “honky.” I found laughter amidst my tears. I also found serenity for a troubled soul. So can my friends. URL: www.paultedescoauthor.com Please contact: Paul Tedesco, 412-327-8078, htlk@comcast.net For Free Kindle App: KINDLE Store https://www.amazon.com/Theres-Place-Like-Nursing-Home-ebook/dp/B07899SL4F/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1516736109&sr=8-1&keywords=paul+tedesco
  6. Sherry Anne Jones Barzak‎ posted this to share .. Follow Sherry and the NCCAP on Facebook ..thanks.. Pennie
  7. Olympics between nursing homes: starting January 29th! Winter Olympics arrives ! From January 29 to February 9, 2018, join the Winter Olympics of Nursing Homes! In July, more than 230 nursing homes competed in this worldwide competition! Several institutions will take part in a challenge based on general culture questions. Seniors will be asked to answer 32 questions per day, 16 very easy and 16 more difficult, to give all residents a chance to participate. Residents will play as a team on a tablet-based application created just for the occasion by DYNSEO. Displayed on a television screen, facilities can create an exhilarating animation and even involve their families! Nursing homes, retirement homes, assisted living facilities, memory care centers… All institutions can participate. Sign up to the Winter Olympics Spread over 12 days, the contest is played on 10 sets of 32 questions. If you miss a day, you will have the opportunity to catch up with the questions another day. In a series of 32 questions, there are 16 easy questions and 16 more difficult questions, to allow all residents to join in the fun regardless of knowledge level. HOW TO PARTICIPATE ? To participate in these Olympics you need: – An Android tablet Optional – A Wi-Fi connection : to follow your ranking – A television : to project your tablet on a big screen COST TO PARTICIPATE Free participation for the first edition By participating in the contest you get free of charge our tablet memory games program for the duration of the Olympiads : The best way to train your team ! TO WIN The first three positions will receive prizes. First place will win a one-year subscription to Stim'Art, our cognitive stimulation program. Second place will win the Rolling Ball, our new app to work attention and motor skills. Third place will win Dynseo Family, a service platform to promote exchanges between seniors and their families in a simplified way. CROWD FAVORITE PRIZE Each institution will be able to submit their favorite photos of residents playing! The institution with the most likes will also earn a one-year subscription. A stimulating, cultural and creative experience of connections With its expertise in cognitive and cultural stimulation developed through extensive collaboration with nursing homes, DYNSEO offers questions of general culture adapted to their generations as well as their abilities. Connections between residents will be strengthened, encouraging team spirit and communication, as well as relationship between seniors and caregivers. All nursing homes, retirement homes, assisted living, and memory care centers are invited to participate! Sign up to the Winter Olympics FOLLOW US Find all our news and our different applications of cognitive games and social link on tablet. Like our pages, it makes us happy! DYNSEO, cognitive games apps and social link on tablet intended for seniors in nursing homes. 0033 9 66 93 84 22 curieux@dynseo.com www.dynseo.com
  8. Warm-Up & Cool-Down Physical Movement for Seniors: Part I By: Renee Gibbons 12 CE Hours NCCAP preApproved Watch for the entire 7 Part Series at http://www.activitydirector.org Would you like to have the competitive edge in your profession by knowing how to lead physical movement activities with your seniors? Would you like to be instrumental in helping your seniors maintain or improve their physical health? Would you like to learn how to make physical movement motivating and fun? This Warm-Up and Cool-Down Physical Movement for Seniors: Part I course teaches Activity Professionals how to help seniors warm up the body before performing moderate to vigorous physical movement activities and how to cool down the body after performing moderate to vigorous physical movement activities. The movements outlined in this course can be performed while seated. Activity Professionals, with no fitness background, will be able to lead easy-to-follow, upper body and lower body warm-up and cool-down movements. Videos of two warm-up activities and one cool-down activity are included with this course. Music and a music delivery device are the only equipment requirements when leading these physical movement activities with your seniors. Activity Professionals will also learn how to include the appropriate tempo music with the Warm-Up and Cool-Down Physical Movement activities resulting in a fun and motivating experience for seniors. Workshop Objectives: To help Activity Professionals with no fitness background confidently lead seniors in performing physical movement activities To teach Activity Professionals how to correctly warm up seniors before engaging in more vigorous physical movement activities. To teach Activity Professionals how to correctly cool down seniors after completing moderate to vigorous physical movement activities. To teach Activity Professionals how to pair the correct tempo music with Warm-Up and Cool-Down physical movement activities. Workshop Topics: The Importance of Warm-Up and Cool-Down Physical Movement for Seniors How to Lead a Seated Physical Movement Warm-Up Activity How to Lead a Seated Walking Warm-Up Activity How to Lead a Seated Physical Movement Cool-Down Activity How to Pair Music with Warm-Up and Cool-Down Activities Preparing to Lead Your Physical Movement Warm-Up, Walking Warm-Up, and Cool-Down Session Putting It All Together: Conducting Your Physical Movement Warm-Up, Walking Warm-Up, and Cool-Down Session Includes Videos highlighting Examples and Procedures Visit http://www.activitydirector.org for more details
  9. Mike Chamberlin - The Singing TV Guy Do you need a great entertainer for your facility or event? Activity Directors Network my have just the one... With hundreds of facility appearances last year all through out the California and Arizonia areas, Mike is a popular guy! Call or email if you have a slot to fill, you wont be disappointed from Mike So here we go again! Take a deep breath, relax after the holidays and then let’scompare calendars. I’m already deep into booking 2018 and I’d like to get you onmy performance schedule for next year. This year I will be performing 4 shows,choose one or all!I PERFORM THESE SHOWS: 1) Music Through The Decades (Music from Irving Berlin to the Beatles)2) Love Songs of WWII (This year is the 76th anniversary of there Pearl Harbor attack)3) Music From The Movies (Academy Award Winning songs)—very popular with thesuccess of La La Land4) Christmas/Hanukah Program (this one books up quickly)MOST IMPORTANT IS THIS SHOW!As you know this year marks the 77th anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attacks. Last year marked the 72ND anniversary of the end of WWII. Recently I had the honorof performing my show “Love Songs of WWII” at a soldier reunion on board the QueenMary. I had goose bumps as I performed for WWII, Vietnam and Korean veterans onboard the ship the transported soldiers during the 1940’s. Some of the greatestlove songs of all time came out of the early 1940’s and the “call to arms.” Songslike “You’ll Never Know” and “White Cliffs Of Dover.” I’ve performed this showover 2,500 times! And the story telling of these songs is fascinating andinformative.I’d love to bring this show to POST. It’s a wonderful way to honor and payrespect to all veterans. Being a Viet Nam veteran myself, I absorbed these songsthrough my parents, as did many baby boomers.Please look and see if you have a slot for me in 2017/2018. Musically Yours Mike Chamberlin480-217-1389www.singingtvguy.com <http://www.singingtvguy.com/> E-mail: mpcputt@aol.com ------------------------------------------------------------------- Visit http://www.activitydirector.net/forum for more Facility Entertainers throughout the U.S.
  10. Dawn Worsley (NCCAP) and Caregiving 101 are leading the way to standardization for Home Care Training and Regulations NCCAP.org . Home Care, Aging in Place are becoming more the norm these days as Home Care grows, and the availability of local caregivers increase. Its rare that you can drive any place in any city without seeing a Home Care Representative on his or her way to care for an elderly resident. Home care assistants serve a vital role in providing much-needed assistance to the elderly, disabled, and chronically ill populations within our communities. They care for patients who independently are unable to maintain good hygiene, proper nutrition, and a clean living space. They may also assist with daily activities and recreation if needed by the patient. Visit the NCCAP for more exciting news on the Road to Home Care Standardization. < Click Here to view the Balancing Act promo for the Upcoming Lifetime TV Feature . NCCAP and Home Care Certification Caregiver Training Requirements By State >> Caregiver Training By State.pdf
  11. Great article, and a good activity for relieving stress and anxiety. As the New Regs go into affect on November 28th . F740-F744 Eldercare Facilities will be required to diagnose residents with depression, anxiety disorders and plan their care according . Activities Department will need Stress and Anxiety related activities to add into their programs to cover the percentage of the population that have behavioral health issues. According to National Institute of Mental Health, Exercise is a recommended treatment / therapy for depression. thanks for posting... Pennie
  12. Follow this link to view the New Regulations Surveyor Guides. https://www.cms.gov/Medicare/Provider-Enrollment-and-Certification/GuidanceforLawsAndRegulations/Nursing-Homes.html View the New Survey Process New Long-term Care Survey Process – Slide Deck and Speaker Notes [PPTX, 8MB] This PowerPoint file will walk you thru the new Survey Process from the Surveyors Point of View. You will see each step they take as they enter your facility. Some of the process will change for the facility, including Activities. The slide show will show the old way vs the new way so that you will know what to expect. Bottom Line is to keep the needs and the interests of the residents met, make sure you careplanning is Person-Centered, (designed around the individual). Keep your facility population assessments current . The Link at the top of the page has several Documents to download, especially interesting is the Ftag CrossWalk . a comparison of the old Ftags to the new. Not all relate to Activities, but your department can be cited in conjunction with other departments as we all play a part in every residents care. f679-f680 look at f636 also.. More to come .... stay tuned thanks, Pennie
  13. Flower Power Enhancing Lives with Horticulture 5 Credit Hours Pre-Approved NCCAP This course will provide the Activity Director (AD) with the reasons that gardening is so beneficial and therapeutic to the aging population. Tending to plants, being outdoors, gardening, and reminiscing about gardening experiences give new meaning to the lives of those who have lost their independence and purpose in life. Many gardening ideas, group activities, event ideas, establishing a garden calendar, and actual projects are included in this course. Workshop Objectives: Upon completion the student will understand how horticulture benefits the elderly cognitively, psychologically, socially, and physically. The student will understand the importance of implementing programming that creates social connections between residents and their families through gardening. Upon completion the student will have a tool chest of new ideas for starting her own garden in her facility with the help of community organizations. The student will have a variety of gardening projects that may be incorporated directly into her activity programming. Workshop Content: History of Horticultural Therapy Benefits of Gardening Activities for the Residents--Active and Passive Starting a Garden at your Facility Safety Issues Events ProjectsOutdoor Statistics ActivityDirector.org 5 CE Hours Pre-Approval#NCCAP50096-18
  14. Visual Arts for an Aging Population www.ActivityDirector.org This course will provide the Activity Director (AD) and Recreational Therapist with the reasons that visual arts are so beneficial to the aging population who have experienced loss in a variety of ways in their lives. Also included are examples of those whose lives have been transformed because someone took the time to work with them in the creative process. There is a list that accompanies the course with art projects and their instructions. Workshop Objectives: Upon completion the student will have an understanding of the cognitive and psychological and benefits associated with art and creativity. The student will understand the importance of implementing programming that creates social connections between residents. Upon completion the student will have techniques, ideas and tools that will help guide them in approaching and planning artistic activities effectively. The student will have a variety of art projects that may be incorporated directly into their activity programming. Workshop Content: What Is Art? Cognitive and Psychological Benefits of Art Importance of Resident Connections Effective Activity Approaches Art Projects 3 CE Hours NCCAP Pre-Approval#NCCAP32200-18 $29.95
  15. Provident Village at Canton, a premier senior living community in Canton, GA, seeks a Life Enrichment Coordinator to plan a therapeutic recreation program for residents as part of a total resident care plan; provide supervision and protection of residents during activities; provide transportation for residents to attend activities outside the community; supervise activity assistants and volunteers; maintain current activity assessments, care plans, and applicable forms to meet current state and federal guidelines; and maintain inventory of necessary supplies and equipment to meet the needs of the program. Provident Village at Canton offers a great work environment, competitive pay, full benefits, and a balanced work schedule. EOE. Qualifications: High school diploma or equivalent required. Bachelor’s Degree in Therapeutic Recreation, Occupational Therapy, or related field preferred. Certification as an Activities Coordinator or completion of approved courses. 2+ years’ experience in an assisted living or long-term care setting. Previous supervisory experience. Excellent organization, time management, and customer service skills. Excellent verbal and written communication skills. Proficiency with computers and Microsoft Office programs. Knowledge and understanding of the social, psychological, and recreational needs of the elderly and disabled populations, and the ability to plan and organize activities geared toward the needs of those populations. Demonstrated creativity, enthusiasm, patience, integrity, and a positive attitude toward elderly and disabled populations. Demonstrated leadership ability and willingness to cooperate and work with others. Must possess basic understanding of medical terminology. Must be able to read, write, speak and understand English. Fluency in other languages is helpful. Visit ActivityDirectorJobs.com for more details . http://activitydirectorjobs.com/jobs/life-enrichment-coordinator-georgia/
  16. Version 1.0


    Title 22 Social Security California Code of Regulations provides information about nurse-to-patient ratios, licensing and certification of health facilities, home health agencies, clinics, and referral agencies.
  17. Activity Director Documentation Course. Activity Documentation Complete - Assessments thru Progress Notes 10 CE Hours NCCAP Approved Instructor: Kathy Hughes If you are having trouble with your paperwork .. than this course may be exactly what you need. This course will teach you exactly what documentation is needed to satisfy your State Survey, by the book. We will compare exactly what is written in the regulations to the paperwork and forms we use everyday. Is your "Assessment Form" survey proof? What are the five questions the State Survey team is going to ask about your Assessments, Progress Notes and Careplans as soon as they enter your building? .......... We will help you answer those questions before they get there.. Paperwork, Paperwork and more Paperwork.. The key to cutting down on paperwork is knowing exactly what you need and what you don't need. visit ActivityDirector.org for more details
  18. Dallas area. Richardson, Garland, are all right in our area.! We need trained Activity Directors. We're currently building a Continuing Care Retirement Community. We have the Independent Living, Skilled Nursing & Rehab, and Assisted Living Memory Care areas open right now. The Skilled Nursing Memory Care and Elevated Skilled Nursing for Long-Term Residents are both still under construction. We are also building a 60-bed Regular Assisted Living. So there are a lot of great opportunities for Activities Directors to get involved. Please feel free to contact me, I would love to help you get started in your careers. Adam Koll Director of Memory Care Villages of Lake Highlands 8615 Lullwater Dr. Dallas, TX 75238 361-290-5033 (cell) 214-342-7199 (fax) "Adam Koll, ALMC" <akoll@volh.com>
  19. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Are you in the Austin Texas area and in need of a great show for your facility..? Bobby Ray is a Texas Singer/Songwriter/Entertainer and recently an International Recording Artist that has been around the music scene for many years. He's known for entertaining music lovers all over Texas with his soulful singing style performing in bands and singing live with accompaniment music. Bobby Ray spent years working in the Austin live music community and is now located just outside of Houston, Texas entertaining live for the Southeast Texas music scene in a variety of music styles including Country, Blues, Gospel, Rock, R & B, Contempory Adult hits, and more. Need top quality entertainment for your next gathering? Bobby Ray provides LIVE entertainment for for your facility that's fun and upbeat. Bobby Ray works with a friendly outgoing style coupled with years of experience interacting with people in an entertainment setting. Sing along, and Open Mic shows in the Austin Texas area. Contact Bobby Ray bobbyraysinger@yahoo.com 512-773-6187 Houston, Austin. Watch this sample video https://youtu.be/IWkBKpiO07E -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Check out ActivityDirector.net for more great entertainers!
  20. Colonial Belle Rehab and Nursing in Sealy Texas is seeking an Activity Director. The Activity Director will plan and execute a full, resident centered activity program for 55 individuals. Provide MDS input and document activity participation via Point, Click, Care. Participate in quality and care programs Please forward resume via email or call Patsy McInerney at 979-885-2937. Visit ActivityDirectorJobs.com for more info http://activitydirectorjobs.com/jobs/activity-director-job-sealy-texas/
  21. Job Description We are a 295 bed facility in Warren, MI. We are looking for an Activity Supervisor to work under the Director to assist with staffing, run the volunteer program, conducting occasional activities and supervising staff. The position is full-time with great benefits (401K,medical,dental, vision insurance) Previous activity aide experience, computer skills, and compassion as must. How to ApplyPlease email resumes to mmalone@autumnwoods.com or call for an interview (586)574-3444 ext.120 Visit ActivityDirectorJobs.com
  22. Hi Chris .. they have Activity Consultants that will come in and get your paperwork back on track, you should visit NCCAP.org and look in the section about the MEPAP instructors, they are sorted by state and you may be able to hire them to help your facility if you can find someone local. I was a AD Troubleshooter in my career and I would enter a property, Sit down with several charts at a time and go thru the process of resetting everthing to present. Gather the Careplan team forms if it exists, Doctors Diagnosis, Progress Notes/Assessments, MDS forms. and start a re-evaluation. Start with the assessment and the progress notes and update what exists to bring them current. If you update a existing Progess Note, then put current date and "UPDATE" start your new plan of action from this point on. IF your assesment doenst exist then see the DON for how to proceed, but they better be there.. Once you get the progress notes updated , write a CarePlan and make the careplan team aware that the resident needs to be included. If you get a list of all the Careplan Residents for the next meeting than make sure you do those residents first.. each place has its own system but you get the idea.. Get the paperwork caught up as soon as possible,
  23. Hi. There is a button up on top of this webpage that says AD Chat.. click on it .. its a chatroom available to any members who want to use it. Feel free to post a time and a date to hold your chat. If we can get enough people willing to participate and chat about the MEPAP or various Activity subjects than we could set up a regular chat each week, and advertise for others to join. let me know Pennie
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