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  1. I have to share this activity because it went so well. The residents enjoyed making the volcano and the education two weeks later kept them engaged and I believe we all walked out of there learning something new about each other. I started with making a papier-mache volcano. Instructions you can find on Pinterest. The residents enjoyed getting their hands in the goo. I had one woman constantly say "I'll stick to crocheting" but yet every time I needed a volunteer to add the next strip of paper she'd be the willing one. We made two volcanos and once they dried as a 1:1 residents took turns painting it. Also, some residents wanted their own volcano so we made smaller ones throughout the week as a 1:1. As they dried I prepared a PowerPoint presentation with photos of volcanos throughout the world. On the day of eruption, prior to doing so, I drew the U.S. on a whiteboard and we discussed where volcanos were within the US. We strayed a bit and it included discussion on traveling throughout the U.S. but that was ok. Everyone got involved and that was the goal. I then did the presentation with more discussion. The eruption went great. One flubbed but the other went well and there was laughter and clapping throughout. Those who had individual volcanos also attempted eruptions. It was a great activity and I think breaking it into two gave the residents something to look forward to. I definitely will be searching out other educations such as this.
  2. Good morning. I can't even sleep in when I want to. It's 5:08 am here in PA on this Memorial Day. My name is Doreen and I am completing my final practicum. I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I started this class and I found it very time consuming considering I work full time. That seems to be the consensus of many. No one can walk away from this class and say they were not prepared. My special event upcoming is our resident picnic. Entertainment is finalized, tent rental completed, dietary is working on the menu. All we need is NICE WEATHER! I am looking for a chat buddy to discuss things further. What do you have going on?
  3. Hello. My name is Doreen and I am completing my final practicum. I would like to chat about a special event. Can we do a threesome chat buddy? Our resident picnic is approaching in the second week of June. Planning has begun. The menu is being finalized, entertainment is booked, tent is rented. All we really need is NICE WEATHER!
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