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  1. Yes, the class is very informative and the teacher is knowledgeable. I learned a lot about things that goes with the profession. I still have to do 3 more things to complete my practicum, I cant wait to get it done! Good luck with the audit! If you want me to chat with you, just let me know. Are you signing up for the MEPAP 2 right away? I will wait probably 6 months, have to get experience going and work on my CEU's!!!!
  2. what i did is, i constantly check the chatroom...like today, there are lots of students that are online so i asked if somebody wants to chat with me to accomplish my practicum assignment. They are very helpful actually!
  3. hi there, how are you doing in your practicum assignments?
  4. you have to interact with fellow activity prof here and chat with your classmate in the practicum chatroom
  5. I COULD TALK THIS AFTERNOON SOME TIME AFTER 4PM. Sorry i just saw this.... I am available! let me know....or how about tomorrow after 4, in the practicum chatroom? thanks
  6. Hi there, I needed help in completing my assignment for final practicum I am in Mepap 1 -010218, the assignment is to contact a fellow student and set up a chat in the chatroom to talk about a special event that I am planning for my community. I am available to chat after work hours (4-9 pm). Just reply through this message board. Thanks a lot and would greatly appreciate it!
  7. Hi there, I think we are in the same batch.....It feels good to be done in 2 weeks isnt it! I live in Flower Mound, Tx too! I am still working on my other practicum assignments and trying my very best to get it all done by next week!
  8. Hi there, my name is Rodora York. I am enrolled in MEPAP 1 -010218 batch. Woohoo, 2 more weeks and were done for Part 1.....I am a CNA and work with hospice Company. I enjoy making a difference in the lives of my residents. I volunteer at least few hours a week in an Assisted Living and I love it. One of the practicum assignment is to interact with fellow activity professionals, so shoot me a message or I would love to interact with you!!!!
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