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  1. Where I used to work we did something similar to this, we had a buffet style lunch and dinner, again brkfst was set. They would have a choice between beef and chicken, vegetables etc and the staff would go around with pads of paper (like waitresses) and ask what they would like, they also had two desserts, the residents loved it. We would go get the food from the buffet, unless someone was able to do it themselves. It was set up in the dining room, when it was our turn to work we would wear black pants and white shirts. It was a "dining experience" not just a meal.
  2. Thanks Stacie, but do you know who (residents) has signed the releases, in case you want someone to go on an outing or take a photo of someone during an activity? :-)
  3. I use Print Artist, It is super easy, you just type the info and it automatically sizes it for best fit, plus you can add your graphics. I really like it, we recently switched went to updated computer systems and the IT manager wanted me to use Publisher, and I didn't like it all, it's more time consuming. :-P
  4. Hi guys, I saw alot of great ideas out there, just wanted to tell you of one I just learned I am so excited to try it... :-D For your in-rooms that are cognitive and physically able you can play bingo...How do you ask? Use a two way radio while you are playing and they can listen to the numbers being called and play along, when they have bingo they can let you know, it's a great way to involve them! I am going to try this soon, I let you know if I hit any snags.. ;-)
  5. Recently I was made aware that I should keep track of the photo and outing releases and who signed and who didn't. I had kept all the forms but they weren't as organized as I would have liked :-( . I was told I could get in hot water if I didn't keep up with and follow what the forms indicated. Does everyone else do this? :-o
  6. Well right now we switch up, we use vienna sausages, 3 musketeers etc... for the first round and after you have won once you get "play" money to bank up unitl we play resident auction at the end of the month. (where there are bigger and better prizes) That way it encourages attendance so that whoever goes to bingo will have more money at the auction than the others. Incentive.
  7. I have worked at two facilities that had dogs, both of them had to be put under, their health seem to decline when brought to the N.H. I do not know if that had anything to do with it, but I wil say that after that one facilities Administrator brought the dog home with her every night and on the weekends and the dog was happy as could be, My facility id also looking at having a facility dog, but I am being cautious, I would rather have a visiting dog. I don't want to take a perfectly healthy dog and give it a terrinble quality of life either. I hope this helps! :-D
  8. We are going to have different dept, sponsoring the activities for the week, AHCA theme is "Taking Center Stage" and that's what we decided to go with, we are kicking off the week with one of our residents 100th birthday party(ACtivity and Social sponsoring), nursing is doing a red-carpet(best dressed and worst dressed) activity, Maintenance is doing a cook-out, Housekeeping is doing a "build your own sundaes" and Dietary is doing a Talent show, we are getting all the supplies and prizes for all of the events, but we thought each dept. could spotlight their dept. with Residents particpating in
  9. I have a question... I have 3 cockateils and one parakeet in my facility, I have a pet protocol and waiver from the state. However when getting ready to get the birds check up the Vet informed me these are the worst birds I could have in a facility, they carry many diseases and two can be fatal to people with comprimised immune systems. (Cockateils) I did my homework on-line and saw that these diseases can be transmitted to humans. I am at a loss of what to do. We now know the birds can be harmful and the bloodwork needed to test the birds is 350.00 per bird. we do not have the funds to have t
  10. Last year our facility got hit hard on restraints, we ended up with fines. Since then we have started restraint free activities, the nursing staff will let me know who they have for rest. free meals and I will do the same residents in act. We track them fro a couple weeks and if they did great we reduce their restraint. However, my experience with this is that you have to have more than 1 person watching these people. I would not want to take full responsibility on their safety with out two people. Also, the state said they would like to see us 100% restraint free, though we have reduced them
  11. We have a resident who is very manipulative and we have had to meet with him and his family on several occasions, Have you met with her family? We have went so far as to politely let him know that there are other nursing homes he might be better suited for. We made sure we document every interaction, The family of this resident doesn't even come because he is so hard to deal with. We have tried volunteers etc. I really do not have the answer, I wish I did, and don't feel bad for the way you feel, there are people in this world that no matter how hard you try you just can't please them. Her per
  12. I worked as a CNA first and then was asked to be an Act. Asst, then moved up to Director. When I first took an interest in activities some years back, I worked both, that way as Stacy said if it turned out to be something you did not want to do, you could fall back on nursing. Also, even though I don't work the floor anymore, I keep my CNA cert. up to date, because you never know what could happen.
  13. We have a major issue with getting staffs assistance with bringing residents down to activities or back for that matter, we have tried reward programs, incentives etc. No-one wants to help, they don't mind asking for food when we have a food related act. though. Do you all have this same problem?
  14. I work at a Veterans Home and our biggest hit for the men is Happy Hour. We bring a bar on wheels down to the dining room, complete with disco lights and music from the World War 2 era. We serve non-alcoholic beer, virgin bloody marys and shirley temples for the ladies. We also have snacks such as: pretzels, cheese and crackers and popcorn. This tends to be a favorite of the family members too.
  15. The sundae idea is great! We also have an activity that works well with in-room residents. Every morning we go around to each room, saying good morning, opening blinds, offering coffee and hot cocoa to each resident. It's a good time to see how they are feeling that day and what's going on, We call it "Good Day Rounds" It's a great way to touch base and visit with them.
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