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  1. Here's a suggestion. Hopefully i'm not too late. I currently have 2 weekend activity staff. they work alternating weekends. (one works the 1st and 3rd wknd. the other works the 2nd and 4th wknd.) if there is an extra weekend in the month, i give them the option of splitting it up btwn the two of them. however, i normally have one that always volunteers to work the extra weekend. ask your administrator if it's in the budget to hire two part time people.
  2. i really like the new look to the site. i'm glad that this change was made. it seems fitting for an activity site. we normally decorate our activity rooms or facilities based on the season for our residents reality orientation, so why not do the same for ourselves. i don't know about everyone else, but sometimes i need a little reality orientation myself.
  3. I shrink my activity calendar and put each resident's name, room number, and other information at the top of the page and they go into a notebook. When a resident comes to the scheduled activity, i take a hilighter and hilight the activity they attended. If they declined or was out of the facility i include that as well. I have a separate notebook for my resident's are receive in room visits.
  4. I am salaried and I work in north carolina. I am also a TR. When I first started about 10 years ago without any certification at all, (was waiting to sit for the Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist exam), I was barely making $21,000/yr. Now after all the years and still having my certification I barely make over $30,000. This is definately not the field to work in if you're planning on getting rich. I'm starting to get burned out and frustrated. In the process of changing career fields. Hope this answered your question.
  5. sorry to hear about the flu outbreak chet. instead of cancelling activities and not doing a calendar, what about going to the room to see the residents that are well and do not want to risk coming out of their room. it could be something simple and not very long. try playing a board game with them or get them to share stories about home remedies that their mom used to do when they were sick as a child. hope this helps. try to say well and not get the flu.
  6. Well I guess that my facility, dept., admin., and i have a lot of work to do.
  7. Mel, what state are you in and can you point me to where the new regs say that everyone has to have an activity careplan. in the new regs that i have, i did not read that every resident has to have an activity careplan. we just finished our annual survey last week under the new guidelines and my dept. was deficiency free and all of my residents do not have an activity careplan b/c every resident doesn't have an activity problem.
  8. where have you posted the advertisements for the position? have you posted the position on this board under the florida heading?
  9. Hey Asandlin, What type of facility do you work at? I work at a long term care facility and there was some confusion a while back about the same thing you are asking. We had some people in corporate office that thought everyone should have a CP, but luckily my administrator and i was able to explain to them that each resident did not need a careplan unless there was a problem. the CP afterall is used to address PROBLEMS and then has goals as to how you plan to assist in eliminating or diminishing the stated problem. Also be sure to review the printed out CP when everyone is completed, b/c
  10. work in a NH as the AD and my dept. delivers the resident's mail. but, we use this an opportunity to involve volunteers and other residents. i bet there is one or two residents that are higher functioning at your facility that would love to deliver mail. we have newspapers delivered to our facility daily that a church group has paid the subscription for and there is one res. that actually gets upset if one of my assistants passes out the newspapers. so this was designated as his task. although depending on your state, you might want to make a careplan for that particular resident stating t
  11. hey linda, i use microsoft publisher. it's pretty good. lets me add pictures, change the font, have words vertical along the calendar, at a diagonal if you want it. i like it. i've been using that program to do my calendars now for about 3 years. gets the job donw and the best part i like is if my computer has technical difficulties, i can just take my disk to another co-worker's computer and pull my calendar up from there. i don't have to worry about installing a program on another computer in case something happens to mine. most updated computers have publisher on them.
  12. Hey Adriana, some large scale games that i have used are tic tac toe, shuffleboard, word searches/word finds.
  13. Hi Bryan, I'm in North Carolina and I am familiar with COAP. I have attended several conferences that COAP has had. Keep up the good work.
  14. I too have been thinking about teaching for quite some time now. I've also thought of going back to Human Resources.
  15. Curt, Is there a Party America or a Great Party store near you? If not, is there a teacher supply store in the area? I normally go to the teacher supply store in the neighboring city to buy my supplies for my birthday bulletin board. Also, depending on your budget, if there's a scrapbook store nearby, they have great things to use as well as a Michael's Arts and Craft store. Hope this information helps.
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