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  1. Sounds AWESOME I can't wait to try it with my residents!!! Nisice
  2. :-D Well Hello "BIG CHRIS" welcome to the msg brd's hope you will find it as helpfull as the rest of us do! nisice
  3. Thanks for info I was wondering same thing about interview??? nisice
  4. nisice

    Residents Mail

    I wish I has help with the mail too!! They just toss all the mail in my box... staff and residents and i have to sort it and pass it all out!!! Half the time I am not sure if the residents are to get cetain things.. its jsut a daily headache. I have been the AD fro only 2 months , and this is what the old AD did but Maybe on monday i will suggest the resptionist do it since shes never to busy!!
  5. Hi I work in a nursing home/rehab where the residnets range in ages from 32 to 100 and the population is spilt half under 55 and half over 55. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas of any acitivies I could do that both age groups would enjoy. I would like to also gett a better response from the younger ones, when they are not in thepary, they want to be left alone. I do understand they are wore out after it, but my admin. has been on me to get more of them to the activites. Any suggestions will be greatly helpful!! nisice
  6. nisice

    Staff Cuts

    Lea, I know just what you are going though!! I am a new Diretor.. also in Ohio. I started in April, had one FT Asst. and she needed some time off for personal reasons and the company was not being very helpful to her, and let her go! So I am doing all the work by my self,admisson assenments, cahrtting, MDS, palnning activites, leading activites, newsletter, everything all by my slef.. for 75 residents. and brand new to this home and being the director! I too can not get any more the 40 hours and its impossiable to get eveything done!! I have found my self bringing work home and doing it on "my time" It is getting really old fast. And now they say I am doing such a good job of keeping up that if and when I get another Asst. they may only be part time and must be a STNA... wonder why??? So they can jsut pull them to floor and forget about the activities. Having residnets lead small activites can be very helpfull, if you have ones that can do it. I have a few that lead a disscusion group, bingo, and put on movies. Like ympmicky said about empowering the residents it is a great thing for them to feel needed, and important! I am sure there are lots of directors who don't have any help or the amount they need, guess we just need to hang in and reep the rewards of being a activty director... because they sure are great!! Take it easy, and Hang in there. Nisice :-)
  7. Thanks for the advice !!! :-D And i already love being a director, and I love my job!!! :-)
  8. :-? Hi I am not yet certified and got a job as a diretor in April, I am trying to get provisonaly certified by end of June Early July. I was told by the teacher of my MEPAP classes that she could turn most college classes into CEU's and that one college credit is equal to 30 CEU's. I am taking a CPR class at the college that is 1 credit, only problem is I can't get ahold of the teacher to find out how to go about getting it turned in to CEU's after the class, can anyone help me find out if there is another way I can get it turned in to CEU's, in case I still can't get ahold of teacher by the time i want to apply????? Thanks in Advance, Denise
  9. Hi there sorry to hear you have lost your job. I can understand how sad you must be. I just left my old nursing home as a asst. to go to be a diector, at a new home , I miss everyone soooo much. I hope you will find a new postion that you will enjoy. Welcome to the msg boards!! denise :-D
  10. Hi all I am a new Activity Director in Ohio, and I am looking for fun inexpenisvie things that I can do with the residents and staff for National Nursing Home Week.I don't have a big budget at all!! And being brand new I don't want to seem like I and asking for to much either. Any ideas you have I would love to hear!!! We have 68 residents ranging in all ages from 30's to 100 and we have all kinds of residnets too. We already have a cookout planned, and a ballon launch for Monday, and a ice cream social for Friday. Thanks for any ideas you have Denise :-)
  11. hi all!! the nursing home i use to workat wanted to raise money to buy a big screen tv so they decied to put together and sell cookbooks at the hoildays to raise the money. u can get all the info from walters cookbooks they will send u out samples, and lists of prices. what we did is have family staff vistors, volunters, and residents give us they fav. recipies and saved money by typing up the recipies ourselfs. i m not sure of the cost , but we sould the cookbooks for $8.00 from nov. till x-mas and made more tehn enough for teh big screen tv , and had the tv in time to give to all the residents at there x-mas party! :-) denise
  12. hi there lynn well i think to be a director each state has differnet laws, i m going for my national certification, which i will have hopefully end of may!! u can go to NCCAP.ORG that is the offical website for the national certification council for activity professionals. i live in ohio and all act. diretors have to have this certification. i just finshed my MEPAP cloasses yes they r pricey at about600.00 each inclucding book. i know that there are classes online but are not good, and some states require the class to be taught by a qulified teacher and at a acredited school. i m sure u will be able to find the info u need at NCCAP.ORG or by more plp replying to ur msg. GOOD LUCK and if u do become a act. professional u will love it!! i do!! :-)
  13. HI all i m denise :-) and just started my first job as a activity director, in ohio. it is a 80 bed home. :-D i m very exicited about it but i also Feel as though i may be getting thrown in to it pretty fast as the activity director that is leaving was to train me, and now is only going to be there with me one more day!! and i have only worked one day with her!!! :-? so needless to say i m very nerous and hope i will do well. i think i m a fast learner but in this situation i m worried i will not. so i was surfing net for others to talk to. any advice you have i will take with open ears!!!
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