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  1. So I have had several questions regarding the I careplan and the "ramifications" of writing one for the residents in my facility. This week, someone asked " If the careplan says the word "I" the surveyors might ask them what is written in thier careplan, what happens if they don't know?!?" This was actually a good question, after a while I saw the point....since the "I" care plan is basically a statement, shouldn't the resident be able to repeat it when asked? Well...here is my answer kind viewers...... The "I" careplan has the same basic construction as the more traditional version. However, it is written to expose and identify strengths, rather than issues. The careplan is not so much as a statement from the resident (yes it could be) but a narrative of what the resident can/will/normally will do in regard to activities. It is not testimony in a court of law, it is a new way to describe and illustrate our residents in a "culture positive" way. Now, with that said...you may get a surveyor who takes everything to the next level and tries to grill you on it, if so....tell em bigchris said to call him! Questions are encouraged as always.....
  2. So when should the careplan be updated to stay within reason(of your time) and within compliance (with the surveyors)???? Well, here is my answer....I dunno. Let me tell you this, I am in the process of redoing ALL of the careplans in the facility, so I am compliant and without reason!!!! Care plans take time and are a necessary evil in this business. I can tell you a few things though..... I have worked in Nursing Homes for 12 years and have been through about three times as many surveys both in my capacity and as a consultant and 10 times out of 10, the surveyors have looked and actively referenced the Care Plan. So here is the rub..... Some companies have guidelines that will set a standard for the frequency of your documentation. Some states have the same..... Some administrators Some consultants Some D.o.N 's as well.. Chris's consultation- I use the quarterly note as a STOP sign for the last care plan. this means I review the Care Plan and update it with the most current information that I have for that Resident. I will also update the GOALS and APPROACHES if needed. I have also been known to update for NO REASON WHATSOEVER. Also for significant improvements or changes. I find it helpful to use the Quarterly Calendar as a reference and check off list for the residents. If I look in my folder, I can tell you pretty quickly who is done and who is still incomplete for me. You see, my A.D.D keeps me from being very well organized so my method helps me....find your own, or use mine!!!! Does that help? Until next time, Chris
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