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    I offer a creative writing group once a month and give them a different topic to write about. When we meet they all read aloud what they have written and their articles are then printed in our community newsletter.
  2. Ohio....$15.50 with a Bachelor's Degree and 5 years experience
  3. I am in Ohio and my community has recently had to make cuts to several of the departments and of course, Activities was one of them. I went from having 2 FT, 1 PT and now have myself and 1 PT. I have already cut back the evening activities, and no longer work on Sundays, but still cannot seem to fit everything into a 40 hour work week. I am not allowed OT and have a newsletter and calendar to do, on top of the trips, and full days of activities that are scheduled. If anyone has any advice or suggestions as to how I can better spend my time I would appreciate it immensely. Thanks!
  4. Was wondering if the majority of you have volunteers and if so, how and where did you find them? My staff has been cut and I really need some help on the weekends and on Friday evenings. If anyone can send me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!
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    Remember to write a thank you note too. I have spoken to several people who don't do this and I was amazed. It's a great way to keep your name fresh in their head. Good luck
  6. I am having a Senior Prom in May and was wondering what you have done for this type of event. I am going to rent a limo so that the residents can take a ride, we'll have nail polishing, picture taking, and a 5 piece band. Anything else you can recommend would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  7. Our theme day for April is Wacky Wedding and I was wondering if anyone had any ideas? I have thought about having the residents dress the staff up in toilet paper dresses, we have a clown scheduled to come in, we will share wedding photos. I am not quite sure what else to do to make it wacky and out of the ordinary. Your help would be great! Thanks!
  8. Once a month (or however much you'd like) you could arrange to have a guest speaker come in. They could be from Hospice, Attorneys, Homehealth, etc. You could talk about diabetes, living wills, poa's, Medicare/Medicaid, etc. The residents could come as well. Maybe a good opportunity for the Administrator to address current going's on as well.
  9. First of all...thanks to everyone responsible for putting together this website. There's a lot to it, but it is very helpful! I was recently pushed out of an AD position and luckily, will be starting a new job soon doing the same thing. The only difference is that before I had no assistance from any staff and now I will have 2 part time assistants. My question is how do I go in and "make a good impression" on these 2? I don't want to come across as being too overwhelming or like I know everything. They have been there awhile now and I am very hopeful that we will make a great team. A
  10. Depending on how large your community is, you could have various entertainers scattered throughout the building, maybe a juggler, guest speakers, a hands-on arts and crafts object going on, and refreshments. You could also make it a specific theme and go that direction. Hope this helps!
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