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  1. Valerie, Thank you for sharing your event. My actiity staff members do not seem too into the idea of hosting the Olympic. We have four units with residents in different functioning levels. With Olympic approaching, I really want to do something with my residents, even in a smaller scale. Cindy has shared with me her games and score cards, and now with your success, I must put something together before Olympic begins. Thanks for sharing. =D
  2. Hi Cindy, I got your fax today. Thank you very much. I shared it with my staff today and they liked it. So we are doing a Senior Olympics in July !!!! Thanks again for the ideas.=D Karen
  3. Hi Cindy, I have not received your fax. Could you send it to 416 499 3379 instead cause the number I gave you the other day is not working and to my attention (Karen Leung). Thanks a million! =D
  4. Do you have a Health and Safety orientation package that is geared to the activity department? If so, what's there in the package? My administrator asked all department heads to come up with a department-specific orientation package. I need help. Suggestions are welcomed. =D
  5. Are ADs responsible for recruiting activity staff and what questions are usually asked at interviews? Do applicants do written questions? My home has a standard set of behavioural questions which is for all the front line positions (dietary, nursing, activity). I need to design some program-specific questions. Any suggestions on must-ask questions? :-?
  6. Hi Cindy, thank you for your reply. What you did sounds fun. I love to have your game list, your certificate sample and your point system. If you don't mind, please email them to karenleung230@rogers.com or by fax to 416 497 3135. Thank you. =D
  7. Olympics is coming in August. I work at a nursing home with most of my residents in wheelchairs. I want to do a Special Olympics in July/August for my residents. Any suggestions on what games should I include in the event? :-)
  8. Hi Cindy, Yes, I got your form. I had been on vacation for 2 weeks and just got back to work today. Thank you very much.=D Karen
  9. Hi Pennie, thank you for your suggestions. I really think you guys have done a great job in bringing the community to your residents. I will share your suggestions with my staff and see how we could put together something for our residents. Thanks again. Karen :-D
  10. Hi Cindy, I sent you an email the other day, giving you my fax number. I wonder if you got it. If it is inconvenient for you to fax it to Toronto, Canada, please see if you could email me the form. Thanks.
  11. Hi Pennie, thanks for the feedback. I agree that the note method is more personal and it does not have to be lengthy. Karen
  12. Hi Kerrie, thank you very much for your feedback. It's very useful and I like the SOAP format. Like I said in my posting, quarterly summaries for residents who are in steady condition look pretty the same every quarter. I am thinking of developing a form where staff only need to check the boxes and only actually write a summary when there is a significant change in condition. Suggestions welcomed. Karen
  13. Hi all. How do you do your quarterly summary? Do you use forms with check boxes or do you write up the summary or progress note? The reason why I ask is because most of our residents' status/condition are quite steady with no significant change. When activity staff write quarterly summaries, they would put down what programs the residents participated in the last 3 months and if they were active or passive. Is this how you write quarterly summary too? If you use forms, could you share? Thank you.
  14. Wow, Gina, thank you very much for the ideas. They are great! I will make up a survey and let residents pick the topics that you suggest. :-D
  15. I want to know if your facility provides any learning session or inservice for residents, e.g. Resident Rights, Health Talk, language class...... If so, what are some of the successful topics?
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