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  1. Wow! I have not been on the site for a while! Thanks for all the replies. I never wrote that book I had spoke about as I moved to Arizona and have just been so busy working as a Activity Director still. I do appreciateall the ideas and suggestions for the book and maybe someday will get around to doing it! Lol! I do have my Facebook, Activity Ideas That Work page and try to put fun ideas on that. Well, just wanted to check in and say hello! Thanks again for all the replies. :-)
  2. Hello All, I am currently looking for work as an Activity Director. I have over 20 years experience. I am in the Phoenix,Arizona area. You can see some of my ideas at: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Activity-Ideas-That-Work/157538300943081 or at: http://www.theactivitydirectorsoffice.com/Gina_ActivityIdeasThatWork_Home.html My contact info: ginasalazaraz@yahoo.com Thanks for reading! Gina Salazar,A.D.
  3. Hi All, I am wondering what is your favorite activity to do with your Alzheimer's residents?? Please share..............
  4. Hi ladies! I have not been on the site latley and was shocked at the change. I have come on a few times in the past year but have not really tried to do anything on here. I am getting back into the field in August and would like to start moderating again but this site is confusing and hard to work. I tried to check out some member profiles and it says I do not have access to it.Am I blocked or what?Help..... Gina
  5. Hi All, I know we are all so busy at this time of year but does anyone know of an Elvis Impersonator that lives and entertains in Arizona? I am planning my January acts and am in need of one. Thanks in advance.... have fun! Gina
  6. Hey Ladies, That is my site.It is at: http://www.theactivitydirectorsoffice.com/...tWork_Home.html You do not need to join. Thanks for the comments about the site.
  7. Merry Christmas To Everyone, May we all have a Happy,Healthy,Safe and Creative New Year!!!! Have Fun! Gina 8-)
  8. Hey Sublimetart(I luv the name!), The Activity Connection is where u can find the actual "Daily Cronicles", now they charge to use their website.I copied many months of Daily Cronicles long,long ago when it was still a free site! I have a link to the History Channel that has "This day is history" that is pretty cool. Just click on the link then click on the "Day in history" link thats at the top of the page. http://www.historychannel.com/ Maybe this will help. Otherwise its worth the money to use the activity connection.com or as Tinki says Pennie is starting a new site for pay use also. Good luck at your new job. Have fun! Gina
  9. Hey Diane, Have you tried "BRIBES"? :-o I always have used lottery tickets,candy bars,raffle tickets (for each correct answer for a drawing at the end of the In-Service).What I do is talk about the subject,then every few questions give a prize for the correct answer.Or pass out raffle tickets for every right answer to the staff and then at the end give away a gift certificates for a local resturant(Mc Donalds,Burger King)or a local grocery store.It will cost you 10-$15.00 per in service but have your Administrator pay for it out of petty cash.When the staff know that there are prizes at stake they usually put forth more of an effort to listen!!! It has always worked for me. Good Luck!! :-) Have Fun! Gina
  10. gina


    PAT!!!!!! Its so good to hear from ya again!!!!! Please email me personally at: crazee_g2004@yahoo.com We need to catch up!!!!!! ;-) (((((((HUGS))))))) Gina :-D
  11. Hi Laurie, Welcome to the site! I as well, will be sending ya one from ARIZONA...... Great idea by the way!!!!! Have fun! Gina 8-)
  12. Hi Jl, I dont know of any registry in Calif. for Activity Directors, but go onto the Recreation Therapy website and search around on it, there be an answer to your question on it.. http://www.recreationtherapy.com/ I am going to research further and If I hear of anything I will let ya know. I think it is a great idea, they have nursing registries,why not A.D. registries too? ;-) Have fun! Gina :-) P.S.- What part of so.Cal are you from? I recently moved to Arizona,but was born and raised and worked for twenty years in Cali.
  13. Hi All, Has anyone tried Time Slips? It is a very interesting way to get your Alzheimers residents to write and draw stories of their lives.I would think your Art teacher (flgirl) could do this with the residents and really have some fun with them. Check out the website: http://www.timeslips.org/index.html Have fun! Gina :-D
  14. Hi All, I am curious how many of you work in CCRCs? In Arizona there are quite a few of these facilities and I am considering a position in one. From my understanding of it, the person buys in and gets an apt./unit of their own, then as they age and need more services,such as nursing care, they then go to the other side of the building and still are with you just in a different capacity. What do you all think about these facilities? I have worked for twenty years in the buss. but have never worked in a facility like this. I personally think its a great idea if the resident can afford it, they are pretty expensive. Well, let me all know what ya think. Gina
  15. Hey Diana, I am glad you found the site. Since I am now doing daycare in my home, I have found that alot of the sites I use to keep the kiddies active can be adapted to use for some residents in various settings. I do miss my seniors(I will go back to work with them in a few years), but for now, I will keep posting things that I know would be of interest to others still working with seniors. Have fun!!! :-D Gina To join ACTIVITY CHAT: http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/Activ...yguid=178619319
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