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  1. This site is free, but I was talking about activityideasthatwork.com.
  2. FREE...This is FREE and quite informative!
  3. Hi Pennie! Thanks for the info on careplanning...it really helped...I do the initial assessments and then I do the activity progress notes, but no one has trained me on careplanning...hopefully, when I finish this homestudy thing I'll know how to do it...well, reading your post steered me in the right direction...however, my company does all assessments for MDS on Vista Keane...I have to be trained on how to careplan on that...I do rap's but I don't know how to address them on the careplan...no one has had time to show me...the team takes turn doing the activity careplan goals! I couldn't believe that...does it really take that long to explain to another person?
  4. I just wanted to post on here that I am doing Rowlett and Laker's activity director home study course. The link is activitydirectorcourse.com...it is a 90 hour course and it is really awesome...you have 16 weeks to watch 10 DVD's and complete a number of homework assignments. I also work full time...my assistant is now wearing the activity director name tag since she is certified and is working 4, rather than two days per week...she is being incredibly accomodating. This is all about state regs...in Pennsylvania I have to be certified (despite my four years of college). I don't think it will take sixteen weeks since I am already on the fourth DVD...and in a hurry to get it done. Last Friday I missed an inservice because I am not the acting director...it was on the new PA regs which are changing...apparently, there is now going to be a psychosocial severity scale and nursing is going to provide more support...they think activities should be done as a team effort , and not just the AD and assistant (if you have one...they are rare...I didn't have one at my last job.) So, fellow AD's this has been a long time coming! Are there any other PA AD's out there? PS Cam someone please tell me how to change the color and size of the text...I can't figure it out!
  5. Hi out there! Has anyone ever done resident of the month? My assistant and I have started that, but we don't know what to do...aside from putting a sign on his or her door and wheelchair. Can any of you help?
  6. Hi there! Intergenerational activities are great...that's how I found out what I wanted to do! Hermitage House (a group home or something on that order for kids with problems) visits three times a week. On Tuesday morning one group comes and bowls with the residents, Tuesday afternoon another smaller group comes and if I don't have something planned (Ring Toss or cards etc.) the maintenance supervisor takes the kids and does something like puts in lightbulbs etc. Friday morning a different group comes to bowl...my residents LOVE bowling...oh, I almost forgot...they bowl on Thursday night, too. Once a month Headstart comes in...they are coming in Monday morning and we're having a Dr. Seuss party(belated) cuz they were busy on the 2nd! Sometimes the kids play parachute with the residents or a parent has a craft that they can do together. Good Luck to you...maybe have the kids read to the residents...be sure to let us know what you come up with!
  7. Hi tbranch...I just got my May Creative Forecasting...I saw on the cover that there is something about activities for short term residents! Check that out!
  8. I can send you all new attendance sheets...e-mail me christine122@alltel.net or help me figure out how to post them on here!!
  9. Write an article about the Online resource sites available to Activity Directors. I love the members site here.. Activitydirector.com... for 9.95 I have my calendar, newsletter, careplans, activities.. forms everything I need ./. eveen a AD to talk to, when I need answers righte away.. :-)
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