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  1. Question , so I live in Ca and only thing required is the 36 hours.. Do you think it be best just to get the NAAP course and get certified that way? I have the 36 hours and I have a Occupational Therapy Assistant degree too. thank you
  2. I found the best fun exercise video ever. My seniors LOVE it. The website is enasco and its located under senior activities. Fitness video is called Chair Dancing. Get the one called Around the World. You will need small colored plates and the fitness lady uses the plaes in some of her videos. The Around the World is super fun and my seniors love it so much they want one for themselves to do at home. We did the Dancing through the Decades but that seem to be a little fast pace even for my higher fuctioning seniors. The cost is $17.95 and there's shipping and handeling. The website ship
  3. I also work for a Day Center program and I have Crayons Makers Pencils Word Search Printout Coloring Print out (Holidays and everyday stuff) soft balls for exercise Theraband musicial instrments Glue Scissors Color pencils Small bins like for shoes but fill them up with supplies to save space Paint paint brushes construction paper embellihments magazines BINGO CARDS Dominoes Cheakers Monopoly Uno Reminisence Books Old Movies Old Song bulletin Board trim for your calendar There's more but my hand is tired. What I do also is I when to the Dollar Store and got size
  4. Hey does anyone have their Policy and Procedures for their activity department? I've been asked to update ours. I'm updating the Recreation Services so if any one can help me out I would be so happy. I have $ main ones 1) The recreational activity program shall.... 2) Recreation program activites may include but not be limited to... 3) Recreation modalities or intervention techniques may include... 4) Each Center shall provide space that... THANK YOU FOR ANY HELP YOU CAN GIVE
  5. Hello, I need help. I work in a Day Center and on Wednesday's I have changed the day to serve low-functioning seniors. Monday-friday we are all seniors and out low-funtioning seniors where not getting the 1;1 and attention they deserve. So we have had already completed 2 Wednesday's alreayd and I'm trying to get the CNA's involved in helping out. Also the Management wants them involved too. We only have 30 seniors that day and 9 CNA's 2 of them are Escorts for outside appoinments...so 7 CNA's in the Day Center. They are LOUD, yelling across the room and some just sit there not doing
  6. Yeah i cant find ANY Activity Director chapers in The Bay Area CA. The CADA1 has to do with students and school. I'm work with elders in a Day Center type of program.
  7. Thanks... I looked at the Norther California site and they haven't posted anything since 2008. It the free??? website. I looked up the cada1 website and emailed someone on there so waiting for a response. The other website I emailed last week or so and no reply yet. Either someone is not doing their job or the site no longer open. Hopefully I hear something back from the other site.
  8. Hello, I was wondering are there any Activity Director of Northern California chapters? I looked it up on Google but only one group came up CADA and their webpage read 2008. They must no longer be around. Anyone know of any Chapters or Associations??
  9. I work for a PACE site that has ADHC. We have Rehab, Clinic, Home Care, Social Workers, Diertary, Site Manager, Massage Therapy 2X a week, Dentist, Foot Doctor, CNA staff in the Day Center, AD, and Activity Aide all under one roof. Where no longer called ADHC either we are called Day Center.
  10. Is this for all states or only certain states?? I work or a PACE program in CA and we use plastic forks, paper plates and the plactic/paper clothes protectors..hahaha I did print this up for the dietary dept. They said they never heard of it??????? Let me know please if ita all states.
  11. I work for a PACE program and we have low functioning, high functioning, behavioral probelms, dementia, lets say i got everything everyday....I was wondering what is a good ratio for a outing. 1 activity director to how many clients?? My company says i always have to have a CNA with me just in case someone needs to be use the restroom or something major happens. what ratio do you guys have at your job for outings?? HELP ME
  12. Has anyone ever done a Casino PArty?? I was planning a casino party for the end of September and was wondering did anyone have ideas on games and things. I know I have a room for BINGO players, blackjack, and Bid Whist, but what other ideas could I do.
  13. When decorating the wheelchairs how did you do that. I don't want it to be a hazard and have the site manager, doctor and rehab department coming after me. Did you decorate the back handle bars, side of the chairs, and NOT the wheels??????
  14. We have a men's group here at my site and they go fishing and they have gone to a buffet. You can tape sports events and watch them. Play poker or a card game. Pool game if you have a pool table or going to a local Billards hall, dominoe's, chess, bowling, You can always have a tournament on some of the items above like poker, pool, chess, Bid Whist card game. Tournaments always get a big turn out. Talk about cars...MOST men like cars. Go to a car musuem. Non-alcohol beer is a big hit.
  15. At my place we didn't do anything...I did talk about it with our participants everyday. The activity department is suppose to get together next week and have our monthly meeting and have a nice lunch. So that should be fun since we have 3 sites and we never get to see each other at all.
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