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  1. I agree with the rest of my peers. Document, delegate, and Document. I also work in a LTC facility which is very diverse. We celebrate and appreciate everyones religion, culture, ethinic backgrounds etc. I do encourage residents to help plan our activities but I do feel its our responsiblity to provide there needs. As being an African American. AD, its challenging for me to find ethnic activities for my diverse community but I have to research ask questions etc. Oh by the way it would be nice to be refered to as African American , rather that Blacks. Pickles4you2
  2. My most frustrated issue is that the D.O.N. and the Psych Coordinator feel that they run the place. Me Poor AD has nothing to say or my input is not valid. But I do get what I want but it does take a battle. We are a team.... but they think that they run the whole entire facility. I daily have to remind them that I have an Administrator. Who is deemed the only person who can give orders. Well that did feel good to vent .....Have a good one one. Pickles4you2 :pint:
  3. I am doing a week of Reality T.V we are doing american Idol, Survivor, Fear Factor and extreme makeovers. Its been something trying to plan this event. And by the way I got some really good ideas from memebers here. Thanks. Everone have a wonderful Nursing Home Week. :hammer: Pickles4you2
  4. Thank you guys those were wonderful suggestions. Trust me I will be using some of them. I have got a lot of great feed back I am also doing extreme makeover, Bryn Mawr Idol (name of my facility) I also need help with SUrvivor game....I was thinking with the different tribes have puzzle pieaces in a bag and give clues how to find the bag...then when the tribe find the bag of puzzle pieces they will need to put the puzzle together first to win a fantastic prize....My mind is so overwelmed with this project that is why I am soliciting so much help....again Thank you and I will post the outcome.
  5. During Nursing Home week I am planning a celebration of reality T.V. I am looking for Idea for a facility survivor game...probably floor against floor. resident against resident. staff against staff etc. I am also doing Fear Factor....Any creative Idea that will not kill anyone. lol lol . Do have limited space but will be will to make a way out of know way. Thanks Pickles
  6. [FONT=Times]Hello I work for a ICF MI facility in Chicago for adults. I just recieved a visit from the fire inspectors stating that I would have to remove my decoration because they are not flame-resistant I do use flame resistant decoration but he told me that the construction paper I use to cover the boards need to be flame-resistant. DOES ANYONE KNOW WERE I CAN PURCHASE FLAME-RESISTANT PAPER!!!!!!!!!! My residents love the decorations and the boards that actually a big event each month in my facility. Fire inspector stated no burn paper lol lol or no decorations.
  7. First attempt to have a mardi gras party at my facility I want it to be resident and staff oriented any suggestion please help! lol
  8. What a nice place to be. My name is Phyllis I work for a LTC/MI facility in Chicago Il, It is so difficult to find information that is not totally geared towards skilled care or alzheimer care for mentally challenged adult. Its :hammer: has a very diverse population. from 18-88. It is a cultural explosion on a monthly basis lol. I have been at this facility for 14 years and I love my job. So hopefully I can share information and gather some at the same time. feel free to e-mail me and I look forward to finding some lasting ties.
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