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  1. We post a calendar in each room. It would be easier to just do a big one. Will have to check into that idea! I do post a big one in the main hallway. It's 3'h x 5'w. I take a 11x17 tabloid size calendar to Staples or some other copy place that can make large blueprint size copies. I have them enlarge the calendar 327%. Good luck! Deana
  2. DeanaG73


    This is the first I have heard about it...sounds interesting.
  3. WOW..that's AWESOME!!!! I wish my budget was that big!
  4. I am not sure what a PACE program is but these guidlines come from the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Here's a link to the entire document. http://www.cms.hhs.gov/transmittals/downloads/R48SOMA.pdf
  5. If you have a bunch of people wanting the same outting, what about offereing the outting 2 times so that you can take half one time and the other half the next time?? We have a 12 passenger bus that will also hold 3 wheel chairs. I don't usually have enough residents on my outtings to fill the bus. I work a fairly low function skilled unit right now. Our assisted living unit doest fill up the bus either though. Sorry, I don't have any experience to help you with this situation.
  6. We too are based on census... Skilled nusing gets .14 per day per resident. So in a 31 day month it's like this. 42 residents x 31 days x .14 = 182.28 for the month. I do not have a seperate budget for entertainment. Hope that helps
  7. We chart on a calendar. We print an 8x11 activity calendar for each resident and then use highlighters to chart who was at an activity. If the resident engages in an activity that was not on the calendar we write it on the calendar and highlight it appropriatly. Pink - not present Yellow - Participated Green - Present but did not participate to full potential Blue - Present but did not participate, did her/his own thing Hope that helps! Deana
  8. I would love to have an official answer to this question. I have heard different views. I know in my experience that at times I feel like a "baby sitter" because no one else wants to take the time to interact with a "busy" resident. I struggle with "entertaining" residents and trying to get other tasks accomplished, such as bullitin boards, calendars, charting, phone calls for scheduleing events. My AD wants 7 activites planned a day..one each hour. She does not help with any of them and I am still responsible for the tasks above. Please someone who knows the answer to the question...let us know what we are supposed to be doing. Thanks
  9. Ahhh...I thought it was some specialized bed...LOL Thank you for explaining Deana
  10. We are going to hold our monthly "welcome new residents" social during that week...we are also having a wine and cheese evening. We were hoping to put nice name/room number plaques outside each room however with the recent budget cuts we had to cancel that plan.
  11. The facility that I work at uses Shirt Protectors....however in reviewing F241 (Dignity) it clearly mentions discontinuing the use of Shirt Protectors and using napkins instead. (see below for a "copy & paste" excerpt) I was wondering how many of you work at facilities that use Shirt Protectors? We use them in Skilled Nursing and in Dementia Care, however linnen napkins in Assisted Living. Thanks for your reply Deana §483.15(a) - Dignity The facility must promote care for residents in a manner and in an environment that maintains or enhances each resident's dignity and respect in full recognition of his or her individuality. Interpretive Guidelines: §483.15(a) "Dignity" means that in their interactions with residents, staff carries out activities that assist the resident to maintain and enhance his/her self-esteem and self-worth. Some examples include (but are not limited to): Promoting resident independence and dignity in dining such as avoidance of: o Day-to-day use of plastic cutlery and paper/plastic dishware; o Bibs (also known as clothing protectors) instead of napkins (except by resident choice);
  12. WOW...This was very informative. I have been asking my AD where to find information like this and not been given a clear answer. I am glad to find that the information is all located in one "space." Thank you so much for posting this! Deana
  13. I keep reading this thread and can not figure out what a Swing Bed is...Can someone please elaborate..Thanks Deana
  14. I recently found these CDs in a closet. They are for karaoke however each CD is dual tracked..one with just music and one with the singing. My seniors are loving them! Today we had about a dozen people in the activity room just singing away to the CDs. you can purchase/look at them here... http://www.ssww.com/product/?sku=16013&amp...068&aid=YNW Singing A Long in Centralia Deana
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