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  1. You must be a CTRS (Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist, certified from the NCTRC It is billable time for recreation Therapy, prescribed by a doctor, you must have doctor's orders to fill out the minutes if you are not providing therapy, you fill out all zero's Check with your MDS Coordinator if you or someone in your building is a CTRS then it has to be perscribed by the doctor, like pt/ot would it is 1:1 a prescribed therapy If you are an ADC, you cannot claim this, and you fill out all zeros Hope this helps you
  2. Hi Robin, Sure, log onto my website, program ideas page for instructions on the floats! Have fun and good luck! http://www.activityworkshop.com
  3. We start our New Year's Eve party with a lunch at 12:00pm, followed by ringing in the new year in each country (all times through-out the day) Followed by everyone dressing up, and having a New Year's Eve Parade, we make our own floats out of tissue paper and card board boxes, and residents are invited to parade room to room in the facility wishing bedbound residents a happy new year, we bring a radio with us playing party music, and then we have a group activity in the recreation room about resolutions, we nominate a Mr and Mrs New Year to kick off the party with live entertainment, glow sticks, beads, etc. and then we toast with sparkling cidar is those cute plastic glasses ordered thorugh any party store. We hold a ringing in the new year bash and we use noise makers and sing auld lang we hold a movie for the late nighters, and tune the channels to the ball drop Don't forget to do a year in review, with all the headlines of the past yuear, the top stories, usualy you can find this on Cnn.com or a news website Have residents vote on what story was the biggest shocker, the worst disaster, the happiest ending etc. Type up a year in review to pass out to room bound residents and don't forget nominations for resident council president/ etc.!
  4. because of fire , as I'm told,codes we have to limit guests, I feel terrible about this, but what can I Do? Do you charge too? I feel it is kind of tacky, but this is the way they have always done things and introducing new ideas is a challenge as I'm sure you know!!!!!! But Thanks for the info!!!!
  5. Does your facility invite guests? We do , but must limit it to 2 guests per residents (due to space) and we charge a fee of $10. This year we are adding in a cocktail party the night before at no charge for those families who cannot attend on Thanksgiving Day
  6. not for that but I found this day in history http://members.aol.com/TeacherNet/Todayin.html
  7. I just decided to build a web site and try to get my consulting business started for some extra money, has anyone done any consulting? What did you charge per hour? I live in a suburban area in ny which doesn't seem to have any online websites or consulting experts! I would appreciate any feedback my website is www.activityworkshop.com you probably have to cut and paste or manually type it into your browser I would love any feedback regarding consulting and if it is worth the time and energy http://www.activityworkshop.com/My Webpage
  8. I was wondering with all of you brilliant activity professionals, how you keep your in services from becoming dull, and half the staff sleeping! We have already done role playing etc. Any new ideas out there?
  9. After lunch, we started a mini support group run by an activity staff member and co led by a resident we talk about the first time they came to a nursing home, etc to help the new residents get to know one another and vent any feelings they have, we do this twice a week on the other days, we put on "Radio Days" old time radio shows and they love it, they gather around our replica Crosby Radio and listen to the radio shows of long ago!!!! You can obtain them online or from barnes and noble online , even local libraries
  10. At my very first nursing home job, fresh out of college, one of our senior rec staff members was out sick, He used to put in a weekly adult video for a gentleman resident in his room, but do to his disability he could not use the VCR himself, since he was out sick I had to go in and put on this adult tape for this man, I was so embarassed, but was reminded it was a resident right, and although morally I do not agree with adult videos, I did it. The rest of the day I felt so awful! I remember going home and talking to my mom about my new job, and when she asked me what did I do at work today, I mumbled what I did, she was laughing so hard and thought it was a riot! Thankfully I never was put in that position again!!!!!!
  11. DianeCDP

    Staff Or Me

    boy, oh boy I have been in your shoes! First Don't Give up Second document these events Schedule an appointment to see your Admin and give them a heads up Investigate, check your employees records to see if they have past write ups Call a staff meeting right away Remain calm, do not cry, yell become upset, always maintain a calm, colective image Never let them see you sweat!Write down the points you would like to make Follow your notes as your guide Ask another staff member maybe from nursing to sit in on your meeting Write down your policies and procedures, and make it clear to everyone then write them up if they take records home, offer warnings, counciling, progressive discipline, then you can let someoine go if you have to Be Fair, Be honest, and remeber you are capable! First remember you are the boss, you were hired because you have the experience #2, I just had to fire a staff member, it was the hardest thing to do, but this person never did their paperwork, always had an excuse, always called out, I would call a team meeting Make sure they are feeling included, hear them out and have them sign in for every meeting you hold VALIDATE, VALIDATE, VALIDATE, just like with our residents, validate their feelings and ask them to come up with a plan of action! Put the responsibilities on them Have one staff member take minutes at your staff meetings Deligate, deligate, deligate! Do not throw in the towel You took this job for a reason, the residents need you Know that after 3 years at my current job, my troubled staff memebers either resigned or were fired. Keep on top of their paperwork, write them up enough times so you can fire the ones who are not doing their job. Also, uplift and praise when they do a good job, let them know the areas in which they shine Sometimes a simple heart to heart may make all the difference LISTEN! LIsten to their feelnigs and opinions, and have them be part of the solution You are fully capable, do not let this undo you!!!! We have all been there, please contact me directly if you wish dementiapractice@yahoo.com Your administrator needs to back you up and you need to refocus If you have one good employee, have them help you this happens a lot to activity directors, My theory is that with our budgets so low, at times we cannot afford the best people, or they have been there so long it is hard to change their bad habits You are there to make a difference Ask your team members to share your vision, your goals Always remind them we are in this for them Teamwork is essential Seperate troublemaking staff re assign units if need be make yourself available to observe, review and assist Offer them a helping hand Re train and continous training, make it fun, rewarding, and lead them towards professionalism Be a mentor Always give second chances Tell the troubles team member how much potential they have harvest their best talents and use them to your advantage Find local activity professionals for support And remeber we are all here for you anytime you need us! Get your admin on your side and fast and the don other dept heads on your side makes it a lot better Tell them you want their input, ideas, let them be part of the process, this will make them feel better it seems trite, but it works They want to have a say Let them see what pressure you are under, include them in your "Chores for the Day" so they can see all you have to deal with I made a staff meember responsible for the lunch and break schedule, she was always complaining about it, once it was put in her hands, she came back and said to me "It's a lot harder then I thought!" Deligate and remember you need your staff asm,uch as the yneed you! Let them shine!!!!!!!!! I hope this helps!
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