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  1. I have a funny story to tell about the movies. Our residents LOVE to go to the show for an outing and we go at least 2x monthly...usually its the same group with only one or two resident variations each time (and we have a sign up sheet!) We do arrive early and get settled and are usually the first there to pick our seats with wheelchairs in front. One day during our visit to the local cinema...it was a crowded day as the show had a huge turnout. The show started with previews and got quite loud and then suddenly quieted down just as one of our residents was shouting and asking "COULD YOU PLEASE TURN THE TV DOWN!" Everyone in the whole cinema was giggling. The resident was half asleep waiting for the show to begin and had begun giggling herself once she realized what she had just done. It was great.
  2. Our facility also attempted to start up a Family Council with the Ombudsman's assistance. The Ombudsman actually came in to help for the first few sessions (months) and we had very little response from families! We sent reminders home via mail and followed up with a phone call close to the date when we got minimal RSVP response and we had flyers up around the facility. Still, no response. I guess I have to say I was pretty surprised as most of our families are local and in the same area as the nursing home itself is. But.....who knows. At least we tried.
  3. Thank you all. These were great ideas. I am going to get busy with some of the suggestions. Every day I thank GOD for this site!
  4. THank you for responding....actually, NO the kitchen helps with nothing. They say they cannot afford it with their budget as well. In fact, last Christmas they had a fit because they had to prepare the food items we bought for our Christmas party. I am doing my best to team build but it seems the reason the girls dont bake, they say, is because they dont make enough money to buy for the bake sale. That's why I bought the ingredients for them. Not only that, when we have outings, we are expected to pay our own way. none of my dept. wants to attend because they say they just cannot afford it! The residents are not coming to many programs b/c there's only so many discussion groups and games they can attend. The department USED to get almost 300.00 and it just kept dwindling. Now, we are down to almost nothing. Our program is really suffering....thanks for your help though.
  5. Please help. We are no longer receiving an activity fund. IS it legal for a Nursing Home owner to not give any money to the activity department? Ocassionally, we get money from the Vendors. But, I have had to cancel most of our food-related programs for this month because we did not receive any money! We owe the residents money from games they have played. We did get a small allowance monthly but never steady and never dependable. I have tried fundraising and we did a chilidog sale and no one wanted to buy the chilidogs because they get a lunch from the kitchen for $1. We broke even! We had a craft fair last year and had a difficult time getting vendors due to it being a nursing home and they felt that their sales would not do well. We've had bake sales and the two front office ladies sit and complain that some of the girls in Activities department didn't bake anything so why should they. I bought things for the girls to bake and they STILL didn't. I cannot TELL them what to do on their own time. I'm pulling my hair out frustrated. I've talked to the administrator and she throws herhands up....she says she has no money for the fund. Any suggestions?
  6. I like ActivityConnection.com. However, it's 14.95 per month. If your budget allows for it..it's a good site. Our budget does not so I pay for it myself...but it's a great resource.
  7. Hi Everyone! Recently, a Medical School telephoned me and said they wanted to "get involved" in the Nursing Home. Boy, did we put them to work! So far, they have given support groups to our families (Taking Care of Your Heart...during February...and Coping with Depression During the Holidays during November...they also have their own group for Minorities....and a group of Spanish speaking students are now meeting with our Spanish speaking residents on Mondays to do a Spanish Club...Everyone loves it! We also get kids coming in from the high schools too. I like to have them play cards with residents that enjoy cards but have no one to play with. Also, we have a travelling cart...Books to take and trade...Coffee, cookies, stationary, cards and other small items. Volunteers go door to door inviting residents to browse...and chat if they like. Hope this helps.
  8. What's Everyone Doing for Nursing Home Week? Any good ideas? We have ours planned but always looking for ideas for NEXT year!
  9. Thanks Crysty! I agree...so many areas are "grey"....there's only SO many Activity staff...we're spread so thin....and my girls would be devastated if something happened to a resident because they couldn't get to them fast enough. How can you do an exercise program when you're constantly running over to assist a sliding or falling resident?!?! As far as the calendars...if ANYONE knows....I mean, we do have "representation" on all careplans and Social Service adds us as an approach as well. HELP :-o
  10. Surveyors are in our facility now. They came in at 3:30pm on a Sunday and Actys was a SKELETON CREW! During survey they seemed to really focus on RESTRAINTS during programs. We have a few residents with lap belts but if we weren't using them it's possible these particular residents would lean forward in a split second and fall right out of their chairs or slide down. My assistants KNOW to take the belts off during 1:1's but I worry about groups!!? What do you all think? When you have 1 girl doing a large group, wouldn't you rather have a lap belt on and avoid a FALL? Also, let me throw this out there....we have a resident who is mostly bed-bound. She is very active though. She is alert, friendly, dresses beautifully daily and wears makeup, goes to the salon weekly to get her hair done and receives 1:1's to get nails done, we have a library program that is the bookmobile who bring books specifically to her weekly as well as other residents, she attends mass and takes her lunch meal in the dining room with peers. She receives visits from other residents and has a friend visit her every Sunday. HE brings a movie and the two of them share popcorn and a movie and also socialize with her roommate. Tell me this, surveyors questioned why there wasn't a careplan in place for her. She doesn't trigger and there are approaches on her careplans from Actys. But surveyors spoke with one of my assistants, and, according to her, they told her that we should have a careplan for Actys for her specifically because she's in her room and mostly bedbound? when I first started I wanted to put an activity careplan in place for every resident to cover Actys...my consultant said that's ridiculous and a waste of your time...and advised us to just add approaches..... What should I do/have done? Thanks!
  11. I am sorry to hear of your situation. Administration does not pay for my access to the site either. I pay and out of my own pocket. The way I look at it is it provides peace of mind for me, it reduces the amount of time I need spending planning for programs, it's creative and fun...It is a shame that facilities are so unwilling to pay for these things...but if you can afford it, it's worth it. OR...put a "Wish List" in your newsletter. That might be something a family member or organization (if you provide a copy of your newsletter to your community) might be willing to donate. It's worth a try...good luck!
  12. I worked in a Nursing Home that had a similar situation to yours. However, there were CNA's/Social Service Assistants/Psychosocial Aides who also smoked. They jumped at the chance of monitoring smoke breaks. We had a room at the end of the first floor hall and the staff who also smoked took their smoke breaks in there as well. So, the only time we had to actually GET someone to monitor.....was when no one else was in there! And, that's when the smokers jumped at the chance! But every two hours is a bit much!
  13. Hi Pat! I would have thought that it might actually be BEST for the residents to have an older Activity Director. Sometimes, there is a huge generation/maturity gap between the residents and young staff. In our home, some of the staff seem to think that the residents would enjoy New Age type music and Slow top hits. They really don't! They (residents) dont REMEMBER this music and cannot identify with it. But turn on OLD BLUE EYES and LOOK OUT! I would think the older the Activity Director or Events Planner..the better (within reason :-) ) Good Luck!
  14. I'm not sure where to begin. I have the MOST difficult time EVER raising money for our activity fund..Before I started, I was told we had a budget of $260.00 per month. When I started it was $100 per month. This was tough, but I worked with it. I held Bake Sales and Hotdog chili luncheons and contests and a Bingo split to supplement our budget's income. Well, one of the other department heads noticed that I was pretty overworked and kindly offered to help out. She made the Bingo cards and passed them out and collected money and then split the money between the winner and the Activity fund. She held the money in a safe. Well, since then, I have recently requested the balance and she told me that she "gave the money to the administrator." Now....I have to ask the administrator for money and getting into see her is ridiculously hard...she gives me sometimes 60.00 a month, sometimes 200 every three months, etc...never reliable and this makes it so difficult to PLAN! I have had to take money from my own pocket as our computer at work is no longer operating and I am using my HOME computer....I have had to pay out of my pocket for computer ink! I work sometimes from home doing calendars, newsletters and discussion group research...this takes alot of my own personal time so I have been coming in late but telling HR that I am working at home...which of course creates problems with the rest of staff saying that I "make my own hours,etc." Also, staff makes comments such as "you never develop the pictures like the old AD did" I feel like saying,"The old AD got 260/month and I dont" but of course I dont. Also, now even the Bake Sales are causing petty arguments. The girls in my department do not always bake something but they work the sale....and we all know how little activity assistants make...and a few of the girls are supporting a family on this income...but nevertheless...the rest of the staff boycotts the Bake Sale saying we dont bake so why should they? I bake ALWAYS. I just feel at my wits end. Fighting a never ending fight and always come home stressed. Any suggestions?! And yes I have tried talking to the Administrator...no avail...she shakes her head and says how petty everyone else is but I still haven't solved my income problems....is there a rule on how much budget Activities should receive if at all?
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