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  1. Hi everyone..My name is Pam and I am going to take Part II of the Mepap course starting next weekend here in Florida. I have been out of the work force for over 2 years. I am currently looking for a job as activity assistant. The last job I had in 2006 was activity assistant and I really..really like it. Had to quit for personal reasons...but now..I really want to get into working at a nursing facility or assisted living. I love this site..when I was working in activities a few years ago...I got all kinds of help!! Would love to hear from all of you!!
  2. :-D Hi Everyone! My name is Pam Fisher and I am in the process of taking an Activity Director's course. Curently, I work with a Starlight Program(helping at risk residents in a nursing home). I need to come up with a special event for January as part of my homework. The course instructor wants me to write a paper on what it will be. Does anyone have some creative ideas? I can think of other months that are easy...like Valentine's Day...St. Patrick's Day...etc. Would appreciate your imput :-D Pam
  3. Hi Everyone! I am another newbee to this wonderful website. My name is Pam Fisher and I live in Englewood, Fl. Currently, I am working at an nursing home/ rehab center as a CNA. I heard about an opportunity to take the Professional Activity Director's course about a month ago. A little background about what I do. I have worked as a CNA in a couple of nursing homes and AlF's here and in Arkansas. I am currently working with a "Starlight Program". It is designed for Alt/Dementia residents who are at risk for falling or elopement. I have signed up for the course starting in Jan.
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