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  1. You sound like you will be a great Activity Director. You have the right attitude. We vacationed in Tennesse a couple years ago and I loved it. Blessings.
  2. Hi April & welcome. I am in Illinois. Glad you joined us. Blessings.
  3. This sounds like a great idea. Thank You so much for the info. Blessings.
  4. Carl, Just wanted to say hi & welcome. If you ever need any ideas I have a site called Making Memories 101 the URL is http://www.makingmemories101.com Again welcome in New Zealand from Illinois, The Land Of Lincoln. Blessings
  5. Joann, Welcome. I am sure you will notice a lot of changes in your new position. It will be an adjustment. Hope all goes well for you. Blessings, Mary
  6. Ladybug, Hello & Welcome. My name is Mary and I am from Illinois. I have been in long term care as long as I can rememeber. I also have a web site where you might find some ideas. The url is http://www.makingmemories101.com. Again welcome & have a great week. Blessings Mary
  7. Chris, Welcome. I am in Illinois but have a son who is living in Georgia. He is based at Fort Stewart with the 3rd infantry division.Blessings.
  8. MaryADC


    Tiffany, Welcome. I too am in Illinois. Glad to have you here. Blessings.
  9. Gina, ok I found another great site on The Red Hat Society for scrapbooking templates & name tags. Loads of scrapbooking templates for $3.00 a set you can download them from the site and your facility can have it's own Red Hat Society Memory Book! The URl is http://www.scrapbookscrapbook.com/red-hat-society.html What a great Activity! Blessings, Mary
  10. Gina, go to http://www.makingmemories101.com/office.html on the right side of the page at the very bottom is a red box that says "you want it-we got it-All posters" you can type a name in the search box or just hit search and it will take you to the poster site. Blessings, Mary
  11. Gina, You are a whiz!!! I just wanted to let you know I found a site that sells old movie posters also that you might be interested in. They have the oldies like Marilyn Monroe & Clark Gable and some sell for as little as $1.98. You can find the site listed in my Activity Director Office at http://www.makingmemories101.com/office.html Maybe the ladies and Gents would like a poster of their hunk to go with that movie. LOL. Blessings, Mary
  12. Gina, Sounds like fun. I have heard of it. The URL for their Official Website is http://www.redhatsociety.com/. Blessings, Mary
  13. Darlene, In all the facilties I have worked in it was Activities job to deliver the mail & morning Newspapers in fact we had to keep forms in our office giving us permission to open and read the mail to residents who were unable to do that. The forwarding of mail was usually done by the office except for the residents who needed help writing. Then guess who? You got it. Activities had the pleasure. I tried to have a group at least once a week so we could help several residents repond to correspondence. Of course a lot of our residents didn't have stationary or cards either. We were fortunate at one facility I worked at where our local drug store donated old stock stationary and cards to us and we filed the cards and note cards under the appropiate occasions.Sorry this isn't what you wanted to hear but like in the response from Gina. Turn it into an activity! Blessings, Mary
  14. Midgey, Hello. I too worked at a small faciltity at one time(45 residents). I went from a 300 bed facility to 45 then to 250. Then back to the 45. Quite a shock to the system. LOL. Michigan to Florida. That's some weather change. We went on vacation to Michigan a few years back in June Sault Ste. Marie and took mostly shorts. Believe you me I froze. Also spent a summer at Ft Walton Beach in Florida & loved it. Hope you enjoy your move. Blessings. Mary
  15. MaryADC


    Louise, 20 years. That's great. I see so many people come and go in the lives of our seniors. No MDS???? I can't even imagine what that was like. LOL. Welcome. Blessings, Mary
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