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  1. I bought a whatzit game and would post one of the cards each week at the nurses station and a copy on all the residents board. The staff and residents had the whole week to look at the card and decide what the saying was. The catch was in order to enter the game to win the prize a resident and staff member had to team up to decifer the message (it was ok & encouraged for a staff member to pick a resident who couldn't help because the prize offered still made staff-resident interaction). When they thought they had the solution they would write it on paper provided at the nurses station and write both their names on the answer. If resident was unable to write it was ok for staff to put their name down. At the end of the week first thing of a morning I would draw a solution until someone had the right answer. I had several prizes according to the level cognitive level of the resident. If the staff entered a bedridden resident to team up with of low cognitive ability for instance the staffs prize would be a bottle of perfumed lotion-the residents prize a bottle of plain lotion and sometime during that day the staff member had to give that resident a lotion rub.Staff & Higher level residents might receive a small knick knack from the dollar store or a bag of candy & pop. If the staff member was on night shift I would leave the prizes at the nurses station and trust staffs honesty that they carried out their interaction. The main thing is to give prizes according to the residents ability and think of ways staff can interact with the resident. Staff and residents loved this game and Mondays staff they would be watching for me to post are next whatzit. If you don't have the funds for a whatzit game you could use trivia questions. Blessings, Mary
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