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  1. All assessments are coordinated with MDS schedule, which is usually every 90 days. Your MDS person should set schedule. A re-admit note is generated within 5-7 days depending on your facility policy. re-admit should not affect the quarterly note date unless as the previous person said there is a sig change. Again, your MDS person(s) should give all team members the dates of the Q notes, Yearlys and Sig changes..
  2. Take them to Hooters, have one of the guys from the staff take them, and tell them this is the closest they will get. A strip club is out of the question. What's next? A massage parlor?? Who would fault you if you refused? Administration? Corporation? The State? I don't think so.. Heck! hire a belly dancer....again, this is the closest they will get. Kevin
  3. Wii bowling is the hit here. We have a resident bowling team that competes with our other sister facilities. Those who cannot play are our cheerleaders. We host one month, next month they do. All staff get involved, we have t-shirts made up, etc. Local paper picked up on it, had a story. It's all good! Kevin
  4. AD position open at South Heritage Nursing and Re-Hab 718 22nd Av S St Petersburg Fl 33705. Phone: (727) 894-5125 Contact Jacob Yonan Administrator. 70 bed
  5. Is there a "special" form that you use to give receipts for donations to non-profit facilities like mine? (501-3C) or just a letter stating "thank you for your donation of craft material that was worth $$" is good enough? Thanks!
  6. Ahhhh Bingo Prizes.. Always an issue no matter where I have worked. Have it down now, no complaints even from those quarter winners.. I have a Bingo Store once a week. I stock it with everything from Lap robes , bags for wc/walkers, stuffed animals, all donated, as well as an assortment of lotions, combs, brushes, puzzle books like word searches, suduko etc. again most donated, and gotta have the Little Debbies, each box you have 8/10/12 "prizes" to give away. Little Debbies have sugar free stuff as well. Generic sodas, diet and reg (2-12 packs for $4.00-5.00), cheese crackers, snack size can
  7. Rules for Resident Council do vary, but most have the same idea, Elect prez, vice pez, and secretary, (as able) have monthly meetings and take minutes, forward concerns to proper departments, make sure there is a paper trail of it all. Now I have a Question re: elections of Council members, do you allow only residents to vote, or can staff vote too?
  8. No better resource I have found than being involved with your chamber of commerse. All local buisness owners who want to be involved with the community attend those meetings. I don't know how many things I have gotten through this resource. Now we are non-profit, which helps a lot! But the chamber is open to all! I also get involved with the local neighborhood associations. If there is one in your area, join! Again, these folks who are members and attend do so to better the community. Folks are out there just looking for a good cause. Make yourself known. Got a newsletter? Their name in prin
  9. I have already been there and done that re: Drug use in the Nsg home.. We have a lot of VA residents in and out, young folks, and plenty of the babyboomers.. Vietnam vets.. their buddies visiting, you can imagine.. NO! absolutely not! any illegal drug use of any kind is not allowed on property.. Now I'm assuming that we are just talking about recreational drug use. And these are grown adults, able to make their own choices/decisions. No matter if they are the correct decision or not, they are still free to choose. Sure we know "Charlie" just went off with his buddies to burn a couple joint
  10. Hi Guys! Well I know that this is not actually an Activity Dept problem, but I have been given the task of coming up with a smoking policy for our facility. It was an issue with our recent State visit. Residents did not have a smoking assesment in their chart, not care planned about it. Assessments have been completed, done by nursing. There are some residents deemed unsafe to smoke independently. (we knew that) So now the nursing assistants will be responsible to be on the smoking porch with those particular residents who require supervision. Everyone is getting hit with this tag btw...
  11. Anyone out there know of a site where I can dowload simple communication cards/boards for spanish speaking residents? Kevin
  12. Hi Guy's! State survey last week... All just fine with Activities, tough though. With the new way surveyors are looking at Act I was looking forward to it actually.. Much more observation in halls, and not the numbers actually attending, but how they got there. No one left behind.. Facility wide involvement. Aides were asked about activities, "which activity does Mr Jones enjoy?" Do they encourage attendance, participate in activities themselves? (wow). And believe it or not, all had the right answers! Every under 55 resident was assessed and activity preferences reviewed 1:1's/in ro
  13. Ella! Our Facility has had quite a few dogs but none better than a lab and a lab/chow mix dog we had. all rescue dogs from humane society. Great, even temperment, very mellow, and smart as hell! Just tend to get fat with all the grandmas (and Pa's) givin out treats... Good for you! Be careful.. 3 facilities I worked at the vet bills etc. all fell under activities.. Kevin
  14. Now that as of June 1st, Surveyors are using the "new" Guidelines, anyone out there been surveyed? We are in our "window", I'll be sure to post any new areas/sites etc. for Activities. after they exit, what real changes have you seen re: Surveyors since new regs are in place? Kevin
  15. I had at another facility 25-30 kids about that age come to my facility twice a month.. We did a mini olympics... pared 2-3 kids with each resident, and they went to 3 various "stations" to play a certain game... we had bowling at one, golf at another (putting green) and basketball for the third. They all counted off 1...2...3....etc to form the teams.. Kids got to play along with the residents at each station. We have also used bean bag horseshoes, and other games simular.. they had a blast! Presently I have 10 kids from the local high school from the special ed class come twice a week. They
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