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  1. Carrie: I realize your post is from June so you may have already found what you were looking for but if not, check out www.wildlifevideo.com/videoanddvds/singalongs.html These are videos that I have from years and years ago and the words scroll on the bottom of the screen as the vidoe plays. I found the website and they now offer DVD's. They are called "Sing along with Frank Woehrle". I think they are kind of hinkie because of the videos that go along with the songs but the residents love them! If you haven't found anything yet, check out the web page and hope it helps you! Ella
  2. Cindytexan: I am not sure about Texas because I am from Michigan but 1) Shame on your Administrator! This is the residents home and the first thing I would do as the Recreation Therapist or Activity Director (what ever your title is) is to take this to your Resident Council and put it to vote! Let them know that administration has asked that the calendars be removed and when they raise a fuss, ask them to vote who wants them left up and who doesen't. When you get the majority saying they want them up, take this information back to your Administrator and present it to him/her (along with th
  3. Hello Derek! Greetings from Michigan, U.S.A.! I am the Recreation Therapist at a Long Term Care Facility. My residents range from having mild cognitive and physical deficits to severely impaired in both areas. As you can imagine, programming can be a challenge meeting everyone's needs! I would love to hear some of your activity ideas; what are your favorite activities, what your residents prefer, what works, what you have tried and seems unsuccessful etc. I will be waiting to hear from you. Best regards, Ella
  4. I was just wondering after all the posts you received with many ideas for your young resident, how things were going for him, his family and you. Could you give us an update? Ella
  5. I agree with all the ideas posted. You are truly faced with a challenge and are going to have to ask the family a lot of questions. Music is a very good tool to use for in room stimulation but as we all know, and please no one take offense to this; no one wants to listen to music every waking moment for days, weeks, and months on end. When you find out what type of music this young man enjoys, you are probably going to end up getting a handful of CD's to use and they will get old really quick if you don't have something else to use. From experience, HE IS IN THERE! He knows what is goin
  6. I don't know if this will help you or not, but I came across a web page "Penny Post Cards" and it lists all the States in the United States. Once you click on a state, it lists all the counties in that state. You then click on a county and post cards related to that county come up and you can print them. They do have captions under them, telling you what they are but not a lot of detail. Because you are in the UK, this may not help you a great deal but some of them are beautiful and you may be able to use some of them as a reminisce tool. For example there are old mining pictures, boat
  7. I would like to have a little more information! What do you have for a budget? Do your tenants like to do things where they receive a prize? Do you have primarily men or women? What type of games are you currently doing? With the lack of all that information, it is a lttle difficult to answer your question; the main reason being making suggestions and having those being the same things you are doing now. Also knowing my residents, prizes and food are key to getting more of them to participate. First I would like to pass on a little information I received at a conference I attended
  8. I do a game similar to the "Bean Auction" only I call it "Mystery Auction" because I put all the prizes in large grocery bags, this way the residents do not know what they are bidding on and don't see what they have won until the game is over. I found pictures of "funny money" on my computer program and prnted them off, copied enough so that each resident is given $45 dollars. I too set the rules so that no one can bid $45 to start just to keep things fair. Also our lower functioning residents need assist with the bidding and so far our moderate to higher functioning residents have not scre
  9. I was wondering if anyone has come up with a way to play the game "Minute To Win It" in a Long Term Care Setting? A family member mentioned to me that she had seen it played in another LTC and it was a blast; but she did not have all the details. I have not seen this show myself, so I know nothing about the game. If anyone has come up with a way to play the game in LTC, I would love to hear all the details because like all of you, we are always looking for new ideas! Thank you in advance! Ella
  10. I agree with all the suggestions, note cards, pictures, wallet etc. but without knowing this gentlemans dx we do not know if any of these things will work i.e. can he follow the note cards, vision status etc so I hope some of these things will help you. As far as the screw/bolt board.... is this something you want him to be able to do? By this I mean using the screw driver to put the screws into the wood? Putting the nuts on to the bolts? If this is the case, safety is an issue and I am at a loss other than supervision. If you are looking for a "busy board"; something that he can tink
  11. We hold Winter Olympics each year when it applies. I have six events and hold three on two different days because they take time to get each resident through each event. I keep score for each event and award a medal for the top three (Gold, silver, Bronze) along with a certificate that I print off the computer. I start the first events with an Opening Ceremony with a lighting of the "Torch" a small candle that we extinguish right away because of fire codes. Each year I try to come up with different events but usually end up with some of the same events. Because our population is ever c
  12. When you have an activity that has to be cancelled for whatever reason, outdoor activity cancelled due to rain, volunteer doesn't show up etc. What activity do you use in place of the scheduled activity? I am running into the problem of my staff using the same activity over and over when one has to be cancelled, or if there is one on the calendar and there is a small turn out. For example: if I have an out door activity planned and it rains, staff will play card bingo or po-ke-no, if I have dominoes on the calendar and they "can only get 3-4 residents" they will change the activity to card
  13. Thanks (TX)! I will be waiting to hear back from you to see if she has heard of this issue/problem and if she has any suggestions! Ella
  14. We have reality orientation boards, bulletin boards and activity boards. The reality orientation boards are manufactured so they come with "stuff" to put on them i.e. day, date, season, next holiday etc. Our main bulletin board is in our main entrance hallway. I decorate it related to each months holiday example: Christmas, Easter, Mother's Day etc. August is the tough month because there is no holiday so I decorate it with a picnic theme. Our activity boards are dry erase boards and each day I write the daily activities on them including the times. Next to the main activity boards, I ha
  15. Does anyone have in their facility any policies related to the use of pedestal hairdryers etc. for residents who are on O2? Specifically, there are new regulatory alerts out in our state (MI) stating that if there are residents who are in the beauty shop and are using O2, we can be cited if there are warnings on the equipment i.e. pedestal dryers, blow dryers, curling irons, hair spray etc. stating not to use near compressed oxygen. If a resident is observed receiving O2 under the dryer, while the beautician is using the blow dryer etc. the surveyors will cite at the immediate jeopardy level
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