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  1. For Mother's Day, we had a tea, and now for father's Day, I would like to have a Dad and Me social. I thought that since dad's were associated with cars and tools, we would have the father's paint model cars with their children all the while having lemonade and cookies! I will let you know how this goes...
  2. We were so fortunate enough to have a family donate the funds to purchase a Wii for our facillity on their deceased loved-ones behalf. It has truly brought our family of residents and staff closer together! If you ever get the chance to obtain one, I think it's well worth it!!!
  3. This Mother's Day, we had a Mother's Day Tea and from the feedback we got, it was a hit! We had our Dietary Department furnish the cookies, brownies, hot tea and coffee. Using real china, of course, and all we had to do was set up tables with nice linens and pink rose petals! They just loved it and I'm still hearing about it!
  4. This is something i am planning to start in the future. First, I want to see how it goes at my booth for our health and wellness fair!
  5. Some things i have resident volunteers do: organize our book collection and label them, help call at bingo, assist another resident at bingo, pass out bingo prizes, shred documents, water indoor/patio plants, organize linen closets, read to residents, pass out mail.
  6. I don't think it is a good idea to take residents out to a strip joint. There are enough residents speaking, touching and looking at you in appropriate ways as it is. It will just give them a license to start if they haven't already or the go-ahead to continue. Places like Hooter's will just add to the problem as well.
  7. I am in need of an AD to interview fo my assignment! PLEASE HELP!!!
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