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  1. Around Christmas time I saw an automatic small one at Toys r Us, don't know how long it would last but was 89.00. I take my grand children to a place called Hanks Town and they have the small lanes where you throw the ball and it automatically knocks the pins down where the ball hits and leaves the ones standing based on the ball. Have no idea how much these cost , but next time we go I will ask the manager.
  2. I took over a job where no progress notes or quartly had been done. The building just opened last October and i am trying to get the activity section caught up, hardly any resident has an ininitial assessement, no progress notes, no quartly charting inn the charts except section N on the mds. In one chart the last quartly was done 4-27 on the mds section but no notes, so i thought the 2nd quartly would be 7-27, but the Mds Coordinator has it set for 8-18. I'm so confused.
  3. I purpased these several years ago and my folks always enjoy singing with them.
  4. This is a problem most activities departments have. This is my third building and I have found that some CNA's really want their residents out of their rooms, some want them in bed. Work closely with your DON, ADON, Charge Nurses, and CNA's. Prasie , food, bribes sometimes help. But just start gathering up and ask them to help, a smile and thank you goes a long way. Make list of residents tht are care planed to attend programs and give to charge nurses every morning. Always remind at orienatation or staff meetings a resident in activities is one less call light to anwser. At care plan meeting visit with resident and familys about programs of interest, then tell your charge nurse, Mr. or Mrs. so and so family want them to attend this or that program. Have your residents that can get to programs buy theirselves encourage others to attend or ask for help. Go up and down the halls asking folks and if they want to attend and need help, turn that call light on. Just keep trying, keep smiling and do your best.
  5. I need to know when a quarterly is really due? From three months from admission or if they go out to hospital and come back or just when the mds coordinator deems them?
  6. Short-term anticipated stay Discharge within 90 dayas Recreation Therapy 6115 Syracuse lane San Diego, Ca 92122 858-546-9007 Form RAAS696-T All residents should be included in Resident Council. But would discouraged any short term person for an office.
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