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  1. I just purchased some 8 note handbells for our Residents to start a bell choir. I need some Christmas songs with the notes. We are going to start practicing for a "concert" that we will perform at our Christmas party. If anyone has any music or tips on how to get started I would appreciate it. Thanks Cindy!
  2. How many evening activities do you offer in long term care? Does the state have a reg that says you have to do a certain amount of activities at night?
  3. I wouldn't do it. You know it will become the norm. I would do the best I could with what I have. Years ago that's how activities were funded. You must have an old school administrator.
  4. Who is responsible for voting in your facility? Social Services or Activities?
  5. Hi Lauren. I've been an Activity Director for 9 years in my facility. I used to use my own money or my credit card and get reimbursed all the time until my husband's work slowed down and I couldn't afford to any more. At that time if the facility didn't have the cash the Activity didn't happen. When I told my administrator I couldn't & wouldn't do it anymore suddenly there was enough petty cash to make things happen. I also had my office manager set up accounts with Oriental Trading & S&S Worldwide. You can get most of your supplies through them and they will bill your cooporate
  6. I think I'm going to have a Casino Night Party. Black jack, poker, slot machines, finger foods & sparkling grape juice In the champagne look bottles with plastic champagne glasses. I had a staff member donate a slot machine and someone else is bringing one up for us to use.
  7. Does anyone make welcome baskets for new Residents? I'm looking for some new ideas.I'm putting word search books,coupons for shampoo & sets or hair cuts, toiletries. Im looking for something different & fun. Any ideas? Thanks Cindy
  8. I disagree only because there is 1 of me and maybe 10 therapist in the building. When a resident is released they are sent a scorecard to fill out, asking about the stay in the facility. One of the questions is how enjoyable was the leisure time while they were here. If they are not included in parties, bingo,entertainment etc., and they would like to attend my scores go down. Just because they are here for a short term stay doesn't mean they don't have rights. . we are
  9. We are carring a heavy load of medi-care Residents. Our therapy dept. are walking all over Resident Rights. They take them out of Activities that they are enjoying to take them to therapy, and do not care if they say they want to stay. I have a short time resident that was told that if they had to look for her she would not have therapy. She started refusing to leave her room so she would not miss therapy. I have always been told that therapist are supposed to work around the residents schedule. I have been to my administrator, and he has spoken to the head of therapy several times. It ha
  10. Have the staff get them up in a geri-chair and take them to music events.
  11. Has anyone been through your survey since the MDS has changed? Have you adjusted your care plans to match the MDS?
  12. I was told by my New Administrator not to do anything for Nursing home Week. In the past I have done something special for every day of the week,ending with a party for Residents & Staff. He says we really don't need to remind the Residents that they are in a Nursing home all of the time. He wants me to spend the money for Mother's day instead.
  13. I have some very upset Residents. Some of them mark the days off every day.
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