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  1. I am also having the same problems as listed above. I am the ONLY activity person at my facility. I have no assistants and the CNA's are not receptive to helping with activities. I also have three separate units to do activities on, Gen.Pop, Alzheimers and psych. I leave activities for the resident's on the weekends but they have to see the nurse to get them. The nurses simply don't want to be bothered. I have to have three separate calenders for three separate units. I have no one to do Church on Sundays (I have sent letters and made more phone calls then I care to think about). I am severely
  2. I am struggling with my activity attendance form right now. I am currently having to hand write all resident's names and then hand write their participation levels. I am the only activity person at my facility of 70 residents. I have three separate units to keep up activities and charting on. I was wondering if anyone had anything on excel that might help speed this process up a little. Handwriting attendance records for 8 or more activities a day is so time consuming. Is there anyone out there who is going through what I am or may have a better idea? PLEASE! Thanks,Kimmyh
  3. Just wanted to say hello to everyone and introduce myself. I am currently an activity director at a facility that has 70 residents. It's all mine, no assistant. I just recently earned my certification and have been on the job for 3 months. I love it! This is such a rewarding career. Everyone here should remember that you are a major part of these peoples lives, I feel blessed to be able to spend the time they have left with them, giving them the most enjoyable time I possible can. I recently had a resident (who had never been involved in anything) ask me if I would teach her how to read. I
  4. I was curious to know if anyone else out there is responsible for passing out cigarettes to the residents? I have to pass out cigarettes every two hours from 8am to 4pm. I have about 12 smokers at my facility. This takes out alot of time for my activities. I am also responsible for ordering the cigarettes and picking them up with separate reciepts for the residents. It is hard scheduling activities around the cigarette schedule and often I have to stop midway through an activity to pass them out. Just wondering if anyone out there has the same problem and any suggestions to remedy this would b
  5. I have only been at this for a few months but I have also experienced the last minute volunteer syndrome. I have figured out a way to get around this. I suggest they use the time volunteering to visit our roombound residents. This usually does the trick. They either decline or they come and visit our roombound residents. Either way it works out okay, and I don't have to reschedule.
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