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  1. We play 3 times per week. Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons. We pay out a quarter per game and also do blackouts for a dollar. My activity staff dreads bingo days because it has become a huge yelling match. We have a couple of residents who can not hear very well even though they are seated right next to the caller. My higher functioning residents can be very mean and hateful towards these other residents and I have actually threatened to stop bingo all together if everyone can't be alittle more tolerant and understanding of their peers who need more assist because they can't hear, At one point, a few years ago, I did cut bingo down to one time per week when it got to be a hassle and an argument. Looks like it may be time for that again. Oh...15 years of experience here. UGH!
  2. Maybe try some outdoor activities. Just sitting outside in nice weather may perk some of your residents up. Also try music...if you haven't already.
  3. Was just wondering what everyone else had planned for National Nursing Home Week. Same ole story here...everyone has great ideas but when it comes down to it, most don't want to help. **sigh**
  4. Honestly, I would have to start terminating and replacing staff. After a couple of write-ups, if they were not able or willing to conform, they would ABSOLUTELY have to go! Seems like your residents are suffering because of staff, and I would not have it! (Now I'm ranting). You say you are the manager, so stand firm. When the rest of your staff see people loosing their jobs, maybe they will decide they want their jobs and can conform to your program. If the housekeepers and other staff have time to disrupt your activities then maybe you should give them a list of duties also...then they wouldn't have time to disrupt and be disrespectful. To put it bluntly, grow a pair and get rid of staff who are taking activities away from your residents to need them. Good Luck!
  5. I have a few comments about this. First of all, your assistant needs to be given a list of her exact job duties...which do not include working in the kitchen, unless she/he is asked to do so by YOU and only you. Second, maybe if your higher functioning residents are wanting bingo every day, have one of your residents call bingo for them. They could even switch out callers every day/week and that would give you time to give lower functioning residents the attention they need and deserve also the higher functioning resident who is asked to call would feel like they were helping out. If that didn't work, you may have to explain to them that they are not the only one's who live there and your other residents need attention too. I've found that when you are honest and respectfully direct with higher functioning residents they do understand. If nothing, you may have to threaten with no bingo at all. I had to do that a few weeks ago when bingo had turned into nothing but cussing, argueing and a big drama session every bingo day. I very respectfully told them that we were a family here and had to be tolerant of others and if the child-like behaviors continued, there was no law that said I had to have bingo on the calendar. Now, it's calmed down alot. If it had continued, I would have taken bingo off the calendar for awhile and see what happened. Hope things work out for you!
  6. Sadly, activity assistants are VERY underpaid! (as are alot of LTC employees who actualy love what they do and do it very well) :-/
  7. As for us, I don't always go by the theme each year...it's more fun to make up my own. This year I'm thinking I'll go with "Memories...Old and New" Monday we'll have Wheelchair Olympics for staff and residents. Tuesday we're having a pajama party, Wednesday's still undecided (ha), Thursday, a mock wedding. (Have a male staff member dress as the bride, a female dressed as the groom), then our usual talent contest on Friday. Just one week full of fun!
  8. What a crock! That's all I have to say about that.
  9. First order would be to pull that CNA aside and explain to her exactly why loud voices and yelling are not acceptable in that surrounding. If It continued, I would write her up once, then terminate her.
  10. I have to brag on my facility for a sec. Our CNA's are GREAT! They bring our resident down to activities and are very loving and caring. Of course, as we all know, you will have a few who do this job just for a paycheck...they don't last long here. When we do special functions other staff members participate in one way or another. From housekeepers, laundry, nurses and even maintenance. Even for every day activities I have staff members drop in for a few minutes just to talk with residents or even help out in some way. Food always gets them into the activity room, so dietary will make extra for staff. Maybe we're spoiled that way, but I truly believe that happy staff makes for happy residents. How else could it possibly work without everyone's help?
  11. Hi Marie! Easter is always our first big family get-together of the year. I invite family and we do a big cook-out followed by an easter egg hunt for the kids. Residents dyd the eggs the day before. We've always had a great time...and I get to dress up in the Easter Bunny costume! It takes a whole lot of planning ahead and the entire facility to pull it off, but it's worth the extra. Hope this helps--Lisa
  12. Welcome Darcy. I've been activity director at this facility for 7 years now...was activity aide for 4 years. I've watched this facility grow from a 60 bed to a 120 bed...it's been a wild ride, for sure. I was reading one of your other posts about only having 30-something residents. If you ever work in a larger facility you will miss the smaller one SO much! Spend as much quiality time as you can with them! (I'm jealous!) Good luck-- Lisa
  13. PS... How sad. He's such a young man. Again, Good luck--Lisa
  14. Maybe keep his activities simple and no more than 10 minutes at a time. Without knowing his diagnosis or him personally it's tough to say what would work. I suggest short activities that would give him a sense of accomplishment...maybe wood working (sanding) or even painting. Hope this helps. Good luck--Lisa
  15. Hi all. I have a Spanish only speaking resident on our skilled unit and have looked everywhere for 'que' cards for her care and especially for activities. We do have a couple spanish speaking employees, but they are not able to be with her at all times. If anyone has any or knows of a website where I can print them out, please let me know.
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