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  1. Hi Tiffany, My name is Marie Galligan. I am an activity co-ordinator at a nursing home in Glasgow, UK. I have been using this site for sometime now and find it useful at times. Although I dont think I am using it appropriately at times. We dont have anything like it in the UK and I find my job enjoyable but challenging. Regards Marie
  2. Hi Tinki, My name is Marie. I work in Glasgow, Scotland in a nursing home for residents who have moderate to severe dementia. I am responsible for providing activities for the residents and at times I struggle with this. I am always try to introduce new and meaningful activities and I love my job. I would appreciate it if you would send me a copy of your programme as I was really impressed with the one you posted years ago. Many thanks Marie Galligan
  3. Hi, my name is Marie. I am an Activity Co-ordintor in a nursing home in Glasgow, Scotland, UK. I work in a 16 bed unit with residents who have moderate to severe dementia. We currently have activities in the evening 7 nights per week from 5pm to 9pm. Sundowning is a hugh issue in our unit and we have found that evening activities combat this to a degree. We use groupwork around 6pm, mainly Sonas ( sensory group), followed by one to one sessions. I have found it challenging at times but there are times it works really well. Many of our residents do not go to bed early and seem to enjoy so
  4. Hi Derek, Thanks very much for your ideas. I will go online and check out Laughter therapy and Dementia Adventure. I also carry out one to one sessions with residents and have put together quite a few life story books to use in the sessions. I also trained in Sonas, a senory groupwork programme, the training took place in Ireland but they also do it in London. Residents seem to really enjoy it as it involves all the 5 senses. It maybe worth checking out. Have you heard of circle dancing? I have been talking with trainers down South who facilitate this training and we are conside
  5. Hi Derek, My name is Marie Galligan. I am an activity co-ordinator at a nursing home in Glasgow. I would be more than happy to share ideas with you. I currently have 56 residents with moderate to severe dementia. I find the job challenging but rewarding and I am always looking for new activities. Marie.
  6. Hi everyone, I work in a Care Home in Glasgow, Scotland and we have just recently opened a 16 bed dementia unit. I am the activities director and I am struggling to come up with good quality activities for this particular client group. Can anyone help, it would be much appreciated. Marie
  7. Hi Lisa, thanks for replying. I intend to use some of your ideas. I am relatively new to this site and still learing to use it. I am from Glasgow, Scotland and we do not have anything like it. Thanks again. Marie
  8. Hi everyone, can anybody help me with ideas for an Easter party/celebration. I am fairly new to this site so please forgive me if I have posted this in the wrong place. Thank you. Marie
  9. Hi everyone, My name is Marie Galligan. I am a activity co-ordinator at a nursing home in Glasgow, Scotland, UK. I am currently putting together memory boxes for our residents who have dementia and would really appreciate if some of the members of Activity Director could send me some postcards for our boxes. My Address is Lillyburn Care Home, 100 Birdston Road, Milton of Campsie, Scotland, UK G64 1JL. Many thanks.
  10. Hi Amylyn, Thanks for your reply. I find this site really helpful and hope to learn as much as I can. When you said you added some new activities, can you give me am example for some of the activities you do? Thanks Marie
  11. Hi you guys, I'm new to this site but think its great. I'm an activity co-ordinator from Glasgow, Scotland and I am keen to learn as much as I can about the job. I have been in post a few months and so far I love it however sometimes I dont have the confidence to introduce new activities and paperwork. Can anyone help?
  12. Hi all, I am a fairly new activity worker in Glasgow, Scotland. I recently came accross this site and think its great. We do not have anything like it in Scotland. I currently work with frail, elderly residents and will soon be working with residents who have moderate to severe dementia. I am quite nervous about my new position and any any advice or support would be much appreciated. Thanks.
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