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  1. Each month, we have a Men's Lunch. I get a group of about 10 cognitive men who are able to eat without assistance. I go out and get something special, like Subway or Krystal, and they have their own private lunch in one of our family rooms. They enjoy it so much, and they talk about the old days of hunting, serving in wars, etc. It is a great time for them to interact and for it to be just about them!
  2. I think a great one-on-one activity with these residents would be something tactile. Take in some moon-sand that can be molded and remolded. I have found that sand is very therapeutic. For those who are physically unable to do it themselves, you can provide hand-over-hand assistance. This would turn it into a therapeutic activity for you as well as the resident!
  3. At our facility, I had an Oktoberfest for the residents, and I wanted to serve them real beer. I just went to the Nurse Practictioner, gave her a list of the residents who were participating, and she told me which ones could have it. I'm not sure if I was supposed to actually get an order written, but she just OKed it verbally with me. I also agree that this is the residents' home, and if they want to have a drink, they should be able to.
  4. Hello everyone! I am new here in the forum. My name is Ashley, and I am an Activity Director in Chattanooga, Tennessee at a skilled nursing facility. I am currently taking the MEPAP course through the Activity Director Network, and I am very excited to learn everything that I need to know and to get in touch with others in the same field!
  5. As far as night activities, I have an assistant who does "Sensory Exercises" with the residents on Tuesday nights. It is a room-to-room activity, where she will take something around such as sand, texture balls, or her dog, to engage the residents in an exercise of the senses. It has proven to be very therapeutic!
  6. At the facility where I work, we use actual money for bingo prizes. Dimes and Quarters are given to winners of the regular games, and the dollar bills are given out to winners of the "cover all" games. They love it, because they can turn around and go on the shopping trips with the money they won. This would obviously be dependent on your budget, but they enjoy getting that shiny money as a prize!
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