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  1. Ya I have all the physical aspects of it already...what I need is something more. Stats games maybe, or different ways of doing trivia instead of question and answer. some really sports "themed" activities. Thank you for your response.
  2. I am so not into sports, but many of my residents are. I'm totally clueless when it comes to coming up with sport related activities (besides the obvious just tossing a ball around or hitting it with a bat) I do have a "safe" baseball bat and baseballs, "safe" golf clubs and balls, nerf football, etc. What i'm really needing is something to make those sports seasons more exciting. Perhaps something that does not actually involve using sports equipment. some kind of game or activity? I'm so lost! Any suggestions? thanx!
  3. At my facility, we play "Jackpot Bingo" The residents win points instead of prizes. The first one to 20 points gets to choose a $3 item I get for them the next time i go shopping. 2 points for bingos and 3 points for blackouts. We play this once every other week. it can take several months for someone to get to 20 points. I keep score for them and read them off their scores to them each time we get together for Jackpot Bingo. Also a resident can win multiple games in a day with Jackpot whereas Prize Bingo they can only win once a day. blessed1
  4. Every year about this time, we order 2 packs of butterflies. They arrive in about 2 days and are about 1/4" long and the thickness of a no2 pencil lead (maybe less). Each day they grow significantly larger. In a couple weeks, they form cocoons, and a couple weeks later, voila, butterflies. They require no care as they come in a container that contains everything they need. When they form the cocoons, you just hang them in the pavilion. You may keep the butterflies or release them. They will only last a couple weeks as butterflies though. We always have a releasing ceremony during our garden group. The residents all line up at the windows and watch them flutter away. If you are going to release them, make sure your don't order them too early in the season that you have to send them out into the cold.
  5. no prize bingo... is there such a thing? i work in a mostly alzheimers nursing home. my residents love bingo (of course), but i am tired of giving them crappy dollar tree prizes. (God bless dollar tree by the way) i am also very limited as to what the prizes can be due to: food restrictions, residents drinking things that should not be drunk...perfume, shampoo, etc, no breakables...you get the idea. i'm pretty much limited to scarves, gloves (great in the winter only) stuffed animals, bags and holiday items. we just closed our resident store due to a lack of interest, so bingo bucks are no longer an option. what i'd really like to do is have a form of bingo with a "reason to play" other than prizes. anyone have ani ideas???
  6. Hey, I love Bingo! I must be weird 'cause I actually look forward to bingo. Yes, I do have a life, but I love the joy (and frustration unfortunately) it brings my residents. Thanks for the article. I've had to fight to get more bingo times. Hopefully this will help my case!
  7. Does anyone know how to play and or make a KD game board? I've found some cute horse crafts, but am clueless about the game itself. couldn't find instructions on the inet either. Thanx 4 any help. Beth
  8. Those are great ideas. We do the magazines from time to time, but have not tried the stress balls. I'm not farmiliar with the rubber bands though. Where might I find them?
  9. I need to put together some busy boxes for unsupervised times when there is not an activity going on. I can't come up with many ideas yet. My biggest problem is I need items that can't be swallowed or chewed up. That leaves out crayons, paints, buttons, etc... I already have a bug box (everyone loves to chew on the spiders abdomen) a grocery basket, and toy motorcycles (which no one cares about) I have high and low functioning residents and some who walk by and pick things up. so I have to be so careful what i leave out. anyone have any amazing ideas. I could really use some help! thanx bunches God Bless
  10. We do the trade thing too. She's just as you described, minus the stabbing, Praise the Lord. Yes I know to treat her nicely. As I'm removing something from her hands, I say "Thank you (name)" trying to make it seem more like she is giving it to me. I get various reactions from her. We try not to use "NO no no", but sometimes, when you panic, it just comes out. Never mean or hostile to her though. Thank you for your response. Anyone Else?????
  11. I have a resident who is a wanderer and picks up any item in sight. She goes into residents rooms and removes itmes, picks up other residents food and drinks at snack time (most of which she is allergic to) then consumes them. She is difficult to sit down or redirect. Also she seems agitated a lot of the time. the more people she is around the more overstimulated I think she seems. I am being "encouraged" to keep her occupied, but am finding it diffiuclt to give her one on one while running activities with the rest of my residents. I usually have about 7 activites a day, so am pretty busy. I give her one on one when I can, but most of the time she needs it during a large group activity. Also she upsets the other residents with her constant "visits" and property removals. Does anyone know where I can get cloned, or have other suggestions how I can restore peace to my facility. Sometimes I feel like I'm in over my head. I'm being pulled in several different dirrections at once. HELP!!! Thank you and God Bless!
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    Thank you all for your input. These are all very good points to consider when making our purchase. All other input still appreciated. God Bless
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    Where do I need to go to get the best deal on a wii for my facility and what do I need to get. I would like to get a bundle package with (most) of what I will need. Please someone, take the idiot by the hand and guide her through making the best choices. Sorry, Ive never even seen a wii before. THank you all for any help God Bless
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    What date will it be available???
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