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  1. I have a whole week planned for Assisted Living Week. Sunday we are watching a virtual zoo online, Monday a group of local singers are putting on a USO show, complete with costumes and props. Tuesday a Veteran is coming to talk about his time spent in the South Pacific and Pearl Harbor. Wednesday its open house and we are serving "taco in a Bag" to the public. then that evening we are having our favorite band play with a pizza party. Thursday evening we will be playing "The Price is Right" hopefully with local merchants donating prizes. And Friday we are taking a trip to the casino.. This has
  2. I have been the AD for a year now at a assisted living facility, and its continually difficult to get staff and residents excited to help out with activities. Staff doesn't think its their job to help out, and its only me, I have no assistants or volunteers on a daily basis. But I cannot do all of this myself with out some help. I have approached my Director and she has said find more volunteers. Once I get them, they leave or never show up. Does anyone have any suggestions or went through something similar?
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